How Do You Dress Like A Skater Girl?

You want to look like a skater girl. You’re interested in the skater aesthetic, but you don’t know how to go about achieving it. This article will tell you how to do that.

To start with, let’s define our terms: what is a skater girl?

Well, for one thing, she can be defined by her dress and style, but also by being active in the culture of skateboarding—or just liking it and being associated with it. It doesn’t matter if you actually skateboard or not; you can still have a skater-girl style because this type of clothes is very popular and easy to find.

Baggy jeans, band T-shirts, and Converse make the perfect skater girl outfit.

For the quintessential skater girl look, jeans and band T-shirts are a classic combo. If you want to pull this look off, we’d recommend opting for skinny jeans with a looser fit. Baggy jeans are another option that will still get the job done. Some skater girls accessorize their outfits with cargo pants. If you’re looking for a more athletic feel, stretchy track pants or leggings can accomplish this—just make sure they’re not too tight so as not to defeat the purpose of being cool and comfortable.

If your outfit consists mainly of baggy clothing, then oversized shirts can be worn to create an interesting juxtaposition between what’s snug and what’s loose.

Skater girls often wear cargo pants or stretchy track pants.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to achieve the skater girl style without sacrificing comfort, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Skater girl fashion is all about comfort and practicality. You can get away with wearing a hoodie and sweatpants almost every day for school or casual events if your pants are oversized. Stretchy track pants are an excellent option, as they conform to your body shape while leaving plenty of room for movement and comfort. If you want something even baggier, cargo pants are also an acceptable choice when dressing like a skater girl. Baggy jeans are another staple of the skater style, but since they’re not very stretchy (and does anyone even still wear those?), I’d recommend sticking with either one of the above two options instead.

Skater girls like to wear oversized shirts.

  • Skater girls tend to wear sweaters, hoodies and jumpers.
  • Skater girls like wearing jackets.
  • Skater girls like baggy clothes.

While you can wear any type of sneakers you want, skater shoes are a must.

While you can wear any type of sneakers you want, skater shoes are a must. If you don’t have any skater shoes, buy a pair of Vans or Converse. The brand isn’t so important—it’s all about the style of shoe. Skaters tend to wear slip-on sneakers with minimal cushioning and support for the ankle (you know, because they’re probably not wearing socks!).

As far as the color goes, black and white skater shoes are best; but feel free to mix it up with a brightly-colored pair. Your shoes don’t have to be brand new: in fact, the more worn in and scuffed up they are, the better! If your budget allows it, buy two pairs: one you can thrash around in while skating and another that looks nice enough to go out on dates or hang out at parties.

Skater girls also wear pullovers, hoodies, and jackets to stay warm and cover up some of their outfits.

The model in the photo below is wearing a comfortable and stylish pullover with a high collar. This is just one example of how easy it can be to stay warm while still looking fashionable—in fact, it could be argued that this piece of apparel makes her look even more dashing than she did before. By choosing to wear a pullover, you are signaling to all those around you that you are prepared for the elements and will not let them deter you from your skater girl lifestyle. Similarly, hoodies, jackets, and other outerwear pieces can all make powerful statements about who you are as an individual.

No matter which jacket or outerwear piece you decide to go with, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined so as not to overcomplicate things. If the jacket itself does not have any patterns or logos on it already, consider adding some accessories here and there (earrings, rings) for extra decoration. As mentioned in previous sections about skater girl style: less is often more!

If a skater girl has long hair, they will often wear it in a low bun or ponytail because it is easier to skate with it pulled back

The low bun or ponytail is a skater girl staple. It’s easy to achieve and perfect for showing off earrings or other accessories. It can be dressed up or down depending on the situation, and it’s great for keeping hair out of your face while you skate.


To make a low bun, pull your hair into a low ponytail and loop the hair around until it makes a circle at the base of your neck. Secure it with bobby pins. If you have short hair, twist all of your hair around two fingers and wrap the rest of your hair around those two fingers, pinning each time you go around all the way to the bottom. If you have bangs, they look best when they are parted in half to either side of the bun. Use hairspray if necessary to keep everything in place!


For a basic ponytail, pull all your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head (or wherever is most flattering). For an asymmetrical look like Willow Smith’s recent style choice, part it off-center and wear one side down with sleek bangs that frame your face on one side. Or wear both sides down for full volume – this works especially well if you have wavy or curly hair! You can also try braiding small sections into long plaits before tying them back up in their place behind your ears: these braids add texture without taking away from any part of an outfit.”


All in all, dressing like a skater girl is about more than just finding the right items to wear. It’s about being confident and cool, which you already have inside you. As long as you have the basics down, there’s no reason why you can’t look and feel like a skater girl. Skateboarding isn’t just for boys anymore!


  • How do I dress like a skater girl for school? Skateboarding is a dangerous activity to engage in at school. Your board could get caught in your backpack and cause you to eat concrete, or you could be seen by teachers, who may not approve of the potential risks of skateboarding. That being said, you can still sport the skater look while at school by wearing Vans shoes, a flannel shirt tied around your waist and black skinny jeans.
  • How do I dress like a skater girl in the summer? If it’s too hot for long pants and Vans shoes, opt for shorts instead and wear Converse All-Star sneakers. You can also swap out the flannel shirt tied around your waist for one of those thin white tank tops with spaghetti straps that girls always seem to wear.
  • How do I dress like a skater girl at home? This is an excellent question! At home, comfort is key. Tie-dye sweatpants are great here because they’re comfy and still show off your skater style. Pair them with any T-shirt (band tees are especially good) that makes you feel cool and confident and rock them around the house with pride!

Now that we’ve reviewed how to put together some basic looks suited to various situations, let’s take a look at how to style your hair and makeup so it really sells the vibe we’re going for here: “I just got back from skating across town on my way back from art class.”

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