How to be a minimalist in the kitchen

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How to be a minimalist in the kitchen today

One day I was looking for flour so I can bake some chocolate cookies (They were a great hit by the way).

My niece comes over a lot and I help her with homeschooling online classes. Snacks are the best when studying right? Watch my youtube channel for my videos.

That flour was in between of those plastic containers of Tupperware I have.

Flew right past my face and left my face all white from the flour but thankfully I caught it in mid-air. Talk about my life becoming a tv series comedy.

How to design a minimalist kitchen

minimalist kitchen designs samples

Hardcore Minimalist Extreme Kitchen

Have Multipurpose kitchen utensils and kitchenware:

3 Hardcore Extreme Minimalist kitchen items

  1. Multipurpose kitchen cooking gadgets
  2. One plate set per person or bowl whichever you prefer
  3. One drinking glass per person only
how to be a minimalist in the kitchen

How to Keep a Minimalist Kitchen

I highly recommend taking this advice with a grain of salt if you are new

How many Dishes To Have as a Minimalist

Start with 2 dishes plate to 3 at a maximum dishes to keep and use per person.

How to Organize a Minimalist Kitchen

  • Do not have anything on your kitchen countertops so you can use more cooking space.
  • Corner space that was always kept hidden, utilize and install more wood rack or turntable lazy susan organizers because the point is having to get an easy entryway when finding items in the kitchen.
  • Do not put appliances together, give them social distancing.
  • Cutleries that are broken or the pair is already missing declutter them today. 100+ Things to Declutter You Will Want to Copy This Year

How to be a minimalist in the kitchen now

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