38 Inexpensive Apartment Decor on a Budget Ideas for Any Taste

Modern Apartment Decor on a Budget Do you want to decorate your apartment without spending too much money? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve found the…


Modern Apartment Decor on a Budget

Do you want to decorate your apartment without spending too much money? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve found the best cheap apartment decor ideas (all under $20) that will surely make your apartment look modern and stylish. Also check out my list of inexpensive apartment decor ideas on a budget for any taste – from a studio and wardrobe decor to modern, rustic, and glamorous decorations.

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Are you looking for apartment decor on budget ideas? Don’t worry whether you are living in a large apartment or small studio, with this article you will be able to choose something perfect for your home.

Apartment home upgrades under $20 are super helpful and FUNCTIONAL. Upgrades are usually done after the home is purchased or if you have been living in your home for quite some time now.

Love or loathe it, apartment decor on a budget is the way it is – for the time being at least. When it comes to decorating your apartment and interior design, you don’t want to break the bank but still achieve the look you’re aiming for. With that in mind, we put together a comprehensive guide full of inexpensive yet chic apartment decor on a budget idea that will help you make your home so much more welcoming.

Quality of Life Upgrades? Let us start the transformation from drab to fab!


pink apartment in summer time that needs to be improve with home decor

How to spruce up an apartment

Why spend thousands of dollars on a home upgrade or rental decor ideas, it will just ruin your home budget. Gradually you will want to work with improving stuff at home because all that big splash of handling stress and time-sensitivity projects are not worth it.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your apartment on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. These 38 inexpensive apartment decor ideas for any taste don’t take much time or effort, but they can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space.

You might not be able to afford a new couch or rugs just yet, but that doesn’t mean your place has to look like it came straight out of college. These apartment decor ideas will help you make your space as cozy and inspiring as possible.

So if you want to make some small changes that make a big difference, check out these 38 apartment decor ideas for any taste on a budget.

We spend about 1/3 of our lives in our apartment. Therefore, it’s important to decorate it as cozy as possible making us feel comfortable and happy at home, regardless of the size and price of our living space.

What can you get with 20 dollars?

No worries, as I have found these insane products that can simply make your home or apartment improvement ideas more secure and beautiful in just an hour.

Feeling the most comfortable and being ourselves at home must be the most freeing thing a person could ever experience.

How to make an old apartment look nice? I put together all the best sellers and latest products to be able to help you out to make your home perfect. Purchase them online or at your local Walmart or Target is recommended, Did you know that you can make this into a care package idea or a care basket gifts under the $20 target idea.

It is okay to not finish all there is to it, but what is important the most is that you already started to think of things to improve on at home, planning them out, and doing some research on it.

This post is all about apartment home upgrades that are under $20.

Hey, Do you like to cook as well in your apartment?

Want to cook what you saw in the video? I am going to share my grocery list printable with you to stay on a budget. As a thank you for being here.

This is printable for a Family Grocery List. Check my Youtube Channel.

Do you want to have this FREE family grocery list? You can download it to your smartphone or on your computer and have it printed out. I personally made this and made sure everything is COMPLETE, Yes! and anything you will want or need that you will think of is there.

I promise your life will be so much easier and it will free up your time and feel less stressed than it is going to be.

Apartment Home Upgrades Under $20

To decorate your apartment effectively, you don’t need to spend a fortune. You just need to know where to look and how to prioritize within your budget.

We’ve rounded up 38 apartment decor on a budget idea for any taste and style, from modern apartment decor on a budget to glam apartment decor on a budget, so that you can get your place looking like the magazine spreads of your dreams without breaking the bank!

We’re talking under $20—you can’t even do laundry for that much money!

1. Defender Security System Door Reinforcement in Gold

My Top Favorite security door lock because it is very simple but handy to have.

What made me looked twice is how this certain item gets overlooked. Having a secured home is far more important and should be what is on top of your list right now to improve on your home. 

When getting the product you can easily screw it on your side of the door and Voila! It prevents any unauthorized entry into your home.


2. Alexa Smart Plug, also works with Alexa

The smart plug works with Alexa. The color is white, a very nice design touch too.

I have talked to dozens or hundreds of people who let me know they use it in the kitchen when they are cooking or turning on the lights.

The smart way to have voice control in your home. Definitely an upgrade from the future

I love my coffee in the mornings, you can actually plug it on your coffee maker to control by voice. You just need an Alexa-enabled device like your trusted Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Sonos One or just have the Alexa app with you installed on the phone.

Alexa is very helpful and an assistant I think everyone should have. 

3. Apollo Toolbox

HOME HOUSEHOLD TOOL KIT has even tiny screw details it can be used with.

The Apollo Toolbox got 39 pieces in total and you get a handy toolbox for easy transport.

One thing I learned when you moved into a new place is that you need TOOLS, what if you got a leaky faucet that just needed a simple tweak here and there, you are prepared.

From 39 pieces to choose from I am sure there are any problems, you can solve with this one.

A major plus for as it has the Hand Plaice, Pair of Scissors and a Hammer.

4. Chrome Shower

A high-Pressure shower is on the way.

Do you want to relax after a long day of work? I do not know about you but my favorite hobby next to sleeping, of course, is showering or taking a bath. When I am not in a hurry I love to have a shower of at least an hour as it helps me to clear my head (literally and figuratively) with stress and anxiety.  

5. Non Electronic Bidet 

Bidet improves lives. Try it!

This bidet item is a set already! How convenient.

Okay, Bidets are a lifesaver and life-changing just let me tell you about that right of the bat.

A home will not be complete if not all the toilets’ have their own Bidet system. PERIOD.

Once you go and use a Bidet, You will never go back. I SWEAR.

6. Decorative Marble Adhesive Film

The Marble Wallpaper Looks real.

How to make old apartment look modern

I literally can hoard all these Adhesive Films let alone in a marble design that has a modern minimalist vibe to it. 

I have done this with my parent’s old office table and it looks like it has not aged a day.

I could say that when buying these to put somewhere on your home is to measure it out because you might not estimate it well and not buy enough.  

PRO Tip. When I buy them I am always like a few or a couple of inches short. Buy a lot of extras from the start.

7. Cords Concealer for Walls

Cords Concealer? Yes Please! This is a very simple decorating hack we all need in our homes especially when we have a lot of electronics at home.

What it does is you can organize the cables in your home and make it so that they are camouflaging on your walls and not crumpled up on the floor looking messy. 

Back in the old days when we were building houses, malls, and properties of clients, only one but not all we do is paint white above them. I knew in my heart it was not the right way and I guess they answered my prayers and here this product came to life. 

P.S. We painted a small portion only! 😅 Thank goodness!

8. LED Non-Dimmable Light Bulbs

Led Light Bulbs are greater for energy saving for utilities.

Having extra lightbulbs does not hurt anybody. When picking up energy-saving items of Things that will not hurt your electric energy bill is going for a LED appliance and any Inverter products. Trust me on this and your utility bill will be lowered.

9. White Hamper

Neat hamper! White and Gray colors are always your best bet.

This hamper is perfect when you need a replacement for when you need a new one.

Okay, so Alyssa only likes this because it is white and gray, Fun Fact about me I especially love white decors with a strong passion. 💪

10. Anti Vibration of Washing Machines

Who here needs an Anti-Vibration Item for your washing machine? It is totally inexpensive and you can easily attach it to the bottom of the machine to prevent unstable motion whenever you are doing your laundry.

11. Mop Holder Attach Easy

These can often get overlooked when you are wanting storage for your home. Have this in your utility closet. A small space or section at home can really make a bunch of a difference. Your life will never be the same and hanging this thing up can really make your apartment tidy and clean.

I love the overall concept and it looks neat if you will.

12. Upgrade Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights 3 Heads Security Lights Solar Powered 260 LED Flood Lights

Transitioning to Solar Powered Home would be nice.

This one can be rotated and weatherproof! Really good for something that you will put outside of your home. Again, with this one, I am all about solar lights or solar energy to keep your home going and up and ready.

13. Curtain Lights

LED Curtain String Light pretty with white background.

How to make an ugly apartment cute

Have you already heard of curtain lights? They look exquisite and very classy when it comes to home decorating.  This one is affordable and within our $20 budget on this post.

14. Door Draft Stopper

Love the aesthetic white. Have a soundproof room using this door stopper as well. Some dust can be going inside of a room that you just cleaned before. Need this for especially for the weather especially in winter times as it blocks cold from outside going inside.

15. Numbers for Mailboxes

Use Numbers for easy distinguishing ways.

Mailboxes are definitely important as where we always get our mail at and newspapers and bills. 

Definitely buy a high-quality product that can be sought after repaying itself. The measurement of these items is 2 inches not too small and too big.

16. GE Charging Surge Protector

This charging station is so nice when you need to multi-task and need lots of gadgets that always have to be plugged in.

It swivels in a direction to better accommodate you when charging your phone.

17. First Aid Kit At Home

Another firsts item you need when moving out or having your own house or place is having a First Aid Kit like some bandages and stocking up on anti-septics or cotton rounds.

This bag can literally be stored on your cupboard or cabinets and under the sink. It is lightweight and I believe every home needs this to upgrade your life into safety.

18. Erase-A-Hole The Original Drywall Repair Putty

How to cover ugly walls in a rental

Quick and easy fix for a hole in the wall. It is like a big glue stick but for walls. Letting it dry will not take so much time and just layer paint over on top and you are good to go. A big tip as well if you have one hole is that you can use these rental-friendly upgrades items.

19. Iscream Photo Led String Lights, Size One Size – White


The Polaroid Photos Decor Inspired is one of a kind. Why only show your photos of your family and friends, have them lit up all in one without having many cords of strings left and right.

PRO TIP. White does really make your space look a lot cleaner and very well put together. I would handle this one and put it into a bare section of my home that is lacking something. It would be nice in your bedroom or other parts of your apartment.

20. Whitmor 16 Pocket Bedskirt Organizer

Get it on Macys

Perfect if you have kids at home because if you want you can conceal them on the bed for your organizer and it has 16 pockets so they can hold up as much as a lot of toys and Knick knacks that your kids have.

Life with kids can get pretty disorganized but hey we love them to bits. Niece whenever she comes over I have to open up her toy box and she loves to play on the floor and on the table. Everywhere else can get pretty messy at this point. Having an organizer that looks like it is there but it really isn’t is a game-changer.

21. HomeIT Jewelry Organizer

Get it on Macys

The acyclic jewelry organizer will help you tons when you have pieces that you use every single day and make into the decor. Another idea is that you can showcase this in your closet to make it more organized.

I cannot tell you enough about this jewelry organizer because it can be a statement piece for your bedroom table or dresser. You can put this next to the door so you can wear and remove your jewelry upon coming inside or going out every day with no hassle or whatsoever.

22. Household Essential Square Organizer Tray 2 Pack

Get it on Macys

This gray organizer is just what you have been looking for if you want to organize in style. Modern vibes are attracting this design. It would work well in your cupboards, closet, even on top of your coffee table.

Gray colors are proving to be making your home more clean and professional-looking. If you desire to have that minimalist look without being too dark like the color black, I have to advise you to get a gray accent for your decors.

23. Kitchen Details 3 Tier Spice Rack Shelf Organizer

Get it on Macys

An elevated spice rack gives you more visuals when it comes to seeing what spices you have on your kitchen counter. It is really helpful when you have a smaller apartment because it can really give you a whole lot more wiggle room when cooking and preparing your meals.

24. Kitchen Details Large Kitchen Shelf Organizer

Get it on Macys

Small apartment rental ideas:

#1 KITCHEN HACK is having to stack things on top of each other like this plates organizers but you can also use them for the pots that you use to cook for scrambled eggs or a pot when you are making soups and stews. Simple apartment but make it cute

25. Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Get it on Macys

Gorgeous honeycomb design for your socks or use them inside of your dresser or cabinets for that more organized look and feel without sacrificing your budget and also the design.

26. Sorbus Foldable Felt Nursery Caddy Organizer

Get it on Macys

What a wonderful idea for this to have a caddy for kids as they can tag along with their toys or storybooks wherever they will go. Kids love playtime why not have a very organized caddy for them too.

27. 36″ English Garden Be Kind Wall Sign By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

Be kind, say please, and thank you share, laugh, giggle, be silly, and love. Is it not that the greatest quotes ever? It is a great reminder at home especially if you are in pursuit of happy homes yourself. By having a daily mantra and reminder for every family member to live life to the fullest and enjoy, smile as it always solves life’s struggles whenever you can spend time with your loved one. Guard your mindset along the way with your beautiful home decoration.

28. Large Pink Tabletop Box By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

If you love the color pink like I do, Organize your stuff in here where you can store it on shelves or in your bedroom closet, and many more.

29. Assorted Tabletop Monogram Trinket Dish By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Store

A lovely alphabet letter dish with a square frame design is so beautiful.

30. 2 in 1 Laundry Storage

A neat and minimalist design for laundry baskets or laundry bags that you can totally apply and decorate your home with. I would like a cover or lid when you have this at home. I know I will be more motivated to do my laundry with this. Definitely can store towels and stuff a bit bigger than your average shirts.

31. 10″ Mini Macram Pouch Plant Pot Hanger By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

Macramé home decor anyone? These pretty designs can be used for your plants. Provided you also care for your plants give them water and ample amount of sunlight. The intricate design can be a big conversation piece.

32. 9.5″ Metal Bird Caddy Tabletop Accent By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

I love birds in home decor. Bird’s home decor ideas could be a vase, a painting, or even a sculpture too. This shade is very pretty and can be super versatile as you can pair with white accents decor and placing them together with items that have pops of color like:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue

33. 10″ Avenue Des Champs Elyses Wooden Tabletop Box By Ashland | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

Beautiful open box with wooden materials where you can put a flower vase or tissue boxes. Love that you can either make this a home decor or a spa at home type of decor theme. It is not your ordinary wooden box because it has a short leg on each corner that elevates it. I love items that are elevated and stackable inside with items that you can use every day.

34. Ball Gallon Super Wide Mouth Mason Jar | Michaels

Get it on Michaels Stores

The classic Mason Jar ball item is really VERSATILE. It can be used on storing your food or spraying it with some paint for your home decor.

35. Home Basics Short Rectangle Floating Wood Shelf, Oak, Oak

Get it on Ashley Homestore

For apartments, we always have that blank space right? Seriously, we can put stuff on this wooden plank like books or any lightweight items.

36. Wooden Bottle Rack Wine Holder for 12 Bottles

Get it on Costway

This wine rack bottle holder is a very cool and cute home decor for wine bottles. The wood design is much nicer in my opinion and it reminds me of a corkscrew for bottles, Get it? right?

37. Outdoor Portable Lazy Inflatable Sleeping Camping Bed-Red37.

Get it on Costway

This is super cool for your apartment. I guess this would be the Beanbags 2.0 in my opinion. You can even have this for parties too, it would be super helpful. This is shaped like a boat that you can put outdoors or indoors.

38. Bungee Overdoor Towel Rack

Truly have your improvements home decor ideas with this beauty. Have a towel rack behind the door. It is pretty hidden but then you can definitely hang your towels like bath towels, hand towels, or face towels.


With one of the above ideas, you’ll be able to design any budget apartment without looking cheap. Show your designer friends and they will pant over your great ideas. This will make them happy, and you even happier!

Choosing the right budget decorating ideas for your small apartment is essential to make it feel more spacious. If you’re after some inspiration for your apartment on a budget, we have it! Let us help you pick the best decor ideas for apartments on a budget and save you both time and money.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations or furniture in order to make your space look like you want it to. These apartment decor on a budget that won’t break the bank are a great place to start for many people who are just beginning their journeys toward decorating their studio apartments, small apartments, or other living spaces. So get out there and find something that fits your style!

There are so many affordable ways to decorate your apartment. If you live in a cramped studio or small loft space and don’t have a ton of cash, you can still make that space feel cozy and comfortable. With a few tried and true crafts, as well as plenty of inexpensive hooks for clothes and other accessories, any apartment can be transformed into a chic space.

Above all, apartment decor on a budget does not have to be as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. We hope that our suggestions for inexpensive apartment decor in the list above will be helpful. Each idea may take some planning, but by designing your home on a budget, you can keep your costs low while staying stylish and chic.

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