How do hotels keep their towels and sheets and blankets so white?

How do hotels keep sheets white Have you ever wondered too how hotels keep their whites clean? How do hotels keep their towels and sheets…


How do hotels keep sheets white

Have you ever wondered too how hotels keep their whites clean? How do hotels keep their towels and sheets and blankets so white? Here is the answer.

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Look no further. Also, take note hotels likes to purchase high-quality towels right off the bat too. That luxurious feel definitely gives an impact on clients and the hotel guests.

I like to stay at hotels for a quick vacation and have colleagues at the hotel industry experts, Let me share with you what I know.

How to wash sheets like hotel


  • Hotels use HTD or Heavy Duty Detergent powder to wash and make clean white towels, sheets, and blankets. They do get a laundry cleaning company and bulk cleaning supplies are a must.
  • Hotels will separate colors and whites as we do in our homes. How do hotels keep their towels so white, Washing with a laundry detergent first with a mixture of water and bleach for soaking, then a regular wash again, finish it off with a fabric softener.
  • Hotel linens like towels and bedsheets have a life expectancy of 6 months or 0.5 years and they do get replace sooner for threads that are peeking through or damage looking linens to protect the hotel’s name and maintain high standards which would be more expensive but worth it.
  • Other hotels outsource to laundry cleaning companies that cater to commercial businesses. They may add laundry washing detergent, borax, Oxiclean which is a peroxide chemical but in a commercial grade. Some laundry companies, Make the job faster by integrating water treatment to help get rid of stains out easier and quicker.
white bathroom

How do hotels maintain their bedding so bright and white? A succinct response is: No, they don’t. This is the lengthier answer: it’s a lot of effort. While hotel linens are typically white when you check in, they are more of an off-white or cream tint when you first arrive. When visitors check in, the bedding is crisp and spotless because the housekeepers have gone through the process of executing highly time-consuming activities to make them seem that way (and only moderately whiter).

I’ve slept in hotels with a variety of star classifications, and unless the room has been heavily smoked in at some time, the sheets still seem to have a luminous quality to them, to me. Is it possible that you have been spared and have not been aware of this? But they do, it’s simply that they do. The issue is, why and how can hotels maintain such pristine white sheets?

Ever glanced at your bed linens and wondered, “How can hotels and laundromats manage to keep their sheets so white?”. It seems to be an insurmountable challenge. I know I do that from time to time.

How do hotels keep their bed linens so immaculately clean? The crew at the hotel does not use bleach. In order to do this, they use an uncommon procedure (using chlorine dioxide) that is based on groundbreaking technology that has various applications outside the hospitality business!

I’ve been thinking about this for a week and have now found out the solution, but let me ask you a question: do you know why hotels maintain their linens so white and crisp?

Have you ever pondered what it is about hotel bedding that makes them so white (at least when compared to your own)? Hotel white linens are a product of the washing techniques used by the establishment. In this piece, I’ll demonstrate how hotels may keep their mattresses and linens as clean as possible while also lowering their laundry bills.

Whiter than white, in fact. Crisp and uncluttered. No one enjoys staying in a drab hotel room with stained bedding. We really have the same equipment at home, which is surprising since you may expect hotels to have special washing machines that the rest of us do not (at least those of us born in the 80s do, that is). So, how do they manage to accomplish it? What is it about their bedding that makes them so white?

Can you tell me how hotels maintain their sheets so white while also avoiding the need to replace them on a daily basis (which is a crazy concept)? Consider swimming pools and hot tubs: can water really be so crystal clear? These and many more questions were on my mind while I was growing up (and they continue to be on my mind now). But do you know what they all have in common? They all have a name. They are all examples of contemporary chemistry at its finest.

When you go into a hotel room for the first time, the crisp, clean linens and bright white walls cause your happiness levels to immediately improve. The very notion of sleeping on such sheets makes you want to collapse on the floor right there and right now.

The addition of a hint of lemon and relaxing lavender helps to keep linens smelling and smelling good.

List of natural ingredients for washing laundry just like hotels does with sizes and quantity

Perfect if you want to take a break from using chemicals for washing

Quantity per washIngredients
1/2 sliceLemon
1/2 cupBaking Soda
1/2 cupVinegar
1/2 cupDiluted Vinegar

What detergent do hotels use

Hotels use an HTD or Heavy Duty Detergent to fight super tough stains containing phosphates quickly and smoothly to wash their laundry every day with a huge amount of loads and non stop laundry cleaning.

How do hotels keep their linens so white?

The commercial laundry detergent is being used for washing from bulk amounts of detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioner. Each hotel will have a laundry detergent supplier which varies.

Every hotel is different due to management and costings, some use a Costco laundry detergent powder, liquid Tide detergent.

How Often Do Hotels Wash Bedspreads

Due to fast moving and big volumes of washing to do every single day They use a chemical dispenser to machines from Diversy that has bulk amounts of brand cleaning supplies that have been measured and metered for every wash and volume for automation.

  • Laundry soap detergent powder
  • Bleaching agent
  • Clothing or fabric softeners
  • and a Laundry booster

This post is all about how do hotels keep their towels and sheets and blankets so white

You can have an all natural solution or chemicals route if you need to. Here are the guide and laundry secrets you should know. The toughest stains like how to whiten a yellowed down comforter, how do hotels get their sheets so crisp, how do hotels keep sheets wrinkle free, and more.

You know the worst stains you can get with white sheets linens? Food ordering room service in hotels are very popular I have done it and they are fun. I do recommend avoid eating on the hotel bed and eat on the hotel table provided. Being a foodie and hungry for awesome food is understandable.

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What are the best laundry detergent

People mostly love these brands. In addition, When staying in hotels you will always remember how soft and clean their comforters are, do hotels wash comforters? Yes, they do if you are wondering!

Personally, my favorite is the Tide brand, whenever I use Tide from my personal experience I get the job done when washing whites, yes especially whites as they are more prone to seeing the dirt and stains.

Removing stains on white linens is very easy using the given tips and tricks here on this post I personally use.

Laundry is another step of having happy homes, I am a really big fan of clean sheets it is like hugging Santa Claus for me.

Smelling good sheets and free from yellow colored stains are so relaxing and healthy for your skin for having a clean sheet is a feeling of being accomplished in life already. We are winning in life!


Why do hotels use white sheets and towels

The first reason would be for design purposes, Second reason is much easier to clean and sanitize for the laundry cleaning department.

Bleach can be powerful to remove stains as well as colors when you have a colored sheet too, the design would be uneven.

Lastly, Why bed sheets in hotels are white? hotel guests would be keener to avoid getting sheets stained.

Do hotels use bleach on sheets

Yes, bleaching on sheets can not only remove stains or do a spot removal for nasty stains but also can deodorize and sanitize. Ammonia is often used to remove the odor but not all hotels do this.

Washing tip: If you do not like the smell of bleach you can omit the bleach and replace it with a 0.5 sliced lemon rub to the stain to remove or just use a baking soda and vinegar to whiten linens natural way.

How do hotels keep towels soft

A 0.5 cup of regular laundry washing use a vinegar or baking soda will soften the towels.

What do hotels use to wash towels

Do not use the baking soda together with the vinegar at the same time to let them be effective in both ways.

What is a washing soda?

Seeing these in supermarkets or online is being used for softening fabrics. The chemical formula of washing soda is Na2CO3 which means Sodium Carbonate.

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How it works

is that the water softens by “salt carbonates” or it is treated to lift the dirt removal or stains from fabric threads and release to the water. Rubbing threads or fabrics can be harsher due to friction. Hotels standards are pretty high and risking an old looking towel, blankets, and sheets are not good.

Better to add washing soda to your laundry detergent to help boost the cleaning capabilities of your regular washing routine.


Using a blue powder for whitening linens

Way back before using a tried and tested by time of whitening towels, sheets and blankets was a blue block when rinsing the water added to the washing cycle. Bluing mixed with a cup of water and it is easy to rinse out. Used for whites and colored fabrics.

2 Secret ingredients to add for whitening linens when washing

Here are two natural ingredients that can turn your yellow linens to white clean linens and remove stains and make them new again.

  1. 1/2 cup Vinegar
  2. 1/2 cup Baking Soda

Depends on the washing machine you currently have either be an old washing machine, coin operated especially if you live in an old building or in New York City, or industrial laundry machine. Use the steps manually can add more work but having fresh white sheets and towels is worth it.

Easy 2 step directions on how do hotels keep their towels and sheets and blankets so white

  • First step. Place the vinegar first on the fabric softener chute in your laundry machine to engage with the first wash.

Caution when using vinegar when whitening sheets

Do not overuse vinegar, they are very strong so stick with the measurement of 0.5 cups of vinegar when washing as it is a natural acidic solution it can rust and damage your washing machine that is why others use diluted vinegar to a not so strong vinegar solution

  • Second step. Use 1/2 cup Baking soda directly to clean the towels, sheets, and blankets white too and make them softer. Add your laundry soap to its original section of your laundry machine.
  • Use the vinegar first then baking soda is last to avoid that vinegar lingering smell if you are worried about it.

Important to Note: I use a laundry machine and the chute is measured as 1/2 cup of fabric softener category name section.

  • When on the drying stage you will not smell any vinegar after.
folded linen

10 Steps of how to wash sheets like hotel and make them soft

Washing sheets regularly even for cotton sheets or towels having a great upkeep schedule will make your linens crisp white and fresh along with ironing after when it is dry and organize shelves or basket container readily available to use.

  1. With a ratio of 1:1 Laundry detergent and vinegar or baking soda. The extra step of using fabric softener to make them smell good and soft is used too.
  2. Vinegar is a natural ingredient and helps clean towels. Baking soda is safe and effective because even we humans consume baking soda which has to prove to have a really good cleaning agent. Both ingredients are readily available to us on our kitchen pantry or kitchen supplies.
  3. Starting as always a good towel brand or a high quality towel and sheets is good to note.
  4. Hot water and regular bleach still helps with making the towels softer and cleans out dirt. It can also eliminate other specks of dirt even the strongest with this combination.
  5. Hotels have the power of getting a really good commercial fast acting laundry detergent which chemicals are stronger than the ones we are using on our homes.
  6. Towels can be tough when having too much detergent due to soap suds residue. Always ring out excess water and laundry soap whenever you are on the last cycle of your wash to have long lasting towels.
  7. When washing do not jam them all in the laundry chute or washing machine. Let the towels stay white and clean can be treated and be brought attention to by handling them by batch especially if you have a much smaller laundry machine.
  8. Using a dryer sheet can also help with making towels soft and might be the big secret when it comes to the drying stage in washing laundry.
  9. Upon drying be careful when handling the threads as they might come of looser than before. Avoid pulling and tugging around and have extra time allotted whenever you are drying towels.
  10. Using a not so long duration settings when drying as it would go for 50 minutes long into the high settings. Not so much as we do not want to fry the towels and we are aiming for luxury soft and fluffy hotel towels.

Did you know? A piece of great advice for at home laundry using the baking soda and vinegar washing technique can remove strong dirty smells.

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This post has been the cleaning guide for sheets blankets and towel linens that hotels use and hotel laundry secrets revealed

Hotels using heavy-duty detergents do not automatically mean you should use that to your household too. Remember to take care of your clothes and take the advice as an inspiration so you can learn what works for you at home. Yes, hotels do clean their comforters, and hotel linens, hotel pillows. If you are not sure or want to be in peace call the room’s front desk service and request nicely a fresh new set from the housekeeping department.


We hope this information will assist you in solving the mystery of how hotels manage to maintain their linens so crisp and white!

While it may sound weird, the key to the whiteness of hotel linens is that they are cleansed in hydrogen peroxide before being used. The chemical hydrogen peroxide is being utilized as a cleanser and whitening agent, yes, you read it correctly. And it works—in fact, when it comes to whitening, there are few other products on the market that can compete with it. The only drawback is that certain fabric softeners will prevent the hydrogen peroxide from doing its magic, which is a little inconvenience.

Consequently, it is unclear if a large number of hotels will implement new technology in the near future or not. However, for those that do, it is possible that customers’ demands of pristine sheets may be realized in new and surprising ways in the near future. And it bodes well for the future of technology, for both hotels and their customers alike.

There are a plethora of methods that a hotel may use to maintain its linens white, and each one is dependent on a unique set of circumstances. Is there any exposure to light for the linens? Is the hotel situated in a location that is particularly humid? Is it true that these are low-cost hotel linens? I think you’ll have to speak with the hotel’s general manager.

We never would have guessed that all of those liquid softener sheets we use at home to keep our tee shirts looking bright and white were really rather effective. The hotel sector is said to have a secret ingredient in these magic-white boosting sheets, and they definitely seem to live up to their reputation. It’s worth a shot for yourself the next time you make your bed. You’ll believe you’ve arrived in paradise!

Even while you would not believe that the design of sheets would be of great importance to a hotel, it is really one of the first things that a visitor will notice. Even the best-looking hotel room may be ruined by a filthy or old bedspread or blanket, which makes it seem cheap. Most hotels, on the other hand, depend on custom printed fitted sheets (available in white and various colors) to preserve their goods as well as their earnings, rather than utilizing an industrial strong stain remover.

Excellent question; a great deal of truth can be gleaned from the things that people take for granted, and it’s fascinating to consider how wonderful laundry technology has progressed over the last several decades. It’s likely that many of you remember how bothersome ironing used to be, and how much of a work it was to keep your clothing looking presentable throughout the day. The availability of economically feasible options such as perchloroethylene base liquids, solid detergents, and “clean wash” conditions means that maintaining the whiteness of your linens is no longer an issue. Hopefully, we’ve been able to shed some light on the enigma that surrounds this magical process.

We’d also want to know if you have any additional queries concerning hotel bedding that we can answer. If we are able to track down the answers, we will provide them to you.

Mild detergent and bleach (if desired) may help you get the most out of your bedding between washes, as can washing them in cold water. Simply put them through a gentle cycle on your washing machine and then lay them out flat to dry. If you’re going on vacation, start packing your linens a little sooner than you would ordinarily. Keeping them in a dark, dry place before laundering can make it simpler to remove stains and keep them looking white for a longer period of time.

That is all there is to it in terms of explanation. Keep your sheets looking fresh and clean as long as you use a washer, detergent, and bleach that are equal to the job, and you take excellent care of your linens, and it will be as simple as pie.

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How do hotels keep sheets so white

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