What To Wear To A Baby Shower

At first glance, the baby shower is a simpler event than a wedding, but you shouldn’t take it for granted. Despite its reputation as a cozy get-together for some lighthearted crafting and games with mom-to-be, the baby shower can be fraught with social complications. For instance, what if the mother-to-be—let’s say her name is Amanda—has lost her sense of personal style in her pregnancy journey? Or worse: What if she’s not pregnant but just went out and bought an elaborate maternity ensemble to trick everyone into giving her gifts? It could happen!

In this article, I’ll guide you through how to navigate any thorny social situation at a baby shower: getting dressed for it. I’ve broken this piece down into four parts: Winter Showers (if the weather outside is frightful), Spring Showers (if April showers bring May flowers), Fall Showers (if the leaves turn red and then brown), and Summer Showers (if the sun shines brightly). I’ll also give one bonus section specifically for men who have been invited to wear something other than plaid flannel shirts and blue jeans to attend their loved one’s baby shower.

Wear the baby bump and not the heels.

Now that you’re dressed for the weather and your personal style, it’s time to think about your shoes. Choosing the right ones is important because no matter how beautiful or trendy the rest of your outfit is, if you’re not comfortable in your shoes, it will show.

Your best option is a pair of lower-heeled shoes like wedges or flats. Higher heels will look amazing with your bump, but they are typically more unstable than lower heels and can cause discomfort as well as pain if you wobble too much or twist an ankle. With this in mind, make sure to try on any shoes before purchasing them and choose a pair that will be both stylish and comfortable for several hours of standing and walking around at the baby shower.

While open-toed sandals do look great with maxi dresses, they are not recommended because they don’t offer enough stability throughout the day. However, since a baby shower can last all day long—and into the night—you want to be able to maintain comfort by wearing closed-toe shoes that offer good support for your feet.

Make it a dress or a jumpsuit.

Dresses and jumpsuits are the most versatile options. You will find them in formal, casual, and work-appropriate styles. They can be worn with heels or flats, a blazer or nothing at all. They’re also perfect for any season. In the winter, you can pair a satin slip dress with opaque tights and long-sleeved coverup for a festive look that’ll keep you warm. For spring and summer events, opt for flowy dresses made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen. If your event is outdoors, you may want to avoid wearing too many layers as it could get hot throughout the day. Finally, jumpsuits are always appropriate because they give you the option of taking off your jacket later on in the day if needed!

When choosing between these two types of clothing items make sure they fit into your personal style!

Be comfortable, but don’t skimp on style.

So, you’re all set to head out to your friend’s baby shower, and you have all the essentials: a present for the mama-to-be, a card (if required), and a Pinterest board full of cute maternity outfits. You know that it’s important that you look good, but keep in mind that the shower is going to be pretty long—and probably involve way more food than any human should eat in one sitting. That being said, here are some guidelines for dressing for baby showers.

  • Be comfortable! It’s great to feel like your best self at a party, but if you wear an outfit that doesn’t make you feel super confident it can drag down everyone else’s mood as well. Make sure whatever you wear makes you feel comfortable both physically and mentally.
  • Don’t forget about walking around! You want to look stylish, but remember that it’s likely there will be several venues throughout the day or evening where someone has gone the extra mile with decorations—and they deserve your attention! Avoid wearing anything too constricting or uncomfortable while traveling from destination to destination.
  • Don’t wear heels unless they’re comfy! Heels can take outfits from 0–100 real quick, but as I’m sure we’ve all experienced before—they aren’t always worth it if your feet are going numb by halfway through the event. If you do choose heels for your baby shower outfit, make sure they’re ones you know will last throughout the night without destroying your feet.

Mix and match to find your perfect outfit.

Mix and match to find your perfect outfit.

The right outfit is out there, you just need to find it! Try on different pieces and throw things together. If a shirt doesn’t work with one pair of pants, try it with another! Maybe that skirt isn’t your style? Try it with those heels from last year that you had completely forgotten about. Keep the combinations simple—pick one color and build your outfit around it. Add accessories for flair (a watch, necklace or purse that matches your outfit are all good choices). If you want something more casual, try replacing one piece of clothing for something less formal (like swapping slacks for jeans).

Dressing for a formal occasion

There are a few key items to look for when shopping for your baby shower outfit. While in the winter, you’ll want to layer up with textured fabrics like cable knits and faux furs, in the spring you’ll be able to take advantage of airy fabrics like cotton and lace. Find a floral dress you love (bonus points if it’s maternity-friendly) and pair it with sneakers or sandals. For fall, velvet is always on trend—pair an emerald-green velvet dress with booties or mules. Expect to see bold prints paired with classic silhouettes. Think florals paired with oversized linen blazers, bright stripes offset by feminine ruffles, and plaids paired with circle skirts and white tights.

What about men? That’s where it gets tricky! There aren’t many dresses made for men at this point, but we recommend men wear a suit that fits well—whether that means renting from a more formal clothing store or wearing your best church suit (make sure you’re not wearing jeans).

Dressing for a casual occasion

If the invitation specifies that the baby shower will be casual, a jumpsuit is an excellent option. For example, this floral print wide-leg jumpsuit from Jill Jill Stuart is perfect for summer or spring showers and also gives you room to move—something very important if you plan on playing baby shower games!

Dresses are another great way to go for a more casual occasion, but make sure to choose one that’s comfortable enough for sitting and standing (hello, socializing!). This flutter sleeve sheath dress from LOFT is cute and functional—bonus points for having pockets!

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something you feel comfortable in. If everyone else is going cocktail dress chic and you arrive in jeans, don’t worry—as long as you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit choice, you can sport whatever look suits your personal style with ease.

There are lots of ways to make sure you’re comfortable and look great at a baby shower.

There are lots of ways to make sure you’re comfortable and look great at a baby shower.

  • Dress for the occasion! Unless the invite says otherwise, try not to wear anything too casual. The goal is to strike a balance between the festive energy of a party and the specialness of an occasion centering on welcoming a new baby; that’s why it’s best to wear something in between formal and fancy. Don’t feel pressured to buy an entirely new outfit just for this event, though! In general, err on the side of what makes you feel most confident and comfortable while still making sure your outfit is appropriate for the setting.
  • Keep seasonality in mind when selecting your clothes. If you’re attending a winter or fall baby shower, it may be tempting to opt for bare legs just because you know there will be babies with adorable little booties around—but think about how cold that would be! Remember: It’s okay if your outfit shows off some skin, but err on the side of keeping more covered up (a cute cardigan or jacket can help keep you warm without taking away from your ensemble). Also consider if there will be an outdoor component—if it’ll be chilly outside, don’t wear that super-short sundress. For summer showers: It’s best not to overdress by wearing heavy pants and long sleeves during peak heat hours, but cutouts or sleeveless tops might not work well either since they could make guests feel underdressed! As always, use judgment here—will this item look like a costume? Will I stand out in the worst way? If so then maybe leave it at home.
  • Baby bumps aren’t mandatory but they are fun! If you’re pregnant enough along in your pregnancy where people can see your belly clearly then having an outfit that shows off this adorable accessory can be fun (and flattering!). And even if you aren’t expecting yourself there will likely be other mamas-to-be who’ll

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