5 Ways to Wear Grey Sweatpants without Looking Like a Slob

Sweatpants are a great way to dress comfortably, but they’re also limited in their versatility when it comes to pairing them with other clothing. If you don’t want to wear them with another article of clothing at all, that’s fine—but what if you need to look presentable for an important business meeting? There is no doubt about it: sweatpants are the best pants for comfort, but joggers in black or white can be just as comfortable and let more color options into your life. If you’re wearing grey sweatpants and need some help figuring out how to make them less sloppy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five outfits that bring together the practicality of joggers with a slightly more stylish vibe.

I love sweatpants and leggings.

Sweatpants can be a kind of fashion divider: either you love them or you hate them. But if you’re like me, you love sweatpants and leggings—the more comfortable, the better. It’s easy to fall into a sweatpants rut, though; I mean, if every day is an “athleisure” day for you, it’s understandable that some days it might take effort to dress yourself up!

The key to keeping up a variety in your wardrobe is to think about how things are combined together. Sweatpants are no different: if you think about it, there’s actually a lot that goes into looking good in grey sweats. First of all, make sure they fit well—the last thing you want is ill-fitting pants pulling at your waistline and thighs while making it look like your butt is sort of just hanging out there on its own. Next, consider what else you’re going to wear (or not wear) with them: specifically people who will see your outfit and assume that there’s nothing but grey sweats on underneath (think family members or close friends). Finally, don’t forget about accessories: although many people avoid wearing jewelry with casual outfits for fear of looking overdone/too dressed up for the occasion/etc., I say go for it—as long as the piece feels natural with what else you’re wearing and doesn’t clash with clothing texture-wise (for example don’t wear a sequin earring when pairing with sporty pants!). With these tips in mind and a little bit of experimenting with other clothing items and colors, finding the right outfit combinations will be easy—and dare I say fun?

Any way you wear grey, light or dark, you’ll find it goes easily with your closet staples.

The color grey has a reputation for being boring and dull, but in reality it goes well with just about any color you can think of. Grey looks best with neutrals, such as white and black, and is the perfect base to pair with bolder hues so that they don’t overpower.

Want to add some support to your outfit? Pair a pair of dark grey sweatpants (such as these) with a classic black t-shirt and gray sneakers. Want to make an outfit pop? Go for a bright white sweatshirt over your basic ensemble, like this one from H&M. Look to the basics first before adding any trendy elements to your style—that way you’ll still be able to wear what you want even when everyone else is wearing something completely different!

Pair it with a nice blouse and some heels.

If you’ve ever been in a professional setting, you know what I’m talking about when I say that sweatpants are not appropriate. When I was an infant development major, I lived in sweats. If a professor ever told me to put on “something presentable,” that would mean putting on jeans and a nice top.

Sweatpants might be comfortable and easy to wear, but they are not always appropriate for the workplace. With only a few simple adjustments, you can make your grey sweatpants seem more like office-appropriate attire. This is how:

High heels don’t have to hurt your feet as long as you pick the right pair! The secret to finding a high heel that feels good is all about comfort! Here are some tips for picking out comfortable high heels:

  • Make sure there’s padding under the ball of your foot (the part of the shoe directly below where the toes start)
  • Try on multiple pairs until you find one that works best with your feet, even if they’re super cute!!
  • Bring some band aids with you incase they rub blisters into your skin!

Try fashioning a lighter, form-fitting sweatpant into an outfit by wearing it under an oversized sweater or tunic top.

As you stare at the mirror and try to decide what to wear for your morning run, you take a moment to appreciate the absolute coziness of your sweatpants. Today, though, it’s time for a change. You want to make an outfit that looks good and shows off your fashion sense—while also being comfortable enough for the impending 7 miles.

You might have seen the look in magazines or on social media: an oversized sweater or tunic top paired with grey sweatpants creates a look that is casual yet fashionable. It’s cozy but still polished, well-made but not too formal—and it’s simple enough that you can throw it together in minutes. All it takes is some creative styling! The key is finding sweatpants that are more form-fitting than regular sweats and selecting tops that match their color well (light grey works best).

If you’re interested in giving this look a try yourself, here are some quick tips:

  • Go with bottoms that fit like your favorite pair of jeans instead of baggy pants. If they’re even slightly snugger than other pairs of sweats, this approach will hold up better over time without becoming stretched out or saggy at the knees (don’t forget to factor in shrinkage when washing!). These sweatpants from Champion are roomy without being baggy, so they’ll work perfectly with our styling ideas below.
  • Take advantage of oversized tops by pairing them with bottoms that give definition to your silhouette. Oversized sweaters or tunics often come in lighter colors like white and light grey; grey sweatpants help pull together an otherwise mismatched ensemble into one complete outfit by connecting all pieces through their neutral color scheme (the monochromatic nature of both pieces also gives it a cohesive look).

Wear a skinny leg sweatpant under a knee high boot OR ankle bootie

Wearing grey sweatpants is a great way to get dressed quickly and go about your day without worrying too much about fashion. They’re also an ideal wardrobe choice if you’ve had an exhausting day and just want to cuddle up on the couch in a fresh pair of J.Crew sweats. But while your sweats can be a comfortable, reliable friend, they don’t always come across as polished or stylish—especially if you put them with sneakers, like most of us do. So how can we dress up our grey sweatpants so that we can be comfortable and stylish at the same time?

Rookie style tip: Don’t wear your grey sweatpants… well, like you’re wearing grey sweatpants! The key to dressing them up is replacing sneakers with heels or boots so that they sit higher on your waistline (for those of us who are short waisted, like myself). If you want to keep the look casual and sporty but add some edge, try ankle boots; for something more “I woke up this way”-chic then wear knee high boots with no socks!

Looking for even more ways to style your favorite sweats from day to night? Check out these tips below.

Wear an oversized tee or sweater with some slip-on sneakers to achieve that effortless look.

On the surface, swapping out a well-tailored outfit for comfy sweatpants may not seem like the best way to look your most stylish. But if you wear them right, it’s an easy transformation that’s sure to make you feel more attractive and confident. In order to pull this off, you’ll need a few things:

  • First, go loose with your clothing. Sweatpants and oversized tees or sweaters call for each other—you don’t want something too tight and form-fitting, as that’ll only look cluttery and messy. Choose a size that’s larger than normal (or at least hang out in the dressing room for longer than usual).
  • Second, choose your shoes wisely! A pair of slip-ons in a contrasting color will give you both style points and an extra kick of comfort. If you’re going sockless, use anti-bacterial powder on your feet; those germs can add up quickly!

Part of a cute outfit rather than just loungewear.

Grey sweatpants are great for casual and everyday wear. They’re very comfortable, easy to wear, and can be paired with a lot of different outfits (even ones with heels or sneakers). Grey sweatpants also have a lot of potential to dress up or down depending on your mood. For example, they can go well with other neutrals, but they also look great with bright colors like reds and blues. Wearing grey sweatpants is important because it shows people that you care about yourself and the way you look. It’s the mark of someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is just looking for an easy-going outfit that doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable or overdressed.


As you can see, there are many ways to wear grey sweatpants without looking like a slob. Many of these items will be on sale at your local Target store by the end of the year, but I’ve listed them below for now.

It’s never too late to start making your life more stylish and put together!

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