When To Wear Christmas Jumpers?

Christmas jumpers aren’t the trend they once were, but they still have a place in our lives. Christmas jumpers are the perfect way to celebrate the festive season in a comfortable and stylish manner. Let’s start with a brief history of Christmas jumpers:

  • Xmas sweaters were first created for wear by sports enthusiasts during the winter months. They were made from 100% wool, as this was an effective way to keep warm and dry during various sports activities whilst protecting the chest and torso area from knocks and bumps which occur during winter sports.
  • As time went on and technology improved, wool became less popular as a material for making Xmas sweaters due to other materials offering better protection against cold and wet weather conditions. Wool’s popularity grew again however when it was rediscovered as an excellent material for keeping heat whilst being lightweight enough to be used as clothing rather than just padding inside coats etcetera.

When the lights go on at Oxford Street.

In a perfect world, Christmas jumpers would be worn throughout the month of December. In reality, when you don’t have to worry about looking cool (and let’s face it: you work in local government), Christmas jumpers are suitable for any occasion, from the office party to a night out with friends. But if your social life is more high-profile and you fear wearing a novelty knit will get you unfollowed on Twitter, then light up Oxford Street is the only time to fully commit to an Xmas jumper.

The lights at Oxford Street are switched on every year by an A-list celebrity while thousands gather around to watch. The event usually takes place in late November and there’ll be lots of free treats on offer too.

Weekend before Christmas.

The weekend before Christmas is a popular time to wear a Christmas jumper, especially when you’re going out to bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

This is the last weekend before Christmas, so it’s time to get festive. There are so many great places in London that put on special events for Christmas Eve, and wearing a Christmas jumper will make sure you really fit in with the party mood.

Even if you don’t have any plans for the evening, it’s still an excellent opportunity to wear one. You can meet up with friends at your favourite bar or pub and celebrate all things festive with plenty of drinks and food.

After work drinks.

Wearing a Christmas jumper to after-work drinks is a great way to lighten up the evening. It can be a good ice-breaker, and shows you’re not afraid to let your hair down and have some fun. It’s also great for breaking the ice with people you haven’t met before.

You can show that you have a sense of humour by wearing one, especially if it has a joke or funny saying on it!

On Christmas Day.

There’s no reason not to wear your Christmas jumper on Christmas Day. After all, it’s a day that comes once a year. Be proud that you have the guts to sport your festive sweater. Let people know what’s up. “Merry Christmas!” you’ll say (in the most chipper voice possible) as they glance down at your woollen Santa Claus with his sack full of presents and jolly grin plastered across his face. Their eyes will widen in shock and awe, but they’ll soon realize that you’re actually quite cool for donning said jumper on this wonderful festive morning. And sure, you may be feeling a little bit cold because of the sheer volume of wool on your upper body—but hey, it’s Christmas, so nobody cares about that sort of thing anyway!

On Boxing Day.

While we know Christmas Jumper Day is December 14th, there are some who feel that wearing a Christmas jumper after December 25th would be akin to wearing your summer dress when you’re out and about during the winter months. Some may even go as far as to label anyone who wears a Christmas jumper after this date as someone who has no sense of occasion or style. Now, while we can understand that some people may not like to wear seasonal clothing outside its respective season, for us personally we don’t see any reason why you couldn’t wear your favourite festive attire at any point throughout the holidays.

A great example of this is Boxing Day. Not only is it a great excuse to visit family and friends (and do some serious retail therapy), it’s also a day where you can show off your new festive clothes! Whether it’s a new Christmas jumper or a pair of reindeer slippers, Boxing Day allows you to celebrate in true festive style with those around you.

The 27th December.

At the end of the Christmas season, you may be tempted to abandon your Christmas jumper. You might decide that you’ve had your fill of holiday cheer and all things festive. Don’t let this happen to you! The fun doesn’t need to stop just because the calendar has turned a page. By continuing to wear your festive spirit on your sleeves—or, rather, on your entire torso—you are inviting others to join in on the fun with you. In fact, we have found that there is no such thing as too much cheer or too many jumpers. The more jumpers you can wear at once, the merrier everyone will be!

To work everyday of the holiday period (if you’re in retail).

If you work in retail, you’ll want to wear your Christmas jumper to work every day of the holiday period. Why? Because retail workers are in contact with customers and so retail workers need to exude a festive spirit if they’re going to get their customers into the holiday mood.

You can wear a Christmas jumper all year round

You may find that there’s an assumption that you should only wear your jumper during the Christmas season and not any other time of the year.

This is simply untrue.

If you feel like wearing a Christmas jumper, you can, regardless of what month it is.

It may be a good idea to be ready for people to ask you questions about this strange decision. You shouldn’t be ashamed or upset about being asked why you’re making such an unconventional fashion choice! People are just curious, because most aren’t brave enough to do the same thing themselves. In fact, if anything, they’ll probably admire your boldness. You can explain your reasoning in whatever way you choose – you love Christmas so much that it doesn’t have to be December 25th for you to celebrate it; or maybe wearing a jumpers reminds you of the times when your family all got together at home on Christmas Day and opened presents around the tree; or perhaps it’s simply a rebellion against societal norms that dictates what clothes we should and shouldn’t wear in different seasons – but ultimately, nobody can tell you how to live your life and what clothes to put on your body except yourself (unless there are laws about what kinds of clothes people are allowed to wear outside…in which case please follow those laws).


So if I were to give any advice, it would be this: feel free to keep wearing your Christmas jumpers all year round. In fact, I think that should be the case with all of your clothes. If you like what you wear and it’s comfortable, why should the time of year restrict when you can wear it?


The most common questions we get are: “When should I wear a Christmas jumper?” and “Can I wear one all year round?”. And the answer to those questions is that there is no wrong time to wear a Christmas jumper. You can, of course, wear them in December and you can also proudly don a festive sweater from January 1st until (at least) November 30th if you so choose.

However, if you’re looking for more specific guidelines as to when it’s ok to break out the Christmas knitwear, this list could prove helpful:

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