33 Williams Sonoma Appetizer Plates Dupes To Be Inspired Of

I always see Williams Sonoma Appetizer Plates and I cannot lie they are so gorgeous and literally a work of art but I am here…


I always see Williams Sonoma Appetizer Plates and I cannot lie they are so gorgeous and literally a work of art but I am here to show you Williams Sonoma plate alternative plate designs today!

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Need more plate design options that look fancy?


Ready to have your appetizers like cheeses, meats, and crackers to display on while entertaining. Then you are in the right place! How to be a minimalist in the kitchen


red strawberry with glazed and cream pie perfect and ready for plating

What size are appetizer plates?

I rounded up plate sizes that are very common in households or just everywhere we eat either in a restaurant or a buffet-style restaurant. For appetizer plates, the plate size is 4.00 inches or 5.08 centimeters.

Type of PlatesPlate Sizes
Appetizer Plate4.00 inches to 4.50 inches
Ordinary Plate7.00 inches to 9.00 inches
Bread and Butter Plate6.00 inches to 7.00 inches
Dessert Plate8.00 inches to 9.00 inches
Dinner Plate10.00 inches to 12.00 inches
Buffet Plate11.00 inches to 13.00 inches
Salad Bowl Plate14.00 inches
Large Bowl Plate13.00 inches to 16.00 inches
Feel free to print this helpful guide for plate sizes for personal use!

Now you do not have to wonder what sizes you need for your next table setting. They are being strategically size according to the food size ratio and as well as the size of the dinner table where you will be eating.


Where is Williams Sonoma dinnerware made?

Their plates are proudly made from the country of Portugal. People have been wondering where are their plates made from as they are always being compared with Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Pioneer Woman, and many more. Did you know you can purchase much more affordable mostly at Amazon?

The most valuable plates which are handcrafted are from Italy which is known to have the highest quality when it comes to food plates. Italian artists must also have very talented hands when it comes to ceramics and kitchenware. Williams-Sonoma CEO refocuses on in-store traffic after a surge in online sales last year

Beautiful Plates are wonderful to have and should be kept on your trusted cupboard to last you for ages.

I have this quote that I truly believe in as plates are very delicate and can be breakable at times because they can be dropped or knocked on easily and get broken.

What is the use of appetizer plate?

Appetizer plates are used for placing your cheeses and meats. Any finger foods that can be served on a plate that lets your taste buds and hunger enlarge will be considered the greatest appetizer for every full meal course.

Having an appetizer at the buffet or in the order of meal service will greatly help you more excited and eating not too heavy but a light meal for you to be prepared for the main course meal. Grilling lists of meats that you can shop if you want to shop in bulk. Use this guide next time you are grocery shopping online or offline.

pink white grocery list sheets

Do you entertain a lot? or needing a grocery shopping list for all your food entertaining for your guests or family for meats, dairy, vegetables, and many more?

This post is all about Williams Sonoma Appetizer Plates that can be an alternative next time for your entertaining meals to be extra special when spending time with your loved ones.

What foods are you adding to your appetizer plates? Make sure to check out my cooking videos here as well on my youtube channel. I have very easy and fast, food recipes which you can pick up something for you when you want to cook along with my grocery food list template printable too.

pink white grocery list sheets

and many more!

I recommend getting this grocery list to use as an additional resource for you to be strictly organized and not have to worry about juggling a lot of things at once.

I personally made sure this would be the best list and COMPLETE resource for you, not to mention we are going to show you access to our library shops resources like printables and templates and spreadsheets, and more soon!

Williams Sonoma Appetizer Plates Dupes

silverware fork spoon flower bouquest white with print plates design for croissant bread with frzen strawberries

1. YALONG Ceramic Dinner Plate Set 7 Inch Appetizer Shallow Plates

This lovely plate set is really a jaw-dropping moment because the designs or prints are very well put together.

With printed plate designs like these ones, try to put the food inside the plate or small serving sizes of appetizers and plating them nicely. The point is to not cover the design of course!

2. BTaT- Dessert Plates, 8 inches, Set of 6, Porcelain Bone China, Appetizer Plates, Floral Plates

I love how effortlessly beautiful are these Floral Plates look. You can go for a dainty feminine afternoon tea look or a farmhouse garden luncheon and use the flower plates to entertain your family. If you have an event like a sweet sixteen birthday party and you can definitely have a floral theme intimate party.

Perfect for desserts or mini sandwiches and crackers to put on a floral plate.

3. Corelle Sentiments 6.75″ Appetizer Plates, 8-pack

williams sonoma white appetizer plates

Get it on


I love how the Corelle has this minimalist white plate that this set says positive thoughts around the table. These heartwarming messages can change a person’s life perspective fast and can generate a kind outcome of their day.

Having a good mantra and motivating yourself every day should be a regular thing.

When using this for your appetizers have the words or phrases on the side of your food when plating.

4. Uptown Garden 6.75″ Appetizer Plates, 6-pack

appetzier plates set white and black

Get it on Corelle

Corelle Uptown Floral Plate is in a gorgeous black and white design colors. Beautiful vines hand-sketched in bold with flower blooms.

This Uptown Garden is part of their beautiful SIgnature Dinnerware Collection.

This design will emphasize what is inside of your plate and make it the main focus of attention.

5. Woven Lines 6.75″ Appetizer Plates, 6-pack

white woven lines appetizer plates

Get it on Corelle

Corelle does have a simple plate design with a twist.
The not-so-seen intricate design grey-on-white details of this plate are just unique.

Having a classic all-white will always be the perfect canvas for any meals and appetizers you have in mind.

6. Wedgwood Paeonia Blush Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

From afar you can greatly see the colors which greet you and waving hi! The flowers look very detailed. The plate shape is irregular on the sides, not your ordinary square or circle-rounded plate shapes.

7. to 10. Bee & Willow Home Milbrook Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

Get it in Blue

 Get in White

Get it in Spruce

All from Bed Bath and Beyond

Beautiful colors I might say!

The colors will make your dishes look professional and look luxurious.

Like is this from a restaurant? (I am afraid so) Switch up your plates from time to time with different colors with every occasion or food type.

Always do an A/B Testing or a Trial and error stage for you to realize and know what dishes are working for your plate designs of choosing.

11. Bee & Willow Home Milbrook Appetizer Plates in Blue Floral (Set of 4)

White with a nature twist.

The design takes over the whole plate and it swirls and is scattered evenly and nicely.

Definitely have a colorful dish for this plate. Pair with chips and salsa or guacamole.

For dessert, a beautiful slice of chocolate cake will fit the plate nicely.

12. Noritake Navy on Navy Swirl Round Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

Looks like the night sky full of falling stars. I can tell layered or stacked foods would be perfect from this plate.

As you can observe it is a bit elevated, so it means that your food will stand out even more in the wide array of dishes you already have on your table.

I would love to see seared scallops here or a mushroom dish.

13. Classic Touch Trophy Gold Marble Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

White and Gold combo.

Very elegant marble plate from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I love this with a rice dish and vegetables with a sauce swirled around on the sides.

Have a stack of this plate and you are good to go!

14. Noritake Red on Red Swirl Square Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

You cannot beat the Red wine color.

Not for the simple ones but more on extravagant people for entertaining, because this piece is a clear winner.

Be inspirational with your food selections as your food will be highlighted beautifully with the red wine-colored plate.

15. French Bull Fringe Assorted Appetizer Plates (Set of 6)

Various colors if you want to immediately have a fun and energetic mood around you.

The plates have lots of colors already in the set.

Make sure to use this for a kid’s party as it will complement the overall look of the dinner table into a happier one!

Kids will like it very much and might even finish off their plate which will be a win-win situation for you and the kids are fed 101%.

16. Fitz and Floyd Renaissance Holiday Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

Christmas Ornament for the holidays on a plate.

Serves up! This red ornament is very Christmas-y and very festive.

You can really tell that holidays are being spent with loved ones like friends and family.

Feel the love and the holiday spirit of warmth and full of merry and joy. Partner your plate with different kinds of cheeses here as the cheese is first and foremost a plain block or sliced.

Since the appetizer plate ornament is already colorful and festive, we can already put some chocolates or even chips and mini sandwiches for the appetizers.

17. Certified International Torino Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

Classic garden design appetizer plate.

Since the plate has some very yummy colors like blue, yellow, and green.

Pair with a sandwich whenever you are looking for food that can complement very well with this dish plate.

18. Canvas home Abbesses Appetizer Plates in Black (Set of 4)

Simple eggplant-shaped appetizer plate.

You can line dim sum or Chinese dumplings here like siomai, mini siopao, and xiao long bao, or skewered food appetizers like cucumber carrots and cheese and garnish them with green onion on top.

EXTRA TIP: Drizzle some sauce on top and over for the plate with that swirly effect to make it more elegant and hotel-style appetizer dishes.

19. Olivia & Oliver Harper Splatter Gold Appetizer Plates in Blue (Set of 4)

White and Light Blue speckled plate.

Love the simplicity of the plate and has an accent of gold and a blue splash of color which balances out the design.

You can have a fish dish with this plate as it will balance out the blue color of the plate.

20. Two’s Company Sunflower Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

Sunflower appetizer plate for your table? I would love to put a very colorful and yummy appetizer over here.

Stacked foods are wonderful for this sunflower plate.

Avoid sauce drizzle on the actual plate.

Minimal sauce for the food would work beautifully.

21. Mora Ceramic Plates Set, 7.8 in – Set of 6

Porcelain Dish – Vanilla White, the gold trimmings on the side are hard to compare and to beat.

White plates are always and always being used for buffet gatherings or entertaining.

Having a gold accent lining on the trimmings is a wonderful and exquisite touch!

You are in luck as you can adapt any food or dish you would like to commence here.

Either savory or dessert, you can go ahead and decorate your yummy delectable foods here.

The dish is a bit deep too so you can add a couscous meal or a risotto for hot appetizers.

22. DOWAN 10″ Ceramic Dinner Plates, Porcelain Pasta Salad Plate Set

Durable & Large, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, Vibrant Colors, Can you see that print which is on the overall plate.

It will work well with some big-ticket pieces of food like maybe some hot appetizers or a beautiful hummus plate.

Garlic Bread with a drizzle of olive oil would be recommended!

For the salads, more on green color will suit these colors and prints very well to avoid clashing of the appearance to be appreciated.

23. Certified International Talavera

9″ Salad/Dessert Plate, Set of 6, 9 Inches, Multicolor, This would be super relatable to Williams Sonoma kitchenware because of the intricate design and very posh look.

The Talavera word is a Spanish pottery design style of ceramics that is referring to earthenware.

If you would ask me, a really fantastic name of a restaurant would be Talavera, hence a Talavera Restaurant which sounds like a hip place to be in.

24. GAC Elegant Designed Square Tempered Glass Dessert Plates Set of 4

Break and Chip Resistant – Oven Proof – Microwave Safe – Dishwasher Safe 6 Inch, Are you looking for see-through glass appetizer plates?

Check these square-shaped plates for appetizers or desserts.

This has a striking brown neutral color which reminds me of chocolate.

I would suggest using this plate for chocolate sundaes or vanilla ice cream with Oreos.

25. DLux 100 4-in Tear Drop Mini Appetizer Plates

Asian Spoon Set, Small Catering Dessert Tasting Cups, I always see this Teardrop appetizer dish plate on every buffet and restaurant I have been through all around the world.

The serving is not that much. You can put here some of your special appetizers and have guests pick one for their own serving.

Cherry tomato and fresh-cut mozzarella cheese and garnish with basil sprinkled with black pepper is your best bet.

26. Multipurpose Japanese Ceramic Dishes

Snack Serving Dishes Dinnerware Set, Lotus-shaped Japanese Ceramic dishes can be perfectly paired up with sushi and a dish, with a sauce as the dish plate has a deep shaped it.

Try to experiment with lighter colors or a pop of color as the blue will be the star of the dish already, it is a rule of thumb to enhance the plate than overpowering which will look tacky or disorganize, and we do not want that.

27. Swuut Matte Ceramic Appetizer Plates 6 Inch,Set of 4

Bread Butter Plates, Mini Size.(6in, Black), Pasta dishes are your best dishes here.

Having that contrasting colors will make your black dish look like a brilliant night.

Be generous with your styling of the food and garnishing, as having a black plate will help the overall look to be accentuated more.

28. Bruntmor Set of 4, Porcelain 8 Inch

Elegant Matte Serving Dinner Plates With Skillet Look Handle for Pizza, Steak, Pasta, Salad, Porcelain Dinner Plates Serving Trays, White, the plates are very famous and as of writing this post is very trendy.

I myself love and adore a pot-style plate when decorating your table with.

This pot appetizer plate along with your charcuterie board is a game-changer and will make your food look scrumptious 10x than it was before.

29. La cocina ceramic dumpling plate with sauce compartment

 8″ serving plate with sauce holder, chips and salsa plate, Japanese plate dip, serving plate with sauce divider, sauce dish, set of 2, The side of the plate has a compartment for your soy sauce dippings, vinegar, and other liquid seasonings that you might have.

Aside from Asian dishes, find as well these plates can serve celery sticks and hummus dip for your guests.

Taco and Ranch Dressing Dipping Sauce is another great example of what to put on this dish for appetizers.

30. BIA Cordon Bleu

White Porcelain 4.5 inch Square Crudite Plates – Set of 4, Square white plates are another addition if you want a change from rounds or circle plates.

Pair with your food selections of savory and sweet as well like tarts, small cut fish and vegetables, and mini cakes dessert for your appetizers too.

31. MRT Hand Made Ceramic Plates Set (Track)

7.8 in – Set of 6 pcs – Dinner, Salad, Appetizer, Dessert Plate, Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe, Scratch Resistant, Very unique black and the white dish that you need to try in your life, as it can look eccentric and new to fresh eyes.

Any food presented would definitely work, then finishing off with a garnish of the dish too.

32. Jusalpha Square Embossed Lace Ceramic Plate

Tableware Set 4 Pieces (10 Inches, White), Dainty, and afternoon tea sessions can be arranged.

The delicate details of the plate can be nicely complemented with small sandwiches and savory muffins.

33. AQUIVER 6” Ceramic Dessert Plates

Porcelain Classic White Appetizer Plates with Black Edge – Tea Party Small Serving Plates for Cake, Pie, Snacks, Ice Cream, Side Dish, Waffles – Set of 6, the White and Black edge for the sleek and modern kitchen that you have.

Bringing the dishes on this white plate with black linings on the side looks formal.

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