This post is all about where to start decluttering

Do you need a declutter your home checklist? I have made a simple decluttering list that you can do for 3 days.

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It can greatly help you even if you work a full time job.

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Have you ever asked yourself countless of times on where you should start to declutter your home?

Start with areas you often use, you always go to, and have the biggest impact on your life. Starting to declutter items that have had always been left at the corner turned into a even big of a mess today and counting.

I love it after I declutter my home I feel a big weight has left my body which allowed me to think clearer and a have a more better relationship too.

How to start decluttering when overwhelmed

I know it can be hard and sometimes it may even leave you wondering and confuse but no worries read How To Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed [2021] to immensely help you.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

How to declutter your life is the biggest question anyone could ask after accumulating all of the stuff that you gained over the years.

My parents and my siblings and I are definitely the biggest testaments to getting stuff being accumulated but ended up living in a much smaller space now and needs time and effort to get our things in sync again.

5 Steps Decluttering Strategies

These strategies are super powerful and effective which you should memorize if you want to declutter your home if you have less time and no desire or spark inside you to finish the tasks and not letting another day get you into saying “Oh I will do that tomorroW”.

  1. Strategies that I recommend firstly is to plan out already in your mind that “Hey this is time to declutter things that I need to get rid of”.
  2. Solidyfing that mindset of planning into a strong mindset that you are setting yourself up for success eventually. The secret sauce is plain and simple “get started now”.
  3. Think postively that you can achieve a clutter free home. Negative impacts can hold you back.
  4. Get organized have a planner written out or an alarm on your cellphone that it is time to declutter now. Set measurable goals with a timeline to be more committed.
  5. Tackle your home one area at a time. I believe in the saying that Rome was not built in a Day. In order to be great you have to believe that taking things step by step is an evergeen solution.

Declutter a room in 30 minutes

Having 30 minutes of decluttering in a day is more than enough if you start to move fast.

Half an hour for two days? three days? or a week will do wonders and make you have more time playing with the kids and letting the husband relax too once in a while from work.

  • Get your supplies such are organizer bins and cleaning supplies like a wipe cloth.
  • Wearing a mask for dusts and dirt clean the surface area if needed.
  • Get the big items on top and work your way down the pile.
  • Separate stuff for bins for keeping, thrash and donate.
  • Clean up the floor and move on the next pile until you are done with all the room’s 4 corners.

Be friendly to yourself and not take too much drama and stress form decluttering. Decluttering should be a good thing that is why we strive to put it on our daily to do lists.

Know and set where your heart and mind is and your home will follow along the way.

Connect with your inner self and you can someday say to yourself that you are glad you did that.

Let your future self thanked you from your present efforts.

how to start decluttering
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How to clean and organize

Okay, Alyssa how do I clean and organize an area.

I have a helpful video here for affordable and effective cleaning supplies and cleaning tools that you might need.

This video is mainly for the bathroom but it works as well in other home areas too.

Organizing your stuff by getting an extra piece sheet of paper and a pair of scissors to cut the paper and do a makeshift label at home. Labels are not cheap sometimes, I have to agree with my statement but feel free to buy cuter ones online.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Color

Have a smoother and faster Cricut machine with the Explore Air 2 model for Cricut,

Upload your design and create lots of beautiful stencils to stick on your storage bins forever for many years. This Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with a free group community wherein you can share designs, patterns when you want to make them by yourself.

  • Use any vinyl products
  • carstock for greeting cards
  • faux leather for pouches or bags
  • adhesive foils for more strength and protection
  • specialty papers like different designs like floral whites and fragrant papers too.
  • poster board materials for decorations for signage or museum information postage.

For super beautiful customizable designs you can make when you feel super creative get a Cricut as an investment.

In my opinion, I have a love and hate relationship with decluttering and organizing as it takes up a huge time, and now regretting my shopping habits or taking in stuff that I no longer appreciate but others can. so Donate, Donate, Donate!

How to start decluttering clothes

Clothes are items we use every day and downsizing your closet is doable.


Check out this post I wrote too because Clothes can be sentimental and detrimental too. I would suggest judging your clothes quality first and the state of the clothes condition in order to know how you would handle decluttering your clothes.

My house is so cluttered i dont know where to start

I feel you as we went through the same thing and still, today get the house cluttered from time to time.

First do not freak out and relax your mind.

In times like these, I suggest getting a black trash bag already in hand to start decluttering your home faster.

Get your floors and table free from stuff.

Having that visual clutter is one of the enemies we have to overcome.

Where to start decluttering bedroom


Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

Where to start decluttering basement

Declutter your basement base on small items first as you need to get lighter weight objects first before you can move to heavier items like furniture and excess closet and wardrobe cabinets.

Decluttering a basement would be quite easy as it is not a widely use space at home every day

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

I personally use this all the time. My free 3-day decluttering guide to help you get started. Changing habits and even the hardest shopping habits are a big thing to do. Regardless of your situation like for me I always declutter my home as I live with my family who has stuff they like and use. There is always no easy way to declutter, as opposed to laundry we have washing machines. Hungry? we can buy a frozen meal and heat it up fast with the microwave or cook it more using an oven at home.

This post was all about where to start decluttering finally

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