4 Outfits To Wear To A November Wedding

Whether you’re celebrating something or simply want to spread the cheer, there’s nothing wrong with wearing seasonal colors. For those of us who are married or going steady, November is a month full of special events—be it an anniversary, birthday, or wedding—and it’s all too easy to let your wardrobe stagnate year-round when you’re not sure what to wear. The key is to keep things fresh: mix and match patterns and colors that reflect the season and come together as a cohesive look. To help you out for the next month, here are four outfits drawn from our archives and inspired by November weddings.

Each look was to be completed with either a pair of black or gray boots and a dark gray suit, paired off with a stylish white button-down shirt. A multipocketed gray vest would complete the ensemble, finished off by a burgundy scarf.

Wedding season is right around the corner! Or is it? We’re in the midst of one of those weird years where fall has been popping up and summer has been lingering for about six months, alternating every few months. The winter wedding season may still be months away, but you can wear these outfits now to make your wedding planning that much easier.

1. Go bold in a kimono and drapey dress

While some brides may go with a more classic approach, others look for ways to stand out from the crowd during the ceremony. This november wedding guest outfit is perfect for those looking to add a little flair to their look, complete with a vibrant kimono and a drapey dress.

A kimono is an elegant and formal design made of silk or lightweight synthetic fibers, which makes it perfect for weddings. The sleeves are long, loose, and can be pulled up over the hands to keep them warm on cold days. If you’re wearing an indoor wedding outside of November—or just want something more cozy than a kimono—you can layer your favorite cardigan over your outfit instead. A wrap or stole will also do the trick!

Graceful draping is key in this ensemble, so we suggest choosing two items that lean towards this aesthetic: the top half should be loose and flowing, while the bottom half should have wispy layers or vertical strips. An ankle-length skirt provides a polished look without being too stuffy or restricting; any skirt length between mid-calf and above-the-knee would work in place of this option as well. The pictured dress has some texture at its hemline (which allows it to float away from the legs instead of clinging uncomfortably), but if you’d prefer something simpler that still has movement in its fabric, try pairing your top half with wide-legged pants or voluminous leggings.

If you’re going for more volume on your bottom half but still want something flowy like the other pieces in this outfit, try pairing your dress with some wide pants that flare out at their ankles—they’ll also provide extra coverage during colder months!

2. Layer a wedding-worthy coat over a simple dress

When someone invites you to an autumn wedding, you may think that dressing appropriately means throwing on a cashmere wrap and heading out the door. But depending on where you’re headed and what time of day it is, that casual approach could leave you shivering come reception time. The key to dressing for a fall wedding is layers—more specifically, layering a formal coat over a simple dress.

What kind of coat should I wear to a fall wedding?

With all the layers we’ve been talking about, it’s good to know how much jacket you can get away with. The most important thing is to make sure your layer doesn’t go past your hips or mid-thigh. Longer coats will make whatever else you’re wearing look disheveled and sloppy by comparison.

If it’s a daytime event or an outside ceremony in November, consider pairing your dress with a trench coat (a classic style) or peacoat (more modern). Both styles are flattering and keep off the wind without making your outfit feel bulky or heavy. There are also shorter options like duffle coats that would be great for chilly days but not as ideal for church ceremonies if they’re too trendy looking. For evening weddings like this November affair, look into styles such as capes or wraps—something short enough not to drag on the ground but long enough to keep out drafts while still letting others see your dress underneath

3. Go for conservative glamour with a cape top and leather skirt

When you’re invited to a winter wedding in November, there are plenty of pitfalls you could fall into when putting together a look. In the process of planning this blog, I brainstormed some ideas and I found myself going down rabbit holes on dark alleys of fashion that would make me look like I was attending the wedding from an alternate reality where people wear outfits from the 1960s and have never heard of black leather before.

  • Do not wear beige suede gloves as part of your outfit like an old lady at church.*

It’s important that your getup fits the style of the event—the last thing you want to do is show up in a skirt with a corset top if it’s supposed to be a laid-back beach ceremony. When looking for winter-wedding-appropriate clothing, keep these tips in mind:

  • If it’s meant to be conservative, make sure it looks stylish but still feels appropriate for a wedding. A cape top can be both stylish and elegant (and even avant garde or trendy if it has interesting detailing), while still being very conservative since it covers so much skin. The cape top is also far enough away from shoulders that bridal straps are no longer needed: they may seem like they’re necessary under clothes with bare shoulders, but they can actually make your outfit feel provocative when paired together with something high-necked like this cape.
  • To balance out this classic item and give yourself more flexibility with accessories (rather than only having bare arms), pair it with something more exciting! For example, instead of tight black jeans or boring trousers for men and women alike, consider wearing leather pants to inject some interest into your attire. Leather pants are usually reserved for casual situations like heading out with friends after work or hitting up a concert in town—but because they add a bit more flair than most other types of pants while still fitting well into most settings, they’re great choices for events where you want to appear stylish

4. Wear pants with a statement top for maximum effect

Nearly every bride chooses her wedding outfit quite some time before the ceremony takes place. If you’re invited to a November wedding, there’s still time for you to get a gorgeous ensemble for the event—but if you wait too long, you might miss out on a selection of dresses that best flatter your figure. Many brides choose their gown first and then find complementary attire; if this sounds like something you’d prefer, then shop early and make your selection while the most options are available.

  • Wear pants with a statement top for maximum effect.
  • A blazer or dress jacket with your new favorite floral pattern will create an eye-catching contrast against your pants.
  • Forgo matching shoes as it can be too much going on at once; instead, wear bare legs with classic black pumps for a minimalist look.

You have so many options for dressing for November weddings.

You’ve been invited to a wedding in November, and you have no idea what to wear. Do you wear a coat even though it’s supposed to be warm? What about layering? Will you freeze if the ceremony is outside and there’s snow on the ground? It can be confusing deciding how to dress for a November wedding, especially since so many of them happen at different times of the year. Here are some tips for when you’re unsure about what to wear:

You want the outfit that reflects your personal style—don’t let it show that you’re just trying to copy someone else. If you don’t like wearing turtlenecks or long sleeved shirts, don’t do it just because it seems appropriate for November weddings (unless that’s your actual style). A white button down is always a good option, but try out some different shirts too.

Hang up your outfit before the day of the wedding so that if there’s bad weather, you have time to plan an alternative. That way if there are last minute changes due to weather forecasts or delays, you won’t need to stress about changing into something else right before walking out the door.

Print out and study the invitation beforehand so that you know what kind of clothing is expected at your destination wedding. Sometimes they’re relaxed and sometimes they’re more formal than one might think—it’ll save everyone some confusion in advance by reading over things first.

You’ll be most comfortable if your shoes match the terrain outside, whether it’s asphalt or meadow grass or sand dunes; boots for solid ground and sandals or heels for softer surfaces are ideal options . Bring an extra pair of socks with thick soles in case your feet start getting cold from being on hard surfaces all day; no one likes having cold feet!

At many weddings, the headwear you wear at your wedding is not up to your discretion. Sometimes it’s a traditional bouquet or boutonnière, but more often than not it’s something as simple as a boutonniere. This little flower—a mouth-shaped button made of fabric, usually red and worn on the lapel of a man’s vest—is traditionally worn in many couples’ weddings. Although the november wedding trend has been popular for years, it’s only recently that boutonnieres have started to become fashion accessories themselves.

A solid november wedding trend: wearing black at your november wedding. You may think this would seem obvious unless you’ve ever attended a wedding that was anything other than black and white (or black and white with some blue thrown in for good measure). But nothing about the color black screams “November,” does it? Instead, its sense of timelessness makes it seem like just another must-have piece for any fall wardrobe. It can be paired with almost any outfit from summer through winter and into spring—and so should be the case when looking to dress for a november wedding. With that in mind, here are our favourite november looks (in order: top to bottom).


This month’s outfit should be easy to pull off, but still impactful. A simple black dress, a long coat in leather or velvet, and some high heels are the most classic options for an off-the-shoulder gown. But you can also look for inspiration from your local bridal scene by taking note of what other wedding guests (and the venue) are wearing. If it’s the type of event that allows guests to take photos on the dance floor, keep this in mind when choosing what to wear: Suitable footwear is key for looking like you’re not just floating there instead of dancing.

As with all wedding choices, remember that every choice has a story behind it. This one’s ours: The bride and groom had their first date at a restaurant owned by our co-workers where they had a platter of ribs and I was working as a server that night when they met. Together we made memories with them over many meals (including my then-husband coming home smelling like meat even though he’d been gone all day) until finally they became husband and wife at this very place 10 years later. We’re excited for them, so let’s celebrate their union with our own fun attire!

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