What To Wear For A Spray Tan

What to wear for a spray tan booth

Tanning season is upon us, are you ready?

Bring flip-flops to wear while you’re getting your tan.

  • Keep your feet clean.

If you show up wearing socks, the tanning solution will stick to the fibers and create splotchy spots on your feet. If you go barefoot, your feet could pick up dirt or debris from the salon floor, causing similar inconsistencies in color. (And if you wear open-toed shoes like sandals, flip flops, or Crocs, the solution will get on them too.)

  • Bring flip-flops to wear while you’re getting your tan. Flip flops are easy to slip on and off—perfect for when it’s time to put on protective footwear during application and then remove them when you’re safely out of the spray booth.

Wear loose clothes — a sundress is ideal.

When you’re deciding what to wear for a spray tan, keep in mind that you can never go wrong with loose and baggy clothing. This allows the solution to fully dry before it’s exposed to the friction of your clothes rubbing against your skin—a surefire way to get an uneven spray tan. I recommend a sundress or loose-fitting pants and top. The less of your body that is covered by clothing, the better; however, it’s best if you avoid wearing tight clothing like leggings or form-fitting jeans/tops right after getting tanned. Moreover, anything that has to be pulled overhead is not recommended as this will cause streaks on the parts of your skin that are exposed while trying to put them on.

Wear light-colored clothing.

Wear light-colored clothing. Tanning solution can stain fabric, so go for white or very light colors if you’re wearing anything more than just underwear. This is especially important if you’re receiving a spray tan from a salon because your bronzer will be left on your skin for several hours as it develops. As such, don’t wear silk to an appointment; even though it might sound like the most glamorous option possible, it’s too delicate and therefore a magnet for stains.

Wear loose-fitting clothing. The moment after your spray tan is complete, you must wear loose-fitting clothing until the solution has had time to set into your pores. Wearing tight clothes will cause the bronzer to rub off onto the edges of your garments and make them look dirty—and may even cause dark streaks on your skin! Avoid this problem by wearing something with plenty of room to breathe and move around in so that contact with tight material won’t be an issue.

Consider wearing a bikini or underwear instead of tanning naked.

If you’re uncomfortable being completely nude, no worries. You can wear a bikini (or just the bottoms) or underwear for your tanning session. If you want very minimal tan lines, you can wear a thong. It’s totally up to you! The main benefit of wearing an outfit is that it will assist with avoiding tan lines on your body. That’s great if you want to show off your glow while wearing a sundress, or any other summer look requiring minimal clothing.

Wear short sleeves if you get your face and upper chest sprayed.

  • When you get your face and upper chest sprayed, you should wear a t-shirt with short sleeves or a button-up shirt. If you don’t want the tan to get on the collar of your shirt, be sure that it doesn’t have a high collar.
  • A zipper can leave an imprint on your tan.
  • Buttons can also leave imprints on your tan.
  • A logo might look a little weird if it ends up printed in your tan as well, so avoid wearing any shirts with logos.
  • Avoid wearing shirts with designs because they may also appear in your tan if the fabric moves around while you are getting sprayed.

Plan to wear dark underwear or a dark bathing suit bottom if you’ll be wearing undies during a spray tan.

You don’t need to wear underwear, but if you do, it should be a dark color. As the spray tan dries, it can rub off on lighter fabrics and leave streaks. If you’ll be wearing bottoms for your spray tan (like shorts or a bathing suit), again, a darker color is better.

What do you wear when getting a spray tan?

We all know that spray tanning has a tendency to come with a lot of risks, but what do you actually wear? If you’re not quite sure how to dress for the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for staying safe and pretty during your next spray tan:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing. You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb or ruin your clothes when everyone is dressed up. Loose fitting clothing will minimize the amount of skin on display while still allowing you to move around freely and comfortably.
  • Wear flip flops. Since tanning isn’t an activity enjoyed by all, it’s important that people can get in and out of the room without being in any kind of discomfort wearing their own shoes. Flip flops are easy to slip on and off whenever necessary, which allows people to feel free enough to change into more appropriate shoes if they so desire (for instance: high heels).
  • Wear light-colored clothing. Light colored fabrics will reflect the UV rays away from your body, minimizing damage caused by overexposure. Tanning in shorts and dark colored clothing can end up leaving a difficult-to-remove residue behind on your skin making your tan look fake if done incorrectly.
  • Consider wearing a bikini or underwear instead of tanning naked. While there is no reason why anyone should be ashamed of taking advantage of the benefits offered by spray tans, it is good practice for any future times when you might need protection against sunburns or be sharing an awkward moment with someone.

Do and don’ts before a spray tan?

Before Your Spray Tan

Since you’re going to be naked for a brief time during your spray tan, it’s important to follow these do and don’t tips:

  • Don’t wax or shave the day before your spray tan. Exfoliate 24 hours before. This will help create an even base for the color to adhere to.
  • Don’t wear makeup, deodorant, or lotion on the day of your spray tan. These all contain ingredients that bond with the solution and could create an uneven result.
  • Do wear loose, dark clothing after your appointment and flip flops (don’t want any accidental rubbing!).

What to wear for a spray tan in winter

The first rule of spray tanning is to be prepared—and that means wearing the right clothes. You should wear a swimsuit (or underwear) and nothing else to your appointment—you don’t want whatever you’re wearing to rub off on your skin when the solution dries. Avoid tight, abrasive clothing. When it comes to getting a facial tan, you may wish to throw on a T-shirt or tank top over whatever you’ve already got on; this will protect your arms from any residual mist that might wind up there if they hang down while the technician sprays your face. Also, flip-flops are recommended since they’ll keep the bottoms of your feet from turning orange when you step into (and walk through) excess product at the salon.

What to wear for a spray tan booth

As the season of the festive holiday winds down, your neck, chest, and arms will be covered in an even darker shade of tan. It’s a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday and feel like you’re part of all those people who are constantly staring at you with their mouths agape. But before you head out to a spray tan booth—which is essentially where they give you a tattoo that looks like you’ve been spray painted in pastels—there are a few things you should know about this annual formality.

The first thing to consider is what kind of effect (or lack thereof) you want after having one sprayed on your skin. Ideally, it’ll look as if it was applied by hand with careful precision. That means no wrinkled clothes or jewelry (unless it’s gold), which can cause lines or streaks that make your skin appear uneven when sprayed on top. During warmer months, avoid wearing anything white (unless it’s also white on the inside), because that will reflect light from everywhere and create dark patches underneath. The biggest problem is choosing a tanning salon location for maximum effect: don’t do it at home where all your wardrobe choices are limited due to limited closet space; choose somewhere where there are tons of different options to pick from beforehand so there’s no stress involved when choosing what to wear afterward!

Do you wear a bra for a spray tan?

A bra can leave marks on your spray tan, especially if you are wearing a strapless bra or have straps that may slide down over time. Dark marks are also a possibility where your bra strap lies against your skin, as well as on the inside of the cup.

While it is possible to wear a loose shirt to get sprayed in the face and neck area, we recommend leaving your shirt at home. Messing around with pulling up and down a shirt during application can make the process take longer, and increase your risk of ending up with streaky lines from an uneven coat of tanner.

If you must wear shoes while being sprayed, flip flops or other open-toed sandals are probably better than closed-toe shoes. The main reason for this is that closed-toe shoes will likely rub against the tanning product before it dries completely and possibly causes streaking if they were opened while still wet.

Embarrassed to get a spray tan

As the summer days grow longer and clothes get shorter, many of us are contemplating a spray tan. Perhaps it’s for an upcoming beach vacation or simply because you’re feeling less than confident in your pasty skin. Whatever the reason, getting a spray tan can be embarrassing if you don’t know what to expect. You’re naked under that paper gown, after all! But there’s no reason to feel shy about getting a glow-up. With these tips, you’ll feel ready for your first (or next) spray tanning experience like an old pro.

First of all, let’s talk about why people might feel embarrassed. Maybe it’s because you’ve never had one before and are unsure about what to do. Or maybe you’ve had one before and felt self-conscious once you arrived home with orange palms or streaks on your shoulders and face. While those things are avoidable with the right preparation, let me assure you: the pros at Just Glow have seen it all — they won’t judge. Their goal is to make sure every customer leaves feeling like their best selves with a beautiful color that lasts just as long as they need it to (up to five days). Plus they use a high-quality product that not only smells good but feels good on your skin too! You can trust them—they’re experts!

How long does a spray tan last

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

  • A spray tan lasts about 5-7 days.
  • The length of time a spray tan lasts depends on your skin type, the ingredients in your tanning solution, and how often you shower.
  • Exfoliate before getting a spray tan. This helps exfoliate dead skin cells and prepare for an even coat. Dead skin cells prevent the spray from reaching new layers of skin which can make your spray tan look lighter and streaky.
  • You should avoid hot tubs, saunas, and pools to extend the life of your spray tan. The chemicals in these environments can speed up the process that causes the color to fade from your skin (oxidation). If you must go swimming, try to rinse off with fresh water as soon as possible afterward. Also, make sure to use a gentle shower gel with no artificial fragrances or abrasive particles like oatmeal (this will strip off your tan).

What to wear for a fake tan

The biggest thing to consider when choosing what to wear for a spray tan is what you’re most comfortable in. For many people, this means loose clothing they can slip on and off without having to pull over their heads. That way, they avoid getting any streaks or lines on their neck or shoulders.

If you do decide to wear something tight around your neck, it’s helpful to put some lotion on your neck before the appointment so the color will blend better.

Choose dark colors that won’t show any stains from the spray tan, but don’t worry if your clothes do get stained! Don’t forget: they’re old clothes! You can also opt for wearing a disposable robe (which most salons supply) if you’re worried about staining your clothes at all.

Spray tan before and after

Your skin should be clean and dry for your spray tan, so you should exfoliate in the shower before you go. Avoid any moisturizers or makeup on the day of your appointment.

After the tan, don’t use soaps with harsh chemicals that can strip away the color. When you shower after a spray tan, try to avoid hot water (lukewarm or cool is best) as it will help prolong your color. Pat yourself dry and apply a light lotion to keep your skin hydrated, which helps maintain that fresh-off-the-beach glow.

Avoid working out or sweating excessively for at least three hours after your treatment. You should also avoid swimming until after 24 hours have passed since your sunless session, as doing so too soon can wash off some of the solutions prematurely and leave you with an uneven tan all over again.

What underwear to wear for a spray tan

If you’re worried about any tan lines, consider wearing a thong if you’re worried about tan lines on your bottom or wearing a bra if you’re worried about tan lines on your chest. Otherwise, just wear whatever underwear that you don’t mind getting a little bit of spray tan on.

What shoes to wear for a spray tan

  • Flip flops are your best bet.
  • Socks and heels can be a bad combination for spray tans, as most salons require you to go barefoot in order to avoid getting tan lines.
  • Sneakers are typically not the best footwear choice for spray tans, but if you absolutely must wear them, make sure they’re white or covered at the bottom with a thick plastic bag so they don’t turn orange.
  • Sandals are usually fine unless they have rubber bottoms (like Birkenstocks) or soles (like flip flops). These types of sandals will cause your tan to fade quickly.
  • Boots and slippers should be avoided because they may leave behind dark spots on your skin if not removed properly after tanning.
  • Moccasins and Uggs tend to rub off when worn too close together during long periods of time, which causes streaks or unevenness in coloration around ankles or knees.

What to wear for a full body spray tan

On the day of your appointment, you’ll have to decide what to wear for a spray tan. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s something you don’t mind getting sprayed on, and that it will be easy for you to slip on and off without messing up your fresh tan.

A good rule of thumb is that if the fabric is prone to wrinkling, you shouldn’t wear it. Avoid socks or shoes; instead, opt for flip flops or sandals. Don’t pull on anything with metal zippers—they can leave marks on your skin when they rub against your freshly-sprayed areas. Likewise, avoid anything with a high neckline or any pockets—both are likely to leave marks where they press into the skin.

What to wear to a spray tan appointment

I spoke with a few friends who’ve gotten spray tans before, asking them what they’d worn on the day of their appointments—and all three said they’d worn white or light colored clothing (which is probably not such a bad idea). If you’re going to be spending 45 minutes in a tanning bed every week for months at a time, you might as well make sure your clothes look as flattering as possible!

What to wear after a spray tan when it’s raining

What you wear can make or break your spray tan experience. Plan ahead and bring an umbrella, put on a raincoat, or simply wait until the rain stops. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from getting wet, so don’t let the weather stop you from having fun in the sun!

What bra to wear for a spray tan

Wearing a bra is not necessary for your spray tan application. Your technician will be able to address all desired areas with you in either your bikini, underwear or nothing! If you are wearing a bra, it would be best to wear a dark color that won’t show any discoloration from the solution and won’t leave marks on your skin. Wearing a dark bikini or underwear is suggested if you choose to wear something. This way there is no chance of the solution staining your clothing.

How to prepare for a spray tan

Be sure to shave or wax at least 8 hours beforehand. You will have done yourself a favor and made the process quicker by removing all of that hair.

When you’re removing your hair, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin as well. This is especially important if you are going to be getting a spray tan for the first time. Exfoliation helps to remove dead, dry skin cells and creates an even base for the new tan, which in turn leads to an even tan once it has set in. If you don’t exfoliate your skin before getting a spray tan, this can result in patchy areas where color settles unevenly on light spots.

Remove makeup with soap and water before heading off for your appointment. Your face will be sprayed during the session, so keep that in mind when applying makeup afterward: liquid foundations are preferable because powder can rub off more easily onto clothes after a spray tanning session

Your skin must also be moisturized prior to your spray tan appointment. Moisturizing helps the tan develop evenly on your body and makes it last longer by keeping your skin hydrated so that it doesn’t dry out too quickly (which causes peel). A quick application of any lotion is fine; just make sure not to put anything on right before showering – that could cause streakiness! If necessary, apply some oil-free or water-based deodorant after showering but before going out into public spaces like stores/schools etcetera where they might take photos (which appear darker than normal clothing when taken with flash photography)

It’s easy to dress for spray tanning if you know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

  • A common misconception about spray tanning is that it’s messy. On the contrary, modern spray tans are designed to dry quickly and will not leave you with any wet or sticky residue on your skin.
  • That being said, it’s always best to take an extra moment to make sure that you have the right clothes on when you’re getting your spray tan. This will make sure that your skin is protected from any over-spray and also ensure that your clothing does not interfere with getting an even tan.
  • The easiest thing to wear is a loose pair of pants and a loose shirt — like yoga pants and a tank top– but most people prefer wearing shorts and a t-shirt since they don’t want their legs covered up during the spray tan. Always wear flip flops or sandals when going in for a spray tan because you don’t want anything touching your feet while the solution dries (and some salons won’t let you in if you aren’t wearing shoes!).
  • Many women choose not to wear underwear while they are getting sprayed because they want their bikini line to be even, but others don’t mind wearing underwear as long as it’s comfortable enough so it doesn’t rub off the solution. The most important thing is to dress however makes you feel comfortable!

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