What To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

Dressing for 70 degree weather can be tricky—but we’re here to help you. Finding the perfect outfit for days like these can be difficult, and more often than not, we just throw on whatever’s clean. But what if I told you that there were some easy fashion tips tried and true by our ancestors to make your life easier?

It’s true! With this handy guide, you’ll never have to wonder what to wear in 70 degree weather again.

Summer dresses

  • If you’re like me, you might be tempted to wear black in the summer out of habit. The thing is, black absorbs heat and tends to retain it more than any other color, so wearing all black on a hot day will make you feel even hotter. That’s not to say you can’t incorporate black into your outfit—but be mindful of how much of a role it plays.
  • Choose dresses made of light fabrics such as cotton or linen, which allow air to circulate better than other fabrics. You should also steer clear of materials that are too tight or loose. While they may look good when you try them on in the store, they won’t look nearly as good if they’re clinging uncomfortably to every part of your body or slipping and sliding around while you’re going about your day.
  • A longer dress means less exposed skin—and considering how high temperatures can cause our skin to get red and irritated, this is a good thing. But don’t mistake long for shapeless: the best summer dresses have the perfect blend of airiness and structure.

Lighter fabrics; linen is perfect for this time of year

Linen is the perfect fabric for summer. It’s made from flax, a plant that grows in many parts of the world and is woven into a fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. Linen is also very durable, which means it will last you a long time and not need to be replaced often. You don’t have to worry about it being wrinkly—if anything, this adds character! It’s similar to cotton but has its own special qualities: for one thing, linen will keep you cool even when you’re sweating or outside on a hot day. And because it comes from a plant fiber instead of synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon, linen is better for the environment since less energy is used to produce it.

Neutral colors feel fresh right now. Think nude, light tan, and white.

Now that the weather is warm, dressing for 70 degrees is all about breezy, airy fabrics and light layers. It’s the perfect opportunity to pull out your floaty summer dresses, wrap skirts, and printed tops. When you’re adding accessories make sure you leave space for them to breathe on your body — like a pair of shorts with a printed top and oversized sunglasses.

To keep it from feeling too familiar, add in a few pieces that feel as fresh as the season: neutral colors like nude, light tan, and white.


Cooler air creates the opportunity for layering, but it’s not necessary. In a more relaxed setting like this, take the opportunity to have fun with fashion! When you don’t need to wear long pants and coats, you can go for sassier styles and brighter colors.

  • Shorts

Do you have a pair of shorts in your closet? Pull them out—it might be their time to shine! Or maybe invest in some cute new ones: try patterned shorts or denim shorts to add variety to your wardrobe. You can even dress up a casual outfit with some nicer-looking shorts—just make sure they’re not too short or revealing for your comfort level. If you want to keep things professional, opt for some knee-length chino shorts instead. Remember that if your workplace has a dress code policy, no matter how hot it gets outside, still follow the rules!

  • Sleeveless tops

A simple way to feel cooler while looking stylish is by wearing something sleeveless. Whether it’s a tank top or an elegant sundress that shows off your shoulders and arms, try experimenting with different looks until you find something that suits you best. But beware: it’ll probably start getting chilly again before you know it!

Avoid anything too tight or too loose.

You won’t look your best if you’re wearing anything too tight. It’s not body positive to feel like you’re spilling out of your clothing, and it’s not flattering to see any rolls or lumps.

On the other hand, don’t wear anything too loose. If you do, you’ll look sloppy and easily spill food down yourself at parties. If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you perfectly off the rack, get it tailored. You’ll be surprised how reasonably priced this is—and what a difference it makes!

If an item fits comfortably but just seems to be missing something when paired with other pieces in your wardrobe, don’t give up on it! Sometimes all an outfit needs is an accessory like a belt or scarf that can take up excess fabric.

Keep summer fragrances on the light side.

There are a few ways to make the transition from hot summer days to cooler autumn nights a little easier. For starters, when it comes to fragrance, you can keep those summer scents going strong—just make sure they’re on the light side. While an unseasonably warm day might call for a heavier perfume than usual, when fall rolls around, you’ll want to steer clear of anything too sweet or floral—and instead opt for something that’s clean and citrus-y. A fresh, subtle scent is best for this time of year anyway; nothing is more jarring than walking by someone wearing last year’s winter fragrance during August!

If you’re worried about offending people with your scent (or if your coworkers aren’t as big of fragrance fans as you), just remember: less is more. Don’t overdo it! You can also spray a little on your clothes rather than directly on your skin if you really want it to linger throughout the day.

Wear a pair of shorts with a printed top and oversized sunglasses.

  • Pair a pair of shorts with a printed top and oversized sunglasses. Translucent tights are optional.
  • Throw on some white jeans and a silk blouse. Add strappy sandals for fancier occasions or sneakers for casual ones.
  • Wear a maxi dress to go seamlessly from the beach to the bar without having to worry about changing clothes.

Dress it up with heels, keep it casual with sandals, or go barefoot in your backyard and live your best life.

Whether you’re in the mood to dress it up with heels, keep it casual with your favorite sandals, or go barefoot in your backyard and live your best life, the 70s have never felt more comfortable.

At this point, you know what looks and feels good on you (unless you’re a psychopath). Wear that. Don’t be basic! Do whatever makes you happy.

Dressing for 70 degree weather is all about breezy, airy fabrics and light layers.

Dressing for 70 degree weather is all about breezy, airy fabrics and light layers.

  • Airy fabrics — A lot of us default to cotton when the sun comes out, but cotton can be surprisingly heavy. It also requires a lot of detergent and water to keep it from smelling musty as the day wears on! Instead of denim or traditional cotton T-shirts, opt for silk or rayon—they feel cool against your skin, and they look great. Plus, you’ll be able to get away with fewer deodorant applications!
  • Light layers — You never know when you might need that extra layer—in this world anything could happen. Find a thin shawl or wrap if you’re more comfortable in a dress than shorts (or vice versa). They’re perfect for chilly spring mornings or overzealous air conditioning.


To recap, 70-degree weather is a great time to wear a denim skirt paired with a fitted and tucked in t-shirt. Complete the look with white sneakers. If you’re feeling daring, consider adding in some red accessories (a red scarf or belt) to spice up the outfit while still keeping it professional and clean.

Finally, making sure you’re comfortable is key in any outfit selection. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel unconfident or uncomfortable!


  • What should you wear in 70 degree weather? That’s a great question. You can wear a light cardigan, vest, or button-up shirt with a short-sleeve shirt underneath. You could also wear shorts or jeans with breathable shoes like sneakers or boat shoes.
  • How do I know what to wear for 70 degrees? Well, consider where you’re headed and what activities you’ll be doing there. If it’s casual, try a nice collared shirt and some light pants or shorts that are the appropriate length for the occasion. If it’s more formal, break out your khakis and loafers! Or put on your favorite sundress if you’re headed somewhere special.
  • What should I wear in 70 degree weather casual? A cute combination is one of those long sleeve t-shirts with some denim cutoffs and sneakers! You can also go for skinny jeans or leggings tucked into tall riding boots for an equestrian look that is both comfortable (since most boots have cushioned insoles) as well as stylish when paired with a tank top under an open button down jacket…

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