This post is all about decluttering a bedroom ideas that you should already be doing this year

How to declutter your room is a big task to do every day,

I am here to tell you the best tips for decluttering a bedroom that is so simple and easy.

How can I make my bedroom clutter free

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Setting a timer for 30 minutes session of decluttering a corner or side of your room to make it achievable and no distractions like music or tv. You can listen or watch after. Maintain a schedule of cleaning and do purging of 1 or 2 items a day.

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How do you get rid of clutter in a room

Get rid of clutter in the room is First, buy trash bags and separate stuff you will use and things that you can let go of, to be successful do the 1:1 Ratio method.

Second, Clean the surfaces and storage containers to put back new items in.

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Lastly, Maintenance has a first in first out method when buying new items that will make the process a success.

How do I organize my bedroom with too much stuff

Having too much stuff is something I can understand.

Simply separate your item’s category, for example, the husband’s items are should be in his space, baby’s toys should be in a toy box. Everything has to be in its place.

The secret is to stack them. Build a shelf going up the ceiling to avoid taking over some floor space.

Where do I start decluttering my house

Start decluttering your house in areas you always use as it will take the fastest.

Having a decluttered space everywhere at home you would look is amazing.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

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How can I declutter my bedroom in one day

IF you are super busy and you only have one day let me give you a quick time schedule.

Plan your day well to decluttering bedroom.

08:00 AMYoga Class
09:30 AMMorning Coffee and Breakfast
10:30 AMShower
11:00 AMStart Decluttering your Bedside Table
12:00 NNLunch Time
1:00 PMDeclutter your TV Console and Bookshelves
01:30 PMTime to Declutter Bedroom’s Bathroom
02:30 PMDeclutter your Closet
03:30 PMCleaning Time and Wipe Surfaces
04:00 PMAfternoon Snacking
04:30 PMReorganize your items and neatly fold clothes
05:00 PMHave DInner
06:00 PMNight Shower and Free time then Bedtime after
Declutter Room in a day sample routine if you have nothing to do and tackle decluttering

How do you declutter overwhelmed

Having to change your daily mindset and actually giving time to declutter your home.

Learn more How To Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed [2021]


Here are some doable steps to declutter a room:

girl in bed cleaned
  1. When waking up fix your bed right away.
  2. Untangle cables on your bedroom.
  3. Do you have too much throw pillows, declutter them as well.
  4. Use storage bins on shelves to maximize the space, it can be stackable.
  5. Purge 1 or 2 items a day on your bedroom, for example a hand lotion that is running out or expired batteries.
  6. Ready your cleaning supplies to clean the clutter in bedroom using a spray and any wipe cloth.
  7. Declutter your room quickly by using big boxes or storage bins to organize after cleaning.
  8. Get rid of things in your room with a mindset of having no clutter means your mind will be relaxed.
  9. Decluttering bedroom before and after is a big motivation to finish cleaning. You can finally see your floors.
  10. 10.Cluttered bedroom ideas are using bins for storage. Organize every little bit of item that you will certainly use.
  11. Declutter bedroom hacks that I discovered are setting a timer for 30 minutes on 2 sides of the room. Having a set time alarm will make you motivated and set in tune with your schedule.

From Clutter to Minimalist

Being a minimalist does not always automatically having no to zero stuff ever.

Minimalist is having things you really love and use.

Instead of a cluttered home try to be a minimalist for a day and purge clothes or extra bags that you got.

Getting rid of dresser in bedroom

A dresser is a big ticket item in your bedroom.

Make sure to have your closet sufficient enough for all clothes that are incoming and outgoing before discarding them.

Things to have in your bedroom

Have you ever wondered what are the usual bedroom suspects that are always present in a bedroom?

Minimal stuff can save you tons of money and energy.

Less Stuff. Less Stress

Minimalist bedroom checklist:

Having the basics and simplest items that will form and make your bedroom is here.

  • Bed
  • Bed frame or Bed Box
  • Blanket
  • Bed Sheets
  • Bed Foam or Bed Mattress
  • 2 Pillows
  • Accent Throw Pillows
  • Night stand
  • Night light lamp
  • Alarm Clock or Time
  • A closet for your clothes
  • Shelving unit
  • Bathroom this is needed when you have a master’s bedroom
  • TV Unit or a study table or makeup table.

References to buy furniture are IKEA and Wayfair. For more high end home decor stores visit Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel as they have more big furniture and complete set with different designs and colors.

Decluttering a small bedroom

When decluttering a small bedroom is always have in mind the limited space that you need to work with.

Stackable items like containers, storage bins are the way to go.

As they can accommodate more space for your important files and items.

Hide storage under the bed like clothes or extra wirings and bedsheets.

Install shelving units for knick knacks or books you want to read.

How to hide clutter in bedroom

Hiding clutter in the bedroom is a wonderful idea but also can accumulate some dust as they settle on crevices.

Make sure when hiding clutter in the bedroom is to dust and vacuum regularly to avoid dust bunnies or dust build up in your bedroom.

  • Fold extra clothes and neatly stash them in small containers to minimize their space taking.
  • Have a place for every stuff.
  • Need more storage? Stack items well and flat with balance to avoid falling down.
  • Install half shelves to minize floor area space and have an extra wiggle room.
  • Destash your makeup drawers or night stands for items that you do not need.

How to minimize your room

Minimizing your room leads to having more floor space are.

Items or possessions you might have, like extra blankets can be stored in the bedroom or your stock supply cabinet or closet.

Run a checklist of daily items you need for your room.

Prioritize having the bed as the comfiest thing ever and worry about the surroundings less as it should be a “bedroom” in the first place.

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This post was all about tips and decluttering a bedroom hacks that will finally clean and organize your bedroom for good

I hope you learned a lot and if you want to give your input on more bedroom decluttering tips leave a comment down below and join our email list for updates.

Cleaning your bedroom should be the easier and fastest home area that we focus on as we tend to be in our bedrooms the most. Right?

You can definitely do a decluttering bedroom session after work or at the weekend, there is always a will and a way. Finish decluttering today!

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