How to set up a minimalist iPhone

This post is about how to make my minimalist iPhone Did you know apple the inventor and owner of the iPhone have Apple says it…


This post is about how to make my minimalist iPhone

Did you know apple the inventor and owner of the iPhone have Apple says it rejected almost 1 million new apps in 2020 – CNBC. Talk about very surprising!

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Summary Takeaways

  • Clean Neutral color palette
  • Minimal App Icons on Deck
  • Delete unused apps
  • Clean up emails and declutter regularly to keep your phone tight.
how to make a minimalist iphone

Neutral Makeup palette for Phone Screen

Change your phone lock screen and background wallpaper for neutral colors to lessen eye constraints.

make your iphone minimalist

#1 Distracting Phone Screen Colors

Some distracting colors like neon can make you lose focus. Imagine a makeup palette that you have in neutral shades could be a color selection when you change your phone design screen.

How to Organize Apps in iPhone

  1. Pick an app you want to delete or drag it into a new folder.
  2. Press Long Tap on the app until you see a letter x pop on the corner of the app.
  3. Deleting apps by clicking the appeared letter x and press delete if being ask another time if you are sure.
  4. Alternative decluttering way to delete an app on new versions is long press again the app from the start and click the red selected Delete App with a trash can icon for a faster way.
  5. Organizing your iphone icons by grouping into categories with personal names you want to label. Long press the app from home start screen and simply drag your app to another app to create a subfolder.

Decluttering Phone Apps

Delete Apps you can view on our devices and just make your phone a headquarters of what it to be.

Declutter Social Media Apps

Having too much can distract you from activities from its infinite scrolling which leads to nothing. Endless scrolling will eat your time away. Spend your time wisely.

Turn Off Crowded Notification Alerts

It will come off as another distraction and not to mention a cluttered look in your phone home screen. Find notifications on your notifications settings on your phone and toggle the bar to turn it off.

Turn on the Back Tap Feature on iPhone

For a fast way to go to back tap settings, drop down the search bar on your settings as a shortcut. Command the Back Tap settings for a function to delete another app. To do this literally tap the apple logo design on the back of your iPhone to trigger the command.

Dark Theme or Light Theme

Choose if you want a white minimalist feel for your phone. Black design for darker usage of your phone which can be helpful to your eyes and when using your phone at night.

Make your own minimalist personalize design app covers

Use the shortcuts app to have a clean look and feel for your phone. Shortcuts app tend to have a detail they can hide. Easy access to apps when you need them which is a very nice sufficient way to do it.

This post was about how to turn your iPhone into a minimalist phone

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