100+ Things to Declutter You Will Want to Copy This Year

You have to see these 100+ Things to Declutter! Here are all of the nitty-gritty things that you might leave behind for a fresh new start. Truly for any season and part of the year.

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list of things to get rid of to declutter

Why does it feel like decluttering at home is always the hardest task to complete? Sometimes I forget to have a certain area to look into but I tend to forget. I want to be good, but it is always tooooo good to have a list before this decluttering session gets some drama.


These decluttering lists are super nice and basic so everyone can get this very helpful to finally finish cleaning and organizing your life. I have everything from the bedroom to kitchen to a single piece of paperwork laying around on your work table, and your family or yourself will pat your back after it is done!

This post is all about 100 Things to declutter that make sense.


Bedroom Not Ridden

I do not get how people can manage not to start on the bedroom first.


I cannot move and feel like I have so much unnecessary stuff If I do not start in the bedroom.

things to declutter in bedroom

  1. “The chair” which you always put stuff on top of each other.
  2. Too much furniture that taking too much space.
  3. Last season home decor that you will not need that you can donate or sell.
  4. Old empty candles.

The candle I recommend for you to try during Christmas:

Yankee Candle

Literally, this is in white color good and calming in the eyes perfect for the bedroom. But the smell is citrus musk that reminds me of Christmas. I never knew a candle can bring memories that I remember like it was yesterday.

5. Worn out blankets and sheets.

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6. Ripped or thinned overused quilts.

Closet to Spacious

Next, from bedroom not ridden is that when I wake up and I go in have my breakfast I can now tackle much heavier decluttering tasks and took upon my hands my closet.


Here is some closet spacious organizing system that works for me:

7. Clothes you have not got to wear for the past 2 years or so (What is the reason? This happened to me I had clothes I was not wearing for 5 years even and before that, I decluttered and said I could wear them then added another 2 years before I got to donate it).

8. Get rid of clothes that do not fit your size anymore. I tend to always be on a diet and I get different sizes for my clothes. I was in denial of my body size and kept various sizes in my closet that does not suit me.

9. Clothes you did not wear for the last season. For some of you including me, I kept my clothes that are brand new and yes even I had dresses I bought because they look cute and they are still literally on a plastic hanged with tags on them. I should be wearing them more often as I’d like to.

10. Declutter clothes that do not fit your style anymore. I had my phase before of wearing fringes like when I move they sway while I walk or move from side to side. I outgrew my closet based on my age maybe and style and grew to wear neutral dresses that have A-line cuts and more of business type. If you would ask me what was the last thing I bought for clothes it would be the pink blazer for work-related. As we evolved ourselves we tend to have a different style unlike before. I am just more grateful that I can donate my clothes or give them to my relatives who want them. I have this Blazer I am eyeing and have a major crush on. Shout out to all boss female energy this blazer is too powerful.

11. Underwear, Are you guilty of this too? I tend to before to get attached to old ones and I wonder why. Now I am keener on my overall needs and support especially for underwire bras and very uncomfortable underwear. It is very important to have the right size.

12. Not enough basics? Declutter trendy outfits that do not go well with your lifestyle because it is more likely you can only wear them when they are viral. Think long term for the best results and to save your money.

13. Age-appropriate Clothes

14. Work Wear that you need and looks neatly clean

15. Cute gym clothes that do not fit you anymore. Ladies, please do not sacrifice looks from comfort especially in working out clothes or sports bras for running. Always support the gals.

16. Socks that threads are on the loose, or have a big deeper hole in them.

17. Lost pair of socks, What I do is sometimes I use old socks for wiping down furniture or a cleaning rag.

18. Stockings that are destroyed.

19. Old jewelry that has rust on it or jewelry that is again trendy, try tin invest into timeless looks like silver or rose gold and gold.

20. Watches that are already broken or cannot be used anymore.

21. Sunglasses that have cracks on them.

30 things to declutter

22. Return Dry Cleaning Hangers.

23. Hair accessories that you do not wear on the daily basis.

24. Did you know that emergency buttons you are saving that are in excess should be decluttered already. You do not need a lot.

25. Like I mentioned above on my spacious closet organizers always have durable hangers, It is time to invest in a good quality hanger from now on as old plastic hangers are not good as they can break most times 9 out of 10.

26. Handbags that you do not use anymore. If you have the luxury

27. Old wallets

28. Sunglass cases that you do not use on a daily basis

29. Mismatched style, colors because you might not use them or wear them anymore.

30. Flimsy bras that have straps gonna fall off.

31. Wrong shoe sizes over the years. Wear them to test it out one more time.

32. Broken belts, or just belts in general that are not in use.

33. Expired makeup and skincare products.

34. Makeup foundation shade that is not yours (too bright or too dark)

35. Hair accessories that you don’t like to wear anymore

36. Loosed hair ties or scrunchies

37. Hair clips that just have an incomplete design or do not clip into the hair anymore.

38. Combs that are crushed or broken

39. Bottles of bath products that are already empty

40. Old perfumes that you only keep because of decor

41. Expired medicines that you keep just in case but never got to them. ( I remember I had a couple but didn’t take them. I just need is what I learned the hard way and medicines are not cheap. )

things to declutter before moving

Our house tends to have lots of stuff because we moved from a big house too much compact smaller houses and comes with it our stuff from before. Sometimes I am thinking to myself why did I let our family have all this stuff that we do not use.

What else can I declutter?

I am the major decluttering diva in our house with my parents and siblings. I always take charge of any decluttering tasks that are present in front of me.

Toys Oh Boy

42. No matching toys that cannot function

43. Toys that are fading their colors

44. Melted toys

45. Malfunctioned toys even have batteries on

46. Toys with old smell or already smelly.

47. Incomplete pieces of toys. Do not get me started on puzzles.

48. Double toys.

49. Toys that are too messy to play with. My niece cannot have any messy toys she cannot handle and is hard to clean afterward.

50. Violent toys that suggest bad influence to kids early on.

51. Uneducational toys.

Not Kidding with Kiddie Things

52. Outgrown kids clothes which I know its hard but you can do this

53. Baby gear that is already unusable.

54. Artwork from school which is very sentimental because your child made it. Keep or repurpose them or take pictures and do a scrapbook to remember even if it is a small one.

55. Old school backpacks that have whites or print coming off.

56. Old school books and papers from last school year, like projects, assignments, Ask yourself things like is it not needed anymore?

What should I get rid of when decluttering?

Since we are all busy and my parents are already old and really it is up to me in order to clean and organize which leads me to my favorite part and that is to throw away stuff.

Bantry with Pantry

Being a foodie too has me having lots of baking and cooking in the kitchen that I need to rummage my pantry for things to cook on daily. My favorite is noodles but you get my point. Now I downsized a lot and have the thinking of things I should store are a big grab and go. (Maybe an apocalypse might come)

How fun is it to have an organized pantry wherein you can find all the stuff you will need all perfect lineup with labels. Customized labels are more fun.

Cricut Machine

57. Check the label for expired items on your pantry, for I checked ingredients before the last minute.

58. Test out old appliances because they may not work anymore thus needing them to throw away especially bigger ones that take so much counter space or storage spaces on your shelves or cabinets.

59. Extra boxes and grocery trips paper bags as you can make paper bags as wrapper or cleaning items. Plastic bags as garbage bags instead. Make final use of what you have.

60. Extra sauce packets from fast-food restaurants that are so old that you cannot remember when it was brought home.

61. My mom always reuses plastic spoons and plastic forks whenever we have food from KFC or Mcdonalds, Declutter those because when you order again chances are there would be more of them coming into your home.

62. Platewares that you do not use anymore. Too many prop kitchen items can be one of the reasons for many clutter.


63. Have you ever heard of expired alcohol bottles. They definitely can go bad. Do not try to even drink it anymore and throw them away. Throw away old used-up alcohol bottles as they look cluttered when having too much. I know some people use them as decor.

64. I am super guilty of these and I always cook at home I like to buy cayenne pepper powders and basil in bottles that are dried. Before I never get to finish all of my spices on my spice rack, but try to declutter spices you do not use or need anymore.

65. Have an eco-bag for groceries and you can limit the usage of plastics. Although I want to get free plastic as I use them for my garbage disposal. Mostly I try to limit my waste or have zero waste if I can.

66. Plates that look broken or has a chip on them, you have to try them asap. Accidents can be garnered was they can be sharp.

67. How many times do I find a for my sugar or salt that seems to be the lid is missing from the get-go. Try to declutter such items too.

68. Old plastics are very dangerous especially the ones that changed their colors or the colors already. It might be from heat or was not properly stored too.

69. Unopened food like canned goods or cereal packets or juice packets that were forgotten try to declutter that as well.

70. Pots or cooking pans that are already got surfaced badly scratched might affect the food quality overall and might not be good to cook with. Food safety is first.

Kitchen Fixin’

71. Fix kitchen countertops tiles if broken or dirty clean it well.


72. See the cooking area if there are burn marks or cooking oil spills and clean.

73. Throw out the overflowing garbage bins. Old cookbooks?

74. Check for cabinets or shelves that are broken or need to be replaced

75. Utensils that are already unhealthy to cook with, aka Cheap plastics

Electronics Zone

76. Extra chargers (a lot)

77. Gadgets that you no longer use, you can donate or sell them too.

78. Declutter TV console table and be careful of wirings, safety first.

79. Extra appliances at home needs to be decluttered.

80. Limit yourself next time on just buying gadgets you truly want and needed.

Office as is

81. Paperworks that are not important, you can use it as scratch paper with limited storage to avoid clutter.

82. Extra supplies, you don’t need too many staple wires. I had mine for a long time and they got rusty.

83. Old printers that collect clouds of dust

84. Broken office table and finally donate it if you do not use it anymore because you do not have any space left for it now.

85. Filing cabinets that lack shelves because got broken.

Digital Clutter

86. Clear spam emails

87. Read and declutter your email inbox

88. If you have scheduling or time blocking online try to reevaluate your tasks to be more achievable.

89. Erase files or photos that are no longer in use in computer and smartphone

90. Limit yourself from saving screenshots of cats or dogs because your phone memory will suffer.


Garage Badge

91. Empty car oil bottles.

92. Gym equipment that you do not use anymore on your home gym at the garage.

93. Your box full of clutter from a recent car works

Bathrooms Zoom

94. Used up shampoo bottles and hair conditioner.

95. Excess toothbrush that is already old.

96. Pick up old clothes on the floor and finally wash them.

Kids Rooms Fix

97. Schoolwork items like modules or textbooks should be kept in their study table or work table.

98. Throw away snack wrappers or food plastics that are not in the trash yet. and Junk food.

99. Old pillows and blankets.

100. Old stuff toy especially those who have a tear on it.

Decor Not Over decorated anymore

101. Old holiday decor that you are not to be used anymore.

102. Seasonal home decor that you didn’t use for the last year.

Storage and Manage

103. Broken bins, or storage bins

104. Old boxes when you moved, finally organize your stuff and check if you can donate, sell, or throw.

105. Old vacuum machines that are not working anymore.

106. Chipped out shelves and cabinets that might break anytime.

107. Very old and stinky items from years ago. Its time.

108. Make room for new organizers that actually fits the right size of your home or where you want to put it in.


Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

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