13 Dapper Outfits For all Men’s Wedding Occasions

A classic navy blue suit

When it comes to dressing for formal occasions, you don’t want to be caught off-guard by the semi-formal dress code. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have a throwback suit that you can rely on to fit in at just about any wedding. A navy suit fits the bill perfectly, since its timeless color will never go out of style.

A navy suit is perfect because of its versatility and timelessness. You can wear it with almost any type of shirt and tie (white and blue included), which means that you can match a wide variety of outfits in your closet. And unlike many suits, you have the option to wear or not wear the jacket, depending on how warm you feel or what kind of look you’re going for. Finally, black or brown shoes really complete the outfit and give off an air of confidence–the last thing anyone wants at their wedding is for the groomsman to look nervous!

A neutral-toned suit

Your wedding day is a special time. There are many opinions on what the perfect outfit should be, but one thing that’s almost universally agreed upon is that you want to look great. And in order to do that, it’s important to dress for the occasion.

What’s your plan? Is it going to be a casual or formal wedding? If you’re wearing a tie and jacket, you’ll want something lightweight—nothing too heavy or bulky. You might also consider breaking up the solid color of the suit with some white accessories—a pocket square, perhaps (maybe one with a subtle pattern), or even just a plain white shirt (perhaps with french cuffs). If you’re getting married outdoors in warmer weather where jackets are optional, try pairing your suit with lighter pants and some dress shoes. Make sure the suit itself is light—you don’t want it weighing you down on your big day!

A grey suit

A grey suit jacket is a staple of any man’s wardrobe and can transcend many occasions. It can work in the office, at weddings, on dates, or even just when you’re picking up milk. Like all men’s clothing, the right fit and the right accessories are what make grey suits so stylish.

For the daytime suit-and-tie look:

A crisp white shirt with a medium collar should be worn to provide structure for your suit jacket; if you need help with choosing a collar size, try our tutorial here . The best color for your tie will depend on what you plan on doing during the day; we recommend yellow or orange ties if you’ll be attending an outdoor wedding or summer picnic and blue or green if you’re headed to work at a law firm or accounting firm. For something more casual/less dressy, consider wearing a polo shirt with khaki pants instead of slacks. On your feet, we’d suggest brown oxfords or loafers to match your belt buckle if you’re going for that Ivy League look. If it’s still hot out when September rolls around and fall is just starting to creep in—or if it’s always hot out where you live—then go ahead and wear sandals (no socks). If it gets windy where you live, then opt for sunglasses in tortoise shell frames . Add some flair to either outfit by throwing on an ascot , sash , pocket square , tie bar , scarf , suspenders , cravat , bowtie , or lapel pin .

A tan suit

If you’ve ever been to a wedding and seen the groom walk down the aisle in a tan suit, you probably wondered: What color should I wear to go with my tan suit? While it may not be the most important thing on your wedding list (after all, who cares if the wedding is going well or not?), it’s something that many men are unsure of.

The answer for men: wear whatever color makes you look best! You know yourself best, and what looks good on your body will look even better on your new best friend. If you want to go with white, go ahead—just don’t expect anyone else to follow along. As long as you’re comfortable in both colors, neither has any business dictating how you dress.

A black jacket and khakis

This particular getup is going to be your best friend no matter where you find yourself in the world, whether it’s at a black-tie gala or a casual camping trip. The key here is versatility—with a versatile, timeless style like this one, you’re never going to look out of place. The style looks particularly good when paired with brown leather shoes (shoes that match the belt would be ideal), but don’t feel like you need to follow that rule strictly. A navy blue cardigan has all of the hallmarks of classic menswear and will add some extra flair to this otherwise simple outfit.

A bowtie

When you’re wearing a tuxedo to the wedding, it’s all about the neckwear. And while the world’s best-dressed men have been using tie clips for years, there are many different ways to wear a bowtie. No matter how you tie it, bowties are an elegant addition to any ensemble.

Is that just a skinny piece of fabric? Absolutely not—having endless options for bows is one of their greatest assets. Not sure which way looks best with your outfit? You can’t go wrong with anything from clip-ons and pre-tieds to knots and other styles that require tying yourself. Plus, they’re great if you want to switch up your look! If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should keep this trend going, pick up one of these simple pieces and draw your own conclusions.

Bowties will never go out of style as long as they continue being popular with everyone from kids who want to emulate their heroes in movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, dads who want to teach their kids about history through TV shows like Downton Abbey, businessmen who need a little something extra for their suits at work, and more people than we can count who are happy just walking around looking dapper in everyday life no matter what situation they’re in.

What should men wear to a wedding

Men’s weddings are a time to celebrate the new union of two people in love. What better way to do that than with an iconic suit?

A suit is the quintessential wedding outfit for men. It’s universally understood, and can be worn for nearly any occasion. Since suits are meant to be worn by men, women shouldn’t be wearing one at their wedding! But if you’re shopping for a wedding guest, there are options to accommodate every look and budget. A tuxedo is always a good choice, since it allows you to choose from a range of colors and fabrics (such as acetate or silk), all while remaining professional. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a tuxedo, try wearing a suit instead—it will still give off that masculine vibe without the constraints of wrinkled pants and tailoring issues!

For those who don’t have time or money for custom suits or tuxedos (like myself), keep in mind that many ready-to-wear suits can be altered beyond just hemming them up or adding buttons at no cost! Rather than spending your hard-earned money on an out-of-the-box bespoke suit (that doesn’t fit), simply have your tailor make it fit better for your body shape. For example, many stores like Ann Taylor offer dress shirts with darts hidden inside them so they hug more closely around your chest when tucked into your pants—a great way to add some extra comfort while easily transitioning between casual occasions sans suit!

What should guys wear to a wedding reception

If you’re attending a wedding and are wondering what to wear, consider your personal style, the time of year, the climate you’ll be in, the theme of the wedding (casual or formal), whether or not it’s appropriate for you to wear white to the event, and maybe even the location of the reception. For example, if you normally dress up at every opportunity but this is a full black tie wedding, don’t show up looking like J. Crew catalog cover model who’s lost his way.

What can be hard is knowing what kind of look is appropriate for any given event. So we’ve put together this handy guide that shows how to dress for any major situation that may arise while attending a friend’s nuptials.

What should teenage guys wear to a wedding

All the men in our family dress up for weddings, so if you’re as well, you already know that deciding what to wear is a boring process. You’ve probably tried to go with something “classic” (your dad’s tuxedo), but it’s never quite right. Maybe your uncle had a good suit on his wedding day, and you want to find one like it—but those are hard to come by in your size. Maybe you’ve decided that the key is finding something that fits your personality; however, duds don’t necessarily reflect who you are.

After all of this, we believe that quality still trumps quantity when it comes to wedding attire.

What should guys wear to a summer wedding

With an upcoming wedding, there’s no better time to put your date night outfit on display. Summer weddings are an especially good occasion for this as the weather offers a fresh take on dapper clothing. For men, a light colored suit will be your best bet for a summer wedding. When shopping for suits, you’ll want to look for ones that are made from lightweight fabric, since airy fabrics that let breezes pass through are much cooler than thick ones that trap heat.

On days when temperatures reach the 90s and above, you’ll want to go with something lighter than your suit jacket—go with light-colored pants or shorts in order to prevent yourself from overheating. The same goes for roomier suits; these provide more comfort at any temperature (and allow you not to worry about looking like a marshmallow) but make it important that they’re made of something breathable so as not to trap moisture and build up all day long.

For shirts, stick with light colors and avoid stripes or patterns as they can make you feel hot under the collar if the weather is particularly warm. This goes double when wearing dress shoes: opt instead for dark brown shoes (or black), which will help keep your feet cool by absorbing excess heat from the pavement and pavement-related bacteria strewn around downtown Los Angeles’ concrete jungle.

What should guys wear to a beach wedding

A wedding is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event that should be celebrated with your closest family and friends. The occasion calls for a suit, but suits can be expensive and aren’t usually the most comfortable thing to wear on a hot summer day. Not only that, but they’re also not very beachy—and it’s a beach wedding!

What should guys wear to a casual wedding

In a recent survey of weddings, nearly half of brides reported making major decisions about the type of dress their guests were allowed to wear on the big day. In fact, many couples even wrote up formal rules for guests to follow.

There are definitely some strict dress codes for each wedding style—from “formal” to “casual,” each has an expectation for what men should wear. But you don’t have to follow these guidelines exactly if you want your wedding day to be your own special event—you can find a combination that works wonders with this guide!

What do guys wear to a black tie event

You’ve been to plenty of weddings. You’ve likely seen the groom standing tall in his tuxedo, with a dapper look that commands attention. And you’ve likely seen the groomsmen clad in the same attire, looking slightly less dapper but still above average.

The thing is, though, it’s not just about the groomsmen. Grooms too must be dressed for their roles. While some outfits are appropriate for both groups to wear (the most common are suits), some events call for specific attire guidelines based on gender—and knowing how to dress appropriately can make or break how sharp a look is received as a whole.

This guide will show you what men’s tuxedo styles and colors suit your needs and help you pick out an outfit that will keep you (and your groomsmen) looking your very best at those weddings soon to come!

Can a man wear jeans to a wedding

Now that you’ve heard about the no-no’s for men at weddings, let’s talk about what kind of look you can achieve by wearing jeans to a wedding. If you wear sweatpants, the outfit will look too young and casual for a wedding. If you wear dress pants or khakis, your legs will be hidden by your pants and your outfit will appear preppy. But if you wear slim jeans with a nice shirt—one that has enough structure so it doesn’t look like a sundress—and some nice accessories (draping suede belt would be pretty as well), then this is how all grown-up men can wear jeans to weddings:

  • The blue jeans: Get yourself a pair of white selvedge denim jeans that fit well and are made of sturdy fabric. Avoid brands with frayed bottoms or intentionally faded seams; something like Diesel falls right in line with the idea of being dapper while also looking stylish.
  • The black belt: A plain black belt works best because it won’t draw attention away from your attire, but it won’t detract from any creative details on top either if you have them (like cuff links). Choose one with minimal holes; otherwise, they’ll start making noise when you tie them around your waist.
  • The white button down: You can go with anything from light blue to beige in color; keep it simple by choosing something darker than light though so there won’t be too much contrast between your shirt and the item sitting underneath it (like black socks). Choose a button down in cotton or linen (canvas is too thin); avoid silk because it might feel cold against bare skin and make noises when moved around at night. Also, make sure to choose one without any fancy embellishments on it—just buttons only!
  • The navy blazer: The jacket should have metal buttons, which give an extra edge of sophistication compared to plastic ones that don’t hold up

Men have so many ways to dress up for a wedding; the possibilities are almost endless.

With so many options for men’s formalwear, it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect look for your wedding. You can choose a suit, a tuxedo, a jacket and khakis, or even just a button-down shirt. If you’re feeling especially festive, you might even try adding in a tie or ascot to your ensemble. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you’re not sure what will work best for you and your partner’s ceremony, here are some helpful hints:

  • If the two of you are having an evening wedding with dinner afterwards, it’s smart to stick with something more formal than just jeans and an Oxford shirt—you’ll want to stand out from the rest of the crowd while still complementing everyone else.* If your bride isn’t big on formality but wants her groom looking dapper (and doesn’t mind if he looks like he stepped right off the set of Boardwalk Empire), consider choosing something less traditional wth touches of class such as patterned socks or subtly colored suspenders.* If there won’t be much dancing at the ceremony itself but there’s a strong chance that people will get up on their feet after supper is served, it may make sense to combine them and go with charcoal gray dress pants paired with a white button-up that fits loosely enough to stay comfortable for dancing.* With so many styles available nowadays (from literally dozens of different designers) it’s pretty easy these days for any guy who cares about his appearance to find something stylish enough for even someone as picky as his new wife-to-be.

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