5 How to Wear Khaki Pants Better

Khaki pants are a versatile and comfortable staple that can be taken from work to weekend and beyond. Here’s a guide on how to wear them so you don’t look like a hobo.

Khakis have been in style for about as long as one can remember, but even though they’re an American classic, there’s still some confusion over how to wear them. Khaki pants are not just suitable for the office or outdoors—they can also look great when you’re out at night! They pair well with casual shoes, accents (e.g., scarves, jewelry) and accessories (e.g., ties, jackets), while also looking good when paired with more formal items such as dress shoes and belts. Khakis are a great way to add color to an outfit while maintaining an easygoing vibe—what’s not to love?

Know colors that go with khaki pants.

Wearing khaki pants is an easy way to look polished and put-together, but there are a couple of pieces you should be sure to avoid when pairing it with other pieces of clothing. Neutral colors like brown, black, navy blue, and white will all look fine as long as they are the main color on your body. While a dark-colored shirt will work in most situations, something lighter in tone will make more sense if you’re wearing a tie or belt—a light blue button-down shirt or a white polo shirt will pair nicely for either option. If you don’t have one of those colors on hand, try pairing something light with your khaki pants instead—a light blue cardigan sweater is a great choice because it’s casual enough to wear on its own or layered over other clothing.

If you’re out looking for new outfits and want to try wearing khaki pants yourself, remember these tips! Wearing them can help anyone look professional with minimal effort!

Wear a casual button-up shirt with khaki pants.

Button-ups are what’s commonly called a casual shirt. These button-up shirts have a collared neck, usually button-down, and can be found in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some go up to the neck while others stop at the collarbone. Regardless, they’re all meant to be worn with dress pants, slacks or jeans.

The thing that makes these shirts so versatile is their ability to be worn on any occasion by anyone in just about any situation. You could wear one for a casual day out with friends or family and not feel out of place; you could wear one for work and look professional; you could wear it when going to church or an outdoor festival and don’t need to worry about finding a parka; and finally, you could wear one when working on a project at home (if you’re into DIY).

Sure, there are times when your coworkers might give you crap if they catch you wearing your khaki pants with a dress shirt but that’s no reason not to do it yourself if you want to achieve the same feelings of comfortability.

Pick the right shade of brown.

Brown is a tricky color to get right. It’s hard to find the perfect tone for your outfit, whether it’s an autumnal or summery ensemble. While there are as many different shades of brown as you can think of, good news—you don’t have to know them all! There are some main categories that suit these trousers with ease.

With that said, darker hues tend to look dressier than lighter ones—they’ll be more appropriate for a date night rather than a relaxed date at the movie theatre. If you’re looking for versatility in this department, go with something in between like tan or light greyish brown. These will be versatile enough to work well with any outfit while still fitting the bill when you need a bit of grown-up glamour.

Navy pants are also an excellent choice if you’re dressing up but want to avoid wearing a full suit jacket. They make comfortable alternatives that keep your look polished and put together without making it feel stuffy and confined.

Once you’ve got your pair of khakis, it’s time to accessorize! Here are some ideas:

Wear the right type of T-shirt with khaki pants.

Khaki pants are a staple of any casual outfit. They’re versatile and go with just about anything. However, there’s one major mistake you can make wearing them—wearing a T-shirt that doesn’t match the color of your pants perfectly. This can be remedied by choosing a T-shirt with at least some color to it, like this black T-shirt with a Jack Daniels logo on it (note: we don’t endorse drinking). It’s also important to keep your khaki pants away from lighter colors like yellow or pink—save those for outfits that are more specifically tailored for those colors. If you want to add even more contrast and style to your outfit, consider wearing a black T-shirt or other dark color with light khakis instead of the other way around.

Choose a black top to make khaki pants pop.

When you’re looking to add some sophistication and polish your outfit, make sure you think about contrast. If you’re wearing a black top, try pairing it with a pair of khaki pants. The two colors are contrasting, and that contrast will help your outfit pop. Pick a top that is solid black for its slimming effect, or choose one with some subtle patterns for additional flair.

The Benefits of Contrast

Contrast is one of the most powerful tools in creating an attractive outfit. When certain aspects of your clothes are different from other parts, it makes them stand out even more than if they were all the same color or design. For example, when you wear bold red lipstick against a simple black top or bold blue eyeshadow against a natural makeup look, not only do these colors boost your appearance because they’re striking on their own but also because they bring attention to themselves by creating contrast with other elements of your appearance!

A Classic Color Can Do Wonders

Black has been an appealing neutral hue since the beginning of recorded history. Throughout various periods in history, this hue was worn by royalty and nobility as well as people who just wanted to look more put-together and sophisticated than their peers did—and they still dress this way today! Wearing black can give any piece of clothing instant versatility because it goes with everything from pencil skirts to hoodies and jeans. While we love being creative and using our individual style to show off our personal panache every day, sometimes we all need something simple that we know will work no matter what else we throw on top or underneath it!

Khakis can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you know how to wear them well

Put simply, khaki pants are a must-have for any man or woman looking to add some versatility to their wardrobe. Khakis are primarily designed to be simple and versatile—and they were. While the concept originated in British India as a tough alternative to white cotton trousers, today’s khakis have evolved into a look that can be worn in both formal and casual settings with equal grace. So what makes this particular pair of pants such as these so great?

Khakis can be worn year-round, which makes them an excellent (and cheap) addition to your wardrobe. In wintertime when your jeans get too cold and heavy for wearing outside, switch over to khakis for those quick trips around town. In summer, you can wear them instead of jeans at night when it’s still hot out; the lighter fabric is far more comfortable than jeans after sunset. On top of that, being able to wear them all year round means that you’ll save money on storage space by only needing one pair of pants throughout all four seasons!

Khakis look fantastic with just about everything else in your closet—just make sure you’re taking advantage of it! Cozy sweaters find themselves well paired with khaki pants in fall and winter; you could even switch between wearing boots and sneakers depending on how long you’re going out for! During the summer months, throw on a nice T-shirt or polo shirt with a pair of khakis if you want to go on a weekend hike or just enjoy the weather while looking good doing it. No matter what kind of day it is, khaki pants will always look appropriate no matter where you’re headed!


Looking at you in your khaki pants, I can practically hear the sound of wind chimes as they’re splayed across a patio. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with how you look, it’s time to learn 5 ways to wear khaki pants better.

Khaki pants are often associated with outdoor activities and various styles of formal attire that range from preppy to trendy to casual—all things that fit comfortably into most men’s lifestyles. The great thing about them is the many varieties of khakis you can get. From lighter shades like tan and beige to darker shades like olive and brown, there’s a lot more pairings to try than just “khakis + oxford shirt.” Khakis have become so versatile (and easy-to-wear) that you’ll want to put on one for every occasion—but if you’ve been doing this already, it might be time for a change up!

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