What to Wear at a Music Festival: 7 Must-Haves

The Right Shoes

The right shoes are a must. What you wear on your feet, along with a good sun hat, will make or break your festival experience. When it comes to footwear, there are five things you should consider: comfort, durability, coverage and support for your feet, traction and mud resistance.

Whatever shoes you wear to the festival—whether it’s sandals or boots—they need to fit well and be comfortable. The last thing you want is sore feet from wearing uncomfortable shoes all day long. In addition to being comfortable, they need to be durable enough to withstand being worn all day every day at a music festival. You’ll also need coverage for the tops of your feet so they don’t burn when walking around in the sun all day long. And if there has been rain recently (or even if not), you’ll want shoes that are waterproof and that can handle walking through mud without getting stuck in it or getting ruined by it

The Right Bag

First and foremost, you want to choose a bag that’s easy to carry. You don’t want anything that’s going to be heavy or cumbersome, especially since you’re likely to find yourself hoofing it at some point during the weekend. If you’re doing a cross-country fest, chances are you won’t have your car with you. So while there are definitely exceptions (like your go-to weekender or any bag with wheels), the rule of thumb is: make sure your bag can be carried on your back or one shoulder for long periods of time without getting shifty about it. Now let’s talk about functionality in terms of accessibility and organization. Look for bags that have zippered compartments inside and out, so you can keep stuff from sliding around—especially important if you end up dancing til dawn and need something small like lip balm ASAP. If organization is key (and it should be), look for a bag that includes multiple pockets so things can be stowed separately but accessed easily when needed. You also want your festival outfit to be as weatherproof as possible—even if it isn’t raining right now, chances are it will soon enough (if not at this particular festival then another sometime in the future). So make sure whatever accessories you’re bringing can repel water; ideally they’d be made of leather rather than fabric, but nowadays there are plenty of synthetic materials out there capable of keeping your stuff dry no matter what kind of precipitation comes down. Choose wisely!

The Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen is critically important if you plan on spending literally any amount of time in the sun. This goes doubly for a humid environment like a music festival. Your sunscreen should absolutely have an SPF of 30 or above, and should be waterproof, sweat-proof and odor-free. The idea is that you want to apply sunscreen as often as possible, so the less noticeable it is, the better. To that end, go for clear sunscreen over white so you don’t end up with obvious streaks on your arms (and definitely avoid trying to blend them out; this doesn’t work). Pale people need to be especially careful about applying enough layers of sunscreen or wearing rash guards or other clothing that will protect your skin from UV rays. And if it’s hot, consider a spray-on rather than thick lotion for easy application and quick drying time.

A Hat That’s Adorable and Protects You from the Sun

A hat is a must-have for any music festival. The sun will be beating down on you all day, so protect your head with a wide-brimmed (or even floppy!) hat. Don’t go for the practical ball cap—instead, try something that’s equal parts adorable and utilitarian. Avoid the temptation to wear a hat without also wearing sunscreen on your face and neck; while hats do protect you from sun damage, they’re not a full replacement for SPF! A hat with a brim all the way around gives you the best coverage possible.

Sunglasses That Stay Put

A music festival can be as fun or as awful as the music itself, but whether you’re there to enjoy yourself or run from the worst-case scenarios, there are a few key things you should always have with you.

  • Sunglasses: You’ll want to take your shades with you in case of any wild flashes of lighting. Never let anyone tell you what’s best for your vision; sunglasses are for protecting your eyes, not flattering them.
  • Sunglasses with a strap: If you keep having problems keeping your shades on during long bouts of dancing, it might be time to buy new ones—or a new strap.
  • Sunglasses that fold into their own compact container: It’s not just about fashion; some sunglasses don’t fit into their cases after they’ve been washed, and they’ll never find their way back into the trendy shade they were before they came out of the wash. Having one ultra-compact pair can save the day by giving them another life and letting them live again with an awesome accessory around their necks.
  • Sunglass clips: They may look like something out of a ’70s movie (and they kind of are), but they’re invaluable if your sunglasses go missing at night when people are throwing glow sticks (or whatever) at each other’s faces in celebration or despair alike… and even more so if you’re simply looking for another pair after running around all day at a music festival wearing sweatpants!

A Back Up Outfit for Though It Never Happens, What If It Rains?

We all know the feeling—that sudden urge to bust out our favorite outfit for a night out on the town. At first, it feels good to get dressed up and hop in your car, but after about two hours of hitting up every bar in your city, you’re already dreading the thought of returning home. And then there’s that nagging voice in your head: “I should totally wear my fancy clothes tomorrow night!” Yep. That sounds like a great idea, except that you never actually remember to pack them when you leave home. Instead of stressing over what to wear while stuck at home all day, grab a few items from this list and be prepared for any situation. Then one day you’ll have an awesome time wearing what’s on your mind—and no one will ever have to know why.

Jewelry That Doesn’t Get in the Way of Dancing and Having Fun

A music festival is a chance to be yourself and express your personality through your clothes and accessories. If you’re the type who loves wearing jewelry, there’s no reason to leave it at home. But unlike an office or more structured event, a concert or music festival is a time to relax and let loose. That’s why it’s important to wear jewelry that doesn’t get in the way of dancing and having fun. For example, you might want to skip pieces like long necklaces, which will dangle into your face as you jump up and down with the crowd. Dangling earrings can also be distracting when they brush against your face or hit your shoulders as you dance with wild abandon.

If you love rings, try out some adjustable rings that fit comfortably on different fingers so you can switch them around throughout the day in case one starts bothering you. Of course, if several ring-wearing fingers are bothersome at once (dancing is hard work!), consider leaving them off for one set or two until things calm down again!

What to wear to a music festival

A good pair of shoes is the most important part of your outfit. You want to be comfortable and able to dance all night without getting blisters. If you’re going to wear a dress, make sure you have a slip underneath because it can get windy! In case it gets cold in the evening, bring a cozy sweater or blanket scarf with you. If you’re into hats, make sure yours has at least one adjustable string so that it doesn’t fly away if there’s a gust of wind.

Bring sunscreen and sunglasses for when the weather is sunny (don’t forget about the UV rays). Keep in mind that reflected sunlight from water or sand can be even more intense than direct sunlight from above! So don’t just rely on your umbrella to keep your face protected—grab some SPF 50+ sunscreen as well.

Lastly, if you’re going to wear jewelry—and we recommend it—make sure it’s lightweight and easy to move around in so that nothing gets caught up during dancing!

Even better: pack an extra outfit for later on in case your current one gets too dirty or sweaty.

What to wear to a music festival for guys

Men, you have it easy. You don’t need to worry about what shoes you’re going to wear because they’re (hopefully) covered by pants. Just be sure the pants are comfortable—and not shorts! When deciding what to wear to a music festival, I recommend that guys avoid shorts entirely; I see so many guys at festivals wearing cargo shorts and all I can think is “Someone get that guy a pair of jeans!” And even if it doesn’t rain, your raincoat protects you from the dust that inevitably blows around. A bandana or mask will also help protect your face.

What to wear to a music festival plus size

Plus-size festival fashion is a fun and bold statement to make, but it can be a difficult one. The music festival crowd is notoriously thin and toned, so feeling confident in your outfit choices as a plus-size woman can be difficult. Here are some styling tips for plus size women to consider when choosing their outfits for this year’s music festivals:

  • The best plus-size styles for the music festival scene are those that flatter your body type. You don’t want to wear something just because it’s in style right now; you want to wear something that makes you feel good in your own skin. Pick styles that highlight your assets (your legs, hips, arms, etc.) while covering up areas of concern (your midsection). Don’t be afraid to try out different styles; you might find that there are many more flattering options available than you originally thought!
  • If you want to stand out at a music festival this year then dress accordingly. Wear bright colors or patterns with fun accessories such as jewelry or hats.
  • If blending in is more of your thing then choose muted colors like black and white or earth tones like browns and greenish blues instead of loud shades like pink or neon yellow.

What to wear to a music festival on the beach

During your first few hours at the beach, you might feel as if you’re walking on hot coals. It can also be easy to get a sunburn during the first day or two of the festival, even if you normally don’t burn easily. Because of this, I recommend that you stick to shoes that are walkable. You’ll probably want to avoid wearing heels and instead opt for wedges or sandals that allow you to walk with ease (you’ll have a much smaller risk of getting blisters).

For this type of music festival, you won’t need anything heavy-duty in the way of accessories or bags. Most people wear bathing suits to these types of festivals, so having a bag that’s big enough only for your phone and wallet is good enough. Crossbody bags are great options because they keep your hands free while still being difficult to misplace.

You might also want to bring a beach towel—if the festival doesn’t provide one—since it will make it easier for you to lie down without getting sand everywhere; just throw it over the ground before lying down on top of it. It may also come in handy after swimming in an ocean or lake! Speaking of swimming, remember not to forget about adding a hat and sunglasses into your outfit; they’ll shield your face from harmful UV rays throughout the day!

What to wear to a music festival when it’s cold

Take it from someone who’s experienced a frozen music festival: Layers are the name of the game. The key is to protect yourself from rain and wind, without overheating. (You know how miserable it feels to be cold AND sweaty at the same time.) Here’s what works for us:

  • Water-resistant outer layer – A thin coat is usually enough, but in really wet weather, you’ll want to go with something more substantial. Choose a style that’s not too roomy—you’re looking for protection, not an extra blanket.
  • T-shirt
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Pullover or jacket – For added warmth on truly frigid days, build your layers up by adding one of these. Just make sure your jacket has some flexibility so you can still move around and dance!
  • Scarf – A cozy scarf will keep your neck warm while adding some color and personality to any outfit. Check out our selection of vintage scarves! You can also use it as a head wrap if your ears get chilly (just ask my mom).
  • Hat – On especially cold days, cover up your warm and fuzzy head with a hat like this one —it won’t mess up your hair!

What to wear to a music festival over 40

If you’re over 40, there are a few things you should avoid wearing to ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself or your children. First of all, you need to dress for your age. Avoid anything that is too revealing, as it will make you look foolish and bring unwanted attention to yourself.

Additionally, don’t wear clothing that is too tight. This can be uncomfortable and can lead to wardrobe malfunctions (which no one wants). Next, remember that comfort is more important than fashion at a music festival. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing so you’ll have the energy to enjoy the fun events going on around you.

Finally, wear clothing that allows free movement as there will be dancing and other active participation in various activities throughout the day.

Now that you know what not to wear at a music festival let’s discuss what type of clothes will help keep you cool in warm weather!

What to wear to ACL music festival

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is an annual multi-day festival held in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas. It’s a great time of year to visit the city because it’s not too hot or humid yet. But be prepared for weather mood swings: daytime temperatures can get up into the 90’s, but the sun goes down quickly and nights can get chilly. We recommend dressing in layers so you can adjust to the temperature changes throughout the day.

  • A hat–it keeps your hair from frizzing and protects your head from the sun.
  • Sunscreen–getting burned at a music festival would be depressing!
  • Comfortable shoes–you’ll probably be on your feet all day, so wear comfy shoes that don’t make your feet hurt

What to wear to an outdoor music festival

When you’re at a music festival, you might not feel like attending a club or staying in your hotel room. Why not go outside and dance and have fun? Music festivals are the best place to have fun outside your home, because they take place in beautiful places. And you can dress up all you want! What to wear depends on what kind of music festival it is. If it’s a hip-hop festival, then wear something that says “I’m classy.” If it’s a rock festival, then wear something that says “I’m rebellious.” If it’s a country concert, then bring some denim work pants and cowboy boots. But if it’s an EDM (electronic dance music) concert, then don’t even think about wearing clothes that show skin! Here are seven must-haves for any EDM concert:

Make sure that you are comfortable being outside in the sun or cold weather. You need to be able to move around freely without worrying about your shoes falling off when you get too excited and start dancing. You need pockets so that you can hold some cash for food or drinks while being at the event so that you won’t have to pay all day long just for three hours of eating and smoking weed. You also want to be able to keep your phone safe from water damage because many concerts only happen outdoors, so there could be rain before or after the event begins.

What to wear to a music festival in the rain

What to wear at a music festival in the rain is tricky business. You want to look stylish and fashionable, but you also want your outfit to protect you from the elements as you dance up-and-down pitifully during thunderstorms in the middle of a field.

Fortunately, there are some essential items that can do both: a lightweight rain jacket and poncho. They will help keep moisture out while they also provide coverage on top of your body. Wool socks are another wardrobe staple that should be part of any music festival pack (or linens closet). They’re cozy, warm, water-resistant, and come with a small slit for easy removal when wetness does occur. It’s fine for them to get drenched—just make sure that you dry them completely before putting them back on so they’ll keep their shape. If necessary, an umbrella will keep you dry as well as covering up what you don’t want others to see underneath it (like shoes or jean shorts). Finally, gumboots are perfect for rainy conditions because they’re waterproof and provide extra grip against mud or dirt. They come with straps so they can be easily secured around your ankles once wetness occurs

Music festivals are fun, but spend a little time figuring out what you’re wearing before you go.

Music festivals are fun, but spend a little time figuring out what you’re wearing before you go.

Even if the music festival is far away, it’s usually cheaper to take everything with you on the flight and then check your bag than it would be to check two separate bags. Also, fewer bags means less hassle when leaving the festival grounds at the end of each day.

Just make sure that whatever bag you bring is one you can close securely. We recommend a backpack like this one from Herschel Supply Co., as it conveniently leaves both hands free for holding things (like your cellphone, or someone else’s hand) and for dancing.

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