How To Dress Plus Size For Summer

With the weather warming up and summer here, you may be looking for new ways to update your wardrobe. If you are plus-sized, it can be hard to find clothes that fit well and look good on your body type. Clothes that fit and flatter automatically make you feel better about yourself which will help you feel more confident in social situations or when going out with friends.

A common misconception is that dressing in larger sizes means giving up style entirely and wearing only sweatpants all day long. This isn’t true! There are countless stylish options available for people who wear plus size clothing; however, many of these items have been marketed towards women who don’t necessarily want to show off their curves but still want to look stylish at all times (and every day). That’s why we’ve put together this guide filled with tips & tricks on how to dress your best while rocking those curves like never before!

Take a look at your closet.

How to dress plus size for summer? Well, you need to take a look at your closet. In other words, it is important that you know what you have currently and how much of it will fit into the new season. Here is some good advice on how to do this:

  • See what you have. Go through your entire closet and see what clothes are still in there that can be worn during summer. If they are still in good condition, then they can be used again this year or even donated if they aren’t worth keeping anymore (that’s always helpful if someone else needs them more than you).
  • See what you need for this new season! Now that we’ve identified which pieces from last year were useful and which ones weren’t so much, we’ll start from scratch by choosing clothing options tailored specifically toward our body type as well as picking out accessories like hats/scarves/gloves etc., which will also serve us well through all four seasons since they’re meant for cold weather conditions too!

Wear what flatters you, not what’s popular.

While it’s true that trends are a big part of what makes fashion interesting, don’t let them influence your wardrobe. If you’ve ever had an outfit that was very popular at one point but now looks dated and unfashionable, you know this all too well. Of course, there are some trends that can work for any body type—like a little black dress or white button-up shirt—but when it comes down to feeling confident in your own clothes, the best thing to do is follow the rule: “Wear what flatters you.”

If you’re curvy or plus size, this might mean wearing something other than skinny jeans (or pants) with high heels and a crop top. Instead, try pairing your favorite dark denim with a loose blouse or tunic top over leggings or tights. You’ll feel good because these items flatter your curves while exposing enough skin to keep things cool during warmer months without making you feel exposed!

Check out the sale rack.

  • Check out the sale rack.
  • Sizes are generally very loose, so you can get some great bargains here. However, you may need to try things on first because they’re often cut smaller than usual brands.
  • Make sure that anything you buy is something you will wear. Avoid buying things just for the sake of it—you don’t want to waste money or space in your closet!

Be careful with loud prints and patterns.

If you have a loud voice, try to avoid patterns that are too loud. They can draw attention away from your face and down to your clothing, which could make it seem like you’re shouting when really you’re just talking normally. A good way to test whether or not a pattern is too loud is by seeing if it stands out in the crowd of people around you. If the answer is yes, then it will probably draw attention away from other aspects of your appearance that might be more flattering than what’s on top of your head (or bottom).

Similar concerns apply for very small and very large patterns as well—they won’t look good unless they’re balanced with solid pieces elsewhere in the outfit (like pants or shoes). And since summer weather often calls for light fabrics like linen or chiffon, bolder prints may not work well anyway!

Don’t try to squeeze into clothes that are too small.

  • It’s not worth it.
  • You won’t be able to breathe in those clothes.
  • You’ll look better and feel better in clothes that fit.

Don’t try to hide — emphasize your best features.

You don’t want to hide your figure, so don’t. Find clothes that actually fit your body type and make you feel comfortable in them. I’ve found that wearing shirts with a bit of a peplum or flare at the bottom is a great way to emphasize my waist.

If you want to keep things simple, try wearing jeans and a cute top with some fun shoes; this is always an easy go-to outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Embrace the sundress.

You don’t have to be a fashionista to pull off this look. Simply throw on a sundress and accessorize with sandals, or flats if you’re feeling more comfortable in them. This outfit will work for almost any occasion, whether it’s an outdoor wedding or a day at the beach.

And if your dress is too short for comfort? You can always wear leggings underneath it—and then show off those long legs!

Look for cool tops that show off your neckline and collarbone.

If you’re looking for a cool style that will show off your collarbone and keep you cool, consider tops that end just below the collarbone. They are great for showing off your neckline, but also keep the body area under them free from fabric which may get hot from being covered.

If you have large arms and shoulders, consider going for an A-line style or wide sleeve shirt (or tank) so that air can flow through easily. Wearing fabrics such as rayon or other elastic materials will help too because they allow space between each thread or fiber of material: less heat trapped in one spot means more airflow over all parts of skin!

If you’re well-endowed up top but don’t want to expose too much cleavage, look for tops with v necks instead of scoop necks—they’ll still be flattering without making it obvious how much chest is on display!

Consider knee length or shorter skirts, especially if you have gorgeous calves and ankles.

You can also choose knee or ankle length skirts if you want to show off your legs. These are very popular in the summer and they come in various lengths, so remember that it is not just about wearing long skirts. Skirt with a slit on one side are also a good option if you want to expose some leg while staying modest at the same time.

You can wear maxi dresses or tunic tops with flared trousers of any kind, whether they’re straight legged or flared jeans, with an ankle bootie or sandals depending on the weather condition and location (flared jeans look great when paired with boots).

Show off your arms in sleeveless tops and dresses with larger armholes (or cuts) you can rock without discomfort.

Show off your arms in sleeveless tops and dresses with larger armholes (or cuts) you can rock without discomfort.

If you want to wear sleeveless tops, dresses or blouses, make sure the armholes are big enough to accommodate your upper body. This will help avoid any discomfort during the day, but also give you more confidence in your outfit. For example, a dress that has an open back can be extremely flattering for plus-size women because it shows off their collarbones and gives them a more refined look.

Wear capris or cropped pants that hit at the narrowest part of your calf (usually just below the knee).

If you’re looking for a simple solution that will make your legs look longer and leaner, try wearing capris or cropped pants that hit at the narrowest part of your calf (usually just below the knee). This draws attention to those areas, which will make them look longer.

You can look and feel great this summer!

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Don’t let the media, or any other people tell you how you should look. Wear what makes you happy. Dress for your own happiness, not for the approval of others.

Summer is a great time for dressing up and making yourself feel good about yourself! Try out some new outfits this summer that make YOU feel good about YOU!


Now that you have an idea of what types of clothes to look for, it’s time to start shopping. Remember to be confident and have fun! The summer months are a great time to dress stylishly, express your personality and feel great about yourself. You can look good in stylish clothes that fit well, are comfortable and flattering to your body type. There is no need to hide your shape or size when you find clothes that suit you perfectly!

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