What To Wear Golfing

Golf is a fun game to play, but if you’re new to the sport, you might have some questions about what to wear when golfing.

You can’t just throw on any old pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and head out onto the green. As with many other sports, in order for you to perform your best and stay comfortable while playing, there are rules on what’s acceptable attire for golf.

This article gives you tips on what clothes are appropriate for golfing, whether it’s your first time or not.

Golfing dress tips

Golfing is a sport that requires a lot of stamina, not to mention knowledge of the course, the rules and all of the equipment. None of this matters unless you are wearing proper golfing attire. The best thing about going golfing is choosing what you want to wear. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at golfing, dress in clothes that are comfortable and functional for golfing.

There are several different types of shoes you can get depending on who you are:

  • If you are an average player who plays only occasionally, do not buy expensive shoes designed for walking all day on a course. Instead, look for shoes with soft spikes and synthetic uppers; these will provide enough traction without breaking your budget.
  • If you play often and/or walk when playing (as opposed to using a cart), invest in some high quality golfing shoes. These tend to be more comfortable and supportive than regular athletic footwear, which can improve your game by providing better balance as well as preventing ankle injuries on uneven terrain such as sand traps or water hazards.

What to wear golfing when it’s raining

When rain falls out of the sky, you need to suit up with weather-resistant technology designed to keep you focused on your game. Fortunately, golf specific rain gear is now available that features technical fabrics and special golf related features. Some manufacturers provide jackets with a longer back to protect the lower back from getting wet while leaning over to hit shots. There are also special pockets designed specifically for keeping golf clubs dry and safe without damaging them. In addition, there are many pouch-like pockets that allow easy access to scorecards and other items without needing to open up zippers or Velcro flaps.

Golf rain gear

Golf rain gear is essential to a golfer’s game. If you’re playing in rainy weather, you’ll need the best golf rain suit to stay dry and comfortable. What follows are some guidelines for what to wear while golfing in the rain—what keeps you warm and dry without restricting your golf swing?

Rain pants help keep your legs warm. They can be worn under waterproof golf pants or on their own if you’re okay with getting wet below the waist. They look like bargain-bin ski gear, but they can be surprisingly effective at keeping your legs warm. If it’s not that cold outside but it’s still pouring, these could be a good choice for what to wear while golfing in the rain

Golf rain gear reviews

You obviously have to have the proper rain gear for golf. Shirts, pants, shoes and hats are essential when playing golf in the rain. Having the right golf rain gear can help make your game better! Yes, I did say better; by having the right gear you will be more comfortable and therefore able to concentrate on your game rather than how cold or wet you are.

Golf Rain Gear is crucial when playing in rainy conditions. Look at some of these reviews to see what other people think of different types of golf rain gear.

What to wear while golfing in the rain

You should wear a rain jacket or rain suit. You don’t want to be caught in the rain without some sort of protection from water damage and hypothermia, so you should always wear your most waterproof coat. Additionally, it may be smart to purchase waterproof golf pants just in case your lower body gets caught in the rain.

You should also wear waterproof golf shoes. Even if you don’t get caught by surprise with a downpour of rain, there will likely be some puddles on the golf course that you have to walk through, so waterproof shoes can help keep your feet dry while you play. An umbrella can also protect your head and upper body (and maybe even help distract sun-lovers nearby). Having a hand towel on hand to wipe up any excess moisture is always smart as well, especially since the towel will come in handy once the rain stops too: it’s great for cleaning off your clubs after they get dirty during play!

Finally, depending on what type of weather you generally get during rainy days at home, it might be wise to bring hand warmers or arctic jackets around with you as well; if not for yourself then for any other players whose hands could benefit from staying warm during/after play!

What do you wear to play golf in the rain

You don’t have to play in the rain—but if you’re going to, you’ve got to be prepared. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your play wears the same style as your outfit.

  • Bring a rain suit. I’m not kidding: no one wants wet clothes playing golf, and even if they do, it’s not cool—not to mention embarrassing. A decent rain suit will keep your clothes dry and look great as well (they aren’t expensive).
  • Keep your feet dry. Wear leather or synthetic shoes—you’ll be glad you did. I like Nike Free 3s for golfing; they look nice and have a thin sole that gives me support when walking on wet grass.
  • Bring extra towels. You’re going to need more than one towel for this precipitation fight…or at least some way of drying them off when it’s done raining enough for them to start getting moist again. We have these super comfy ones from Lands’ End (http://shoplandsendco.com/shop-by-collection/rainwear?cid=Rainshadow&jid=270835&frid=788&parent_category_id=0). They’re thick, soft, absorbent and cheap—just what you want after playing golf in the rain!
  • Bring two pairs of shoes or boots, depending on how much traction you need out there. You don’t want one pair that gets waterlogged too fast because then everyone will know how much you played in the rain during play…and everyone will laugh at your sloppy game also known as being an alligator with a limp dick who can’t hit the ball properly because he has nothing left but his pride left.

How to keep your feet dry while golfing in the rain

  • First, you can and should wear waterproof golf shoes.
  • If you’re not wearing waterproof golf shoes, consider spraying your shoes and socks with a silicone-based waterproofing spray.
  • Although a more expensive option, Gore-Tex socks could also help keep your feet dry.
  • Finally, if your feet get wet during the round because of wet grass or heavy rain, take off your shoes and socks to put on dry ones if possible.

What not to wear golfing female

  • Don’t Wear a Dress

If you’re running around town, dresses and skirts are your friends. But on the course? Not so much. Because golf is a walking sport (when it works), wearing something that isn’t comfortable for walking can end up being uncomfortable. In addition, if there is any wind, you might be struggling to keep your skirt or dress down and away from your waist. An easy solution is simply to wear pants when playing golfing with pants!

  • Don’t Wear Jeans

While jeans are an acceptable option at times, they aren’t really the best choice when it comes to playing golf. The reason for not wearing jeans on the course is simple: jeans just aren’t as flexible and don’t stretch like other types of pants that are designed specifically for playing sports. Plus, they can get hot in the summer temperatures, making them uncomfortable to wear all day long while you play your round of golf.

What not to wear for golf

There are several things you and other golfers should avoid wearing, including:

  • Dresses or skirts. These are not appropriate for the course. They will inhibit your swing and make you look like a tourist on a sightseeing trip. In addition to being impractical, they won’t help keep you cool in the hot sun. You can opt for women’s golf shorts instead, which have become more popular and fashionable recently.
  • Jeans or cotton athletic pants (sweats). For men and women alike, these options aren’t recommended because they’re too heavy and tight-fitting—they’ll restrict your movement too much during the golf swing and likely get uncomfortable fairly quickly if it’s warm out.
  • T-shirts or tank tops that aren’t specifically made for staying dry during sports activities. These can get very soaked with sweat as you play through the course; if it windy at all, this may be uncomfortable or even dangerous, as wet clothes can make you feel chilled easily in windy conditions.
  • Sweaters, particularly those with loose necklines that won’t stay up over your shoulders when worn during a round of golfing. It’s possible to wear sweaters on top of collared shirts provided they don’t hang down too low; however, keep in mind that these can be uncomfortably warm if it isn’t cold outside!
  • Shorts that are too short—it’s best to opt for regular-length shorts rather than “short shorts” so you project an appropriate image on the course as well as keeping from looking silly while taking on challenging courses!

Golf can be a fun sport to play, but you need to be aware of the proper attire.

Golf can be a fun sport to play, but you need to be aware of the proper attire. If you aren’t dressed appropriately, you won’t be allowed on the golf course. This is because people are expected to look neat and clean when they participate in the sport. You might think that it would be okay to wear jeans or shorts with flip-flops on your feet, but this is not allowed. You must wear pants or shorts that are comfortable for walking and running. These pants should not have holes in them and must cover your legs entirely. If you are wearing a shirt with a collar, it must have buttons on it so that it stays closed throughout your game. A t-shirt without a collar is an option as well, but it may get too hot if you decide to wear layers underneath such as a long sleeve shirt or sweater. It is best to leave these in the car so you can remove them if necessary later on during the day.


So, what should you wear golfing? There’s no specific answer to that question. The most important thing is to keep yourself comfortable and prepared for the weather. The right clothes can make your game more enjoyable by keeping you warm, dry, or cool enough to focus on your game instead of how miserable your feet are getting or how uncomfortably hot it feels in your shirt. You have a lot of options when it comes to dressing for the course, so long as you keep in mind comfort and practicality.

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