6 Tips on How to Wear Biker Shorts

Wear with a hoodie.

Biker shorts are stylish and comfortable, but they can seem a little out of place if not worn with a hoodie. So be sure to wear them with a hoodie! Hoodies give you an opportunity to express your style while staying cool in the warm weather. You’ll get that extra layer of warmth you might need as the weather warms up, even if it’s just for comfort’s sake. Of course, that’s not to say you have to wear biker shorts with a hoodie all the time. But for those days where it starts getting warmer and you’re feeling self-conscious about showing too much leg (or worse: your stomach), throw on some comfy biker shorts and layer on a cozy hoodie.

  • Wear them with v-necks: A v-neck gives an otherwise open top the illusion of something underneath it—even if there is nothing at all beneath it. It creates more coverage than an open shirt or tank top, so this is really helpful when wearing biker shorts without anything else covering your legs or lower half! V-necks are great in general, but they’re especially useful when paired with clothing items like these. If showing skin isn’t really your thing, v-necks make wearing biker shorts much more comfortable without sacrificing your personal style or fashion sense! * Wear them over leggings: Similarly to how I’ve just described v-necks being used in conjunction with biker shorts, leggings are also ideal for boosting comfort levels while still looking good. Leggings themselves provide additional warmth during the colder months (as well as during warmer ones), so combining them with biker shorts creates another level of warmth that acts as yet another buffer between your sensitive body parts and whatever synthetic fabrics are present in both articles of clothing combined! Leggings also come in handy when pairing these items together because their close fit allows for optimal coverage against unwanted skin exposure without feeling restrictive; just throw on some loose

Wear with a blazer.

Biker shorts are the new yoga pants. These boy-short-like bottoms can serve as an easy and breezy replacement for a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants. But, that doesn’t mean you should throw them on without thinking about what else you’re wearing. To rock your biker shorts in a fashionable way, make sure your blazer fits well and isn’t too loose—the contrast between the two articles of clothing will help to highlight your waistline, making them seem more fitted overall (and it will also distract from any chub rub you may experience).

Featuring a tailored fit and cropped length, this blazer is great for any occasion where you want to look polished and put together despite how casual everything else you’re wearing may be. The pale blue colour is both flattering and versatile; as long as it’s not an eye-searing shade, blue can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe! It’s also got 3/4 sleeves so I don’t get cold while wearing it in cooler weather—one less layer of clothing means I’ll feel the air conditioning more!

Outfit with heels.

Biker shorts have been in and out of fashion for decades, but they’ve recently made a strong resurgence in both urban and rural areas. Pairing them with heels is a style that’s both classic and chic that can be worn to events large or small.

The first thing to remember when wearing biker shorts with heels is the heel itself. The right heel can make or break an outfit, so take care to find a shoe that matches your personal taste. While stilettos might seem like the obvious choice for biker shorts, there’s nothing wrong with going for a more laid back look: think block heels instead of spikes or wedges instead of stilettos. This will make your feet less tired after a long night out, because you’ll be wearing an easier-to-walk-in shoe.

Biker shorts can also be worn for casual outings: shopping trips, brunch dates at hipster restaurants, or even just walking around town. To wear them in this way, you’ll need to pair them with more relaxed clothing like button down shirts or oversized sweaters; otherwise it won’t really feel like an outfit at all!

When pairing anything with biker shorts, keep in mind what kind of event you’re attending and what kind of look you’re going for—bohemian? Elegant? Sporty? Each one requires different types of footwear!

With a trench coat

For those who aren’t familiar with biker shorts, they’re not just a pair of board shorts that have been treated to look like leather. Instead, they are made of genuine leather, so the leather is on the inside and looks exactly like real leather. This means that if you are wearing them in public it doesn’t look like you’re wearing booty shorts or something stupid.

However, biker shorts have a few key characteristics that make them better than regular board shorts:

  • They have a lot less material around the legs (besides the stitching) because you can’t see any seams through your pants. So they fit very snugly and don’t ride up when you move around.
  • The pockets are designed in a way that makes them wear better too! Rather than being on the front of your thighs where it’s super easy for things to fall out, the pockets are placed on the outside “lap” of your leg (about 2 inches below the waist). This design makes it much easier for things to fall out because gravity has more leverage–and then there’s also this trick you can do where everything in your pockets sort of becomes one big pocket shape at your hips which is awesome because then all your stuff will stay put even if your pants start falling down!
  • It gives biker shorts a cool kind of rugged/hipster vibe to whoever is wile-ass walking by and sees you wearing them while looking good doing so.

Layer on the accessories.

Biker shorts, when worn alone, can be an intimidating look. But with the right accessories and sense of style, that intimidation factor can be decreased significantly.

What’s in your closet?

There are plenty of items already in your closet that can work as biker short accessories. If you don’t want to purchase anything new especially for this look, you can use items you already own to accentuate your legs while keeping things comfortable. Here are a few suggestions:

Look at what you’ve got!

Keep in mind that these ideas are just a starting point; think of accessories like these as potential building blocks rather than specific pieces you need to buy or make. The more creative you get with it, the more rewarding the finished product will be.

Go monochrome.

You might be thinking, “Biker shorts? I already have those.” Yes, you do. But you haven’t thought about the ways they can be paired with other items in your wardrobe to create fun and interesting outfits.

Biker shorts are not just for workouts!

Biker shorts are a utilitarian piece of clothing that is suitable for nearly any occasion. As most people know, they originated as functional biking wear in the early 20th century and were popularized by racers, where their aerodynamic and sweat-wicking properties offered an advantage to competitors. Nowadays, biker shorts are seen in all types of athletic activities, but they don’t just have to be worn while working out. They’re also great for lounging around the house or at a music festival—and now you can even get them in a sleek metallic colorway that adds some sartorial character to your outfit.

Dress them up with heels for an au naturale spin on “nice pants,” match them with sneakers for a casual look that says “I’m not trying too hard,” go polished with a blazer and top it off with a chunky cardigan, or dress like you’re headed off to bed by slipping on some PJs underneath (bonus points if you make it look intentional). Any way you wear them, there’s no denying that this must-have piece of clothing has become one of fall’s most stylish accessories.


Despite its unflattering silhouette, the biker short is a practical and comfortable choice for summer. If you want to wear them but are too shy to take the plunge, here are some tips that will help you pull off this look.

Biker shorts look best when paired with a long top that either covers your midsection or reaches down below your hips, depending on your level of comfort. Long tops help create the illusion of length and ground out the stark diagonal lines created by pairing shorts with footwear shorter than your shorts (or even bare legs). In addition to making it look less like you’re wearing underwear around public areas, wearing a long top also helps avoid any unwanted exposure from riding up as you move throughout the day.

If accessories are a must for your biker short outfit, try to select pieces that can be easily removed for comfort’s sake: bracelets (with or without watches), necklaces, rings, hair ties or barrettes—all should come off without requiring much effort when it comes time to relax after work.

If exposed skin is an issue in your workplace or at certain events (e.g., religious services), bringing along some extra fabric can be helpful in preventing any embarrassing mishaps caused by insufficient coverage while keeping things comfortable overall.

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