4 Things To Wear With Brown Pants That Make You Look Stylish

  • Fitted White Tops

White tops that fit tightly at the waist make you look more put together, which is especially helpful if you have larger arms. A favorite of many fashion styles, these shirts make it easy to mix and match different colors and patterns for your outfit. For example: As a rule of thumb, you should always dress for the worst-case scenario when dressing up in the office. If it’s only a casual day with no formal events, wear something that will make you comfortable (e.g., cargo pants or jeans). However, if it’s a workday where you’ll be conducting official business, there are ways to dress up your outfit while still remaining casual (e.g., button-down shirt with chinos and loafers). If you want to go full formal without being overdressed or underdressed in either case, invest in some fitted white tops that come in patterns that complement each other well (e.g., checkerboard pattern on top half vs. solid color on bottom half).

  • Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans give off a different vibe from light wash jeans because they’re more sophisticated than their lighter counterparts—they require far less effort to pull off your look since they don’t require much else besides what already fits your body shape well (e.g., dark wash jeans), but also feel more refined because of them (e.g., dark wash jean cuffs can be spiced up by wearing a plain cuff bracelet with some silver jewelry). For those who like wearing dark denim casually but like going more upscale by pairing them with stitched details and buttons on both pockets (and don’t mind spending money on this trend)—dark denim can give an elegant feel while still being practical and comfortable at the same time! Try looking for darker jean colors than normal with contrasting stitching/buttons as these pieces feel upscale without feeling too dressed up—try black emblazoned across one pocket.

Brown is a very warm and neutral color so it is quite easy to match your brown pants with other clothing.

You may have a closet full of brown clothes, but you might not know how to wear them. Many people wonder if there is anything wrong with the statement “I don’t wear brown” or even “I hate brown”. The fact is that these are not only common sentiments but also very misleading.

  • Brown pants definitely do exist and they can be very stylish if you know how to match them
  • Brown can be worn in many different colors, so it’s up to you how much color you want
  • You can always add pops of other colors like black and blue to your look if you want more color in your appearance
  • So go ahead and wear those brown pants with confidence!

Wear a white or light blue shirt

If you wear a brown jacket or suit, and want to look sharp, you’ll probably follow the conventional advice of wearing a blue shirt with it. The white shirt is also an acceptable choice if you prefer that look. However, if your outfit is missing something and you want to make it stand out, break away from these two standards. Here are four ideas for what to wear with brown pants that will have everybody noticing your sense of style:

#1 – Wear a white t-shirt

#2 – Wear a white shirt

#3 – Wear a light blue shirt

#4 – Wear a light blue t-shirt

In addition to these, you can wear beige, yellow, dark green, grey, red and purple shirts as well.

Brown pants are made for more than just hiking and fishing. No, you can wear them to work, you can wear them on a date, and you can even wear them with a dress shirt in place of khakis. Whether brown pants are so versatile because everyone has them or everyone has them because they’re so versatile is up for debate. But at the end of the day, your brown pants come in handy.

But wearing brown pants doesn’t mean you have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to make your brown pants look stylish and put-together without looking like you’re trying too hard (you know what they say: “If you try too hard, it looks like nothing at all”). Here’s some tips on how to wear brown pants in a way that will make people think you own nothing else.

Matching Brown Pants with Sneakers

The most common way to wear brown pants with sneakers is matching them. This is a simple look that can be accentuated with different styles.

To match your brown pants, you need to choose the right sneaker. Here are some tips:

  • If you have big legs, it may make sense for you to go for a darker brown shoe rather than a lighter one. This way it can cover any extra size you might have. A darker color also adds more sophistication than a lighter one.
  • If you’re skinny or athletic looking, stick with a light colored shoe so as not to add bulkiness to your lower half.*
  • For both body types, avoid brogues because they can make your shoes look clunky and hide the fact that you are wearing sneakers by covering up the laces.*

The following matches are ideal if you want to look youthful with your jeans:

Alright, so you’ve got some brown pants, and now you’re in a bind. What color shoes should you wear with them?

  • Red sneakers with white t-shirt and brown pants. The contrast of red against the other two colors is what makes this outfit playful enough for a casual day out. If you want to go for something darker, try blue jeans or black jeans instead of brown. This will keep the outfit from looking too one-note and distractingly similar to that “Grease” getup.
  • Blue sneakers with white t-shirt and brown pants. This outfit is great if you’re going to be in a very hot climate—though it might make you look like a waiter! If you can’t afford to break out your air conditioning at home, go ahead and let yourself sweat with this refreshing look on a hot summer’s day. Alternatively, dress the look down by adding grey shorts or khaki chinos instead of denim in order to make things more casual than professional or evening time appropriate.
  • Green sneakers with grey shirt and brown pants. A green shoe choice like this one makes everything else seem either extra bright or extra edgy—good if that’s what’s coming across in your personal brand! To tone down the ensemble into something less intense, stick with neutral colours on an otherwise busy top half such as black or gray (instead of patterned). Again, white sneakers are also still fine here; they just require slightly more careful accessorization than the other colours listed above do (but since we’re talking about socks here, it shouldn’t be too hard!).
  • White sneakers with black shirt and brown pants. Nothing looks quite as crisp as white against black on an outfit—a surefire way to add energy (and brightness) to any tired old outfit! As long as your top half stays mostly neutral (no distracting patterns), there’s little chance that anyone will notice all those weird sock lines showing under your pants unless they’re really noticeable.

Red sneakers with white t-shirt and brown pants.

Brown pants have earned a reputation as the fashion equivalent of being a blank sheet of paper: they go with anything, and that’s about all you can do with them. A pair of brown pants is the barest of basics—just the fundamental elements. It’s hard to find a way to make them seem interesting or exciting, but it’s easy to make them look bad in an instant. To avoid looking bland and uninspired, you need to know how to wear brown pants well.

The key is accenting your outfit without overpowering it. If everything you’re wearing is brown, you’ll look like a surveyor who wandered off his job site into a bar by mistake. But if you can find ways to add pops of color and texture while keeping your entire look grounded in that understated tone, then your brown pants will help give definition to an otherwise amorphous outfit.

Blue sneakers with white t-shirt and brown pants.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have a closet full of brown pants but no concrete idea how to wear them. They’re the perfect color to pair with anything! Right? Wrong!

What really makes brown pants stand out is when they are paired with other colors. If you want to look stylish, be creative and sport them with a white shirt and blue sneakers.

Green sneakers with grey shirt and brown pants.

What are you going to wear with those brown pants? If you’re standing in your closet right now, looking at a dark-colored pair of pants and realizing that the rest of your clothes don’t go well with them, this guide is here to help. Any time you’ve got brown pants on and want to look stylish, there’s a few easy options to choose from.

Labels play a big role in matching colors together (see color theory for more information). A lot of people who don’t know how to match colors and patterns think that it’s as simple as wearing colored clothes, but colors can be complementary or neutrals! For example, owning one red shirt is great for when you want something bright and eye catching, but if you own two red shirts or three pairs of red shoes then that could be too much. You want people’s eyes drawn to one thing at a time!

The basics are the next easiest solution for anyone who wants an outfit without much thought behind it. There’s plenty of pieces out there like plain green t-shirts that look good with everything. Sometimes less is more! It might not seem like it makes a difference when deciding what goes well with brown pants…until they’re both on at the same time. That can make all the difference in whether an outfit looks put together or thrown together by accident.

Green sneakers are almost always good options when trying to match clothing. This can be because they have their own color scheme (often green) or because they simply blend in with many different types of clothing options such as jeans, shorts, khakis and even some dresses! Grey shirts are another great option thanks to their neutral color scheme (grey/white/black) which will go well with just about any other color in your closet except yellow or blue . Finally black shoes usually work well since most outfits only have one color scheme (meaning black/white/grey). Black goes well with pretty much everything else by just picking out one main colored

White sneakers with black shirt and brown pants.

Brown pants are one of the most versatile articles of clothing you can own. With just a few simple additions, they can be taken from a casual weekend look to an appropriate pairing for virtually any professional occasion. You might even find yourself wearing them more often than your black slacks! Here are some of the best accessories to pair with brown pants that will elevate your outfit’s style.

With brown pants and a white shirt:

  • Stick with lighter colors in the shirt so that it doesn’t compete with the pants’ color
  • Brown shoes or boots will help provide balance for your outfit

What Tops To Wear With Brown Pants

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of ways to wear brown pants. From the ubiquitous khaki color to the more subdued beige, these hues can easily pair with an array of colors, textures, and designs. While it’s already a popular choice among men and women alike, adding another layer to a basic outfit creates additional interest and allows you to try out new colors and patterns in your personal style. This is particularly great if you’re hesitant to wear an all-brown ensemble; taking small steps by adding one accessory or layer at a time will help you build up to wearing an all-brown outfit over time.

And if you do decide that brown is the right direction for your closet, we’ve got four tips on what tops you should wear with brown pants:


This is arguably the most versatile choice for your top layer as it offers both formality and casualness depending on its color and design. Darker colors like black or red will make your overall look more formal while lighter ones like white or pastel pink give more of a casual feel. The neckline is another consideration as v-necks are ideal when worn with open collars while crew necks can match well when paired with polo shirts (which we’ll get into next). And don’t forget about sleeves! Sleeveless tops can be paired with sheer sleeves for extra flair or left bare for something simple that doesn’t take attention away from your legs.


Similar in style but different in shape from button-up shirts, blouses have a softer silhouette that complements the femininity of this look without overpowering it. Buttons are also typically closer together than on button-up shirts which helps balance out the width between top and bottom layers – chances are you’ll have wider hips than shoulders so this makes sure both segments of your body appear similarly proportioned when viewed from the side. And if you’re looking for something especially striking

This is a post about fashion and how to style brown pants

Brown pants are the unsung heroes of your closet. They go with everything, from sweaters to shirts to jackets. They’re warm and easy to wear in all weather, from crisp days in spring to rainy autumn nights. It’s a wonder that anyone would choose blue jeans or olive-green khakis over brown—brown pants are just so much more versatile!

What’s even better is how many different styles of brown pants exist: you can go for something as simple as a pair of black slacks, or get creative and buy dark-red cords with a subtle green-and-yellow plaid pattern on them. But where fashion meets function is when you realize that there are even times when wearing brown is preferable to wearing black. Black jeans might look more attractive at first glance—but they don’t work well with other colours, especially darker ones like reds and blues which can end up looking washed out when paired together with black trousers. Brown trousers will blend into these colors, allowing you both comfort and style when it comes time for your outfit choices. So don’t be afraid: if you’ve got a pair of elegant brown slacks sitting in your closet right now, take them out and try something new!


When you’re just starting your wardrobe, brown can be a fun color to experiment with. Whether you have a few pairs of brown pants or not, it’s important to know how to wear them. It’s easy to match brown; it goes well with many colors and even looks great with denim. Feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing and having fun with fashion are important parts of it as well, so there are plenty of ways for you to work this color into your wardrobe.

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