What To Wear To Disney World

Choosing what to wear to Disney World seems like it should be easy. But with so many rides, shows, and attractions, the weather can change drastically throughout the day—and if you’ve ever found yourself in a shivering sweatshirt at Galaxy’s Edge or sweating through a parka on Expedition Everest, you know just how important it is to choose your wardrobe wisely.

Not only that, but if you want to get picked to play Gaston on stage during Adventureland’s Beauty and The Beast show or touch Minnie Mouse’s gloved hand in character meet-and-greets, staying camera-ready all day long is key. It also makes for great Instagram posts! (Because who wouldn’t want to remember their trip by posting an adorable pic of themselves sitting on Mickey’s lap?)

What to Wear in Disney World in January

The number one thing you need to know when packing for your trip to Walt Disney World in January is that layers are your best friend. Packing things like tank tops and t-shirts can help you achieve a layered look while not taking up too much space in your luggage. Don’t forget to pack a scarf, which can serve as both a layer and also a cute accessory! Consider bringing some moisture-wicking fabrics for those sweaty days on rides, especially during the summer months. Don’t forget the sunscreen—and hats! And shoes that are comfortable for long days at the park? The most important items in those categories are probably just common sense, but it’s never bad to go over them again.

What to Wear in Disney World in February

If you’re headed to Disney World in February, congratulations! You’ve picked a great time to visit. With shorter lines and less crowded parks, you’ll be able to experience Disney like a local. But with fewer people around doesn’t mean that you should take packing lightly. In fact, this time of year is the perfect time to pack smart and dress for success.

Here’s what you need:

  • Dress in layers
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Clothing that can get wet
  • A raincoat or jacket that isn’t bulky
  • A hat (baseball hats are fine)

What not to bring:

  • Short sleeves alone won’t cut it—you need a jacket for warmth at night, especially for outdoor shows and activities. And remember—this is Florida when it’s cold out; there’s always a chance of rain!

What to Wear in Disney World in March

March is a transitional month. The weather can be unpredictable and even the locals have trouble figuring out what to wear. That’s because March is typically the rainiest month of the year, according to historical data—but don’t let that deter you from planning a Disney trip! Spring is just around the corner (and with it comes beautiful weather), so even if there are some showers, you’ll still get plenty of sunshine.

When packing for an Orlando vacation at this time of year, make sure to pack layers. Even though temperatures are milder than in January and February, it’s still cool enough that you’ll want pants or jeans and multiple tops. Make sure you include lightweight jackets or sweatshirts in your suitcase because evenings can be chilly as well. (It’s also important to stay warm while riding certain attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.) You should also bring at least one pair of walking shoes made for moderate inclines and declines like hills; comfortable sneakers or loafers will work nicely here.

What to Wear in Disney World in April

The weather in Orlando, Florida is warm and sunny throughout the spring, but it’s extremely unpredictable. You might start out your day with a sunny forecast, only to have a massive thunderstorm hit you by noon. To avoid calling an Uber because your feet are soaked or being miserable at Space Mountain because of the heat, plan ahead and include layers in what you wear each day. On top of that, April marks the start of the rainy season in Orlando—though rain doesn’t usually last all day—so bringing an umbrella or raincoat along is smart. We’ve got more details about how to dress for Disney World weather below!

On average, there are 12 hours of sunshine per day in April for Orlando, so you’ll be able to soak up plenty of sun if you want to do some poolside lounging (yes please). The city’s high temperature averages 82°F during this month as well as a low temperature of 63°F at night (which means it can get pretty chilly). If you’re planning on visiting Disney World over Easter weekend (April 12th-15th), make sure to bring a sweater with you since temperatures will be cooler than usual. Be aware that there’s also 4.3 inches of rainfall on average throughout April and those afternoon showers can get pretty intense! This makes waterproof jackets or coats especially important packing materials if they weren’t already at the top of your list.

What to Wear in Disney World in May

You may be feeling the urge to find a fanny pack, bust out the cargo shorts, and start building your collection of Disney-themed t-shirts. But I urge you not to. One of the great things about Disney World is that there’s no dress code…unless you consider flip flops, Mickey ears, and vacation-mode attire a “code.” While dressing up in costume is a fun option for some people (and yes—you can do it!), most visitors wear casual clothing like shorts and t-shirts.

As far as footwear is concerned, comfortable sneakers or walking shoes are always a good idea. If your shoes aren’t particularly supportive, bring an extra pair of socks or insoles along with you so you can swap them out if your feet start hurting. Some people even prefer to bring two pairs of shoes so they can alternate midway through the day!

The temperature in Orlando during May ranges from lows in the mid 60s to highs in the upper 80s—but keep in mind that temperatures tend to be much milder at night than during the day…and much milder outside than inside. It might be blazing hot on your way into Animal Kingdom but freezing cold once you enter Pandora: The World of Avatar for Flight of Passage (bring those light jackets!).

What to Wear in Disney World in June/July/August

If you’re visiting Disney World in June, July or August, here’s what to wear:

  • Comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking in the heat and humidity, so it’s important that you don’t wear shoes that are too tight or too thin. For example, ballet flats will leave your feet feeling sore after even a few hours in the park—but sandals with thick soles are a good choice. If you’d rather wear athletic sneakers than sandals, just make sure they have plenty of room inside them for your feet to move around without getting sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Sunscreen. This is important even if it’s not summertime! Even if it feels like it’s cold outside, rest assured the sun’s rays can still hurt your skin and cause cancer—so make sure to apply sunscreen underneath all of your clothing before going out into the bright sunshine for long periods of time (more than three hours).
  • A hat or visor. Wearing one of these items will block some sunlight from hitting directly on top of your head; this helps keep cool while also protecting against damage or burns caused by UV rays being reflected off surfaces such as concrete pavement where people walk regularly throughout their lives every day.* A poncho or raincoat. It gets pretty hot during summer months at Disney World so having something lightweight but waterproof can come in handy when storms pop up suddenly without warning (which happens often enough).

What to Wear for Going to Disney World for Thanksgiving

Going to Disney World for Thanksgiving? While the weather at Disney World in November can vary widely, and some years are a bit hotter or colder than others, you can always be prepared ahead of time by wearing the right clothing and packing for extremes. Here are some tips for what to wear:

  • Bring a sweater. This is especially important when visiting Animal Kingdom, as it’s mainly outdoors apart from just a few indoor attractions. For men, a sport coat or pullover sweater will work well with jeans or khakis. Women can try pairing a sweater with pants or knee-length skirt and flats or boots.
  • Wear sunscreen—no matter how hot it gets! You’ll be spending hours outside in the sun, so protect your skin by wearing sunscreen every day you visit Disney World. Just as important is keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day (you won’t want to leave any park to buy water).

What to Wear for Going to Disney World for Christmas

If you want to look like a real Disney pro, then invest in some comfortable clothing and a pair of shoes that can handle running through the parks. Don’t just wear whatever is in the back of your closet! Investing in clothing items that are stylish, yet functional will be worth it in the long run.

For those visiting Disney during Christmas time, it is better to dress in layers and practice switching them out by wearing them around town before your trip. This way you can avoid bringing bulky coats on rides such as Splash Mountain or Tower of Terror where park employees must store them for you. It is also important to bring a waterproof/water resistant jacket or windbreaker for when you’re walking around the parks at night. Even though Orlando does not have snow, we still get rain pretty frequently!

Lastly, if you really want to fit in with everyone else, wear Christmas colors or even buy yourself some matching Mickey ears (you can find these accessories both online and at most stores on Disney property). This will make you stand out from all the other tourists and make for cute pictures later on down the road!

If you’re wondering what to wear, check out these tips.

Yes, it’s true that there are some advantages to packing light when you’re traveling. You may find it easier to navigate the airport, for instance, and you can save some money on baggage fees. But when it comes to a trip to Disney World, the benefits of bringing everything in sight far outweigh any drawbacks. You’ll need a wide range of clothes and accessories to combat the various weather conditions you’ll face every day of your stay.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind that will help ensure that your clothing is appropriate for any time of year:

  • Remember that the weather is unpredictable at Disney World, so don’t assume anything about the forecast until you’ve verified it for yourself. If it looks like rain at 8am but sunny by noon, then wear layers you can peel off as needed. And if there’s even an outside chance that temperatures could get chilly at night, bring along an extra sweater or sweatshirt just in case. It also helps to pack light-weight jackets and sweaters that can be worn over shirts without creating bulkiness under your shirt straps or pockets–yes, we’re looking at you big bulky waterproof pullovers!
  • Wear comfortable shoes–and we mean really comfortable shoes here folks: no flip-flops or heels! This isn’t just because walking all day long means your feet will hurt after awhile (though they will). Your footwear needs some padding around its outer edges too so they won’t rub against one another while on rides with moving surfaces such as roller coasters – this leads us into our next point…


Now that you know the basics of what to wear at Disney World, I’ll leave you with a few parting tips and considerations. In addition to clothing, footwear, hats, sunscreen, backpacks, cameras, and autograph books—which should all be obvious by now but which I will list again here for good measure—make sure to bring sunglasses (if you plan on attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or any other after-dark events), cash ($10 per vehicle is charged at parking lots), and a jacket if it’s cold outside (sometimes it gets chilly in Florida).

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