7 Easy Halloween Costumes With No Money

Easy costumes with normal clothes Halloween is the only time of year when it’s socially acceptable to be someone else. And while most people spend…


Easy costumes with normal clothes

Halloween is the only time of year when it’s socially acceptable to be someone else. And while most people spend hundreds of dollars on fancy costumes, there are ways to have fun with cheap or free costumes. Here are seven easy Halloween costumes that cost no money at all:

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80’s Workout

The 80’s Workout costume is one of the easiest and most fun to wear. It’s so versatile, you can go for a gym teacher look or just be a regular person who decided to work out before heading out to party.

The main elements of this costume are a leotard, leg warmers (optional), sweatband around your forehead and towel around your neck. You can also add some arm warmers if you’re feeling extra athletic!


  • First, get yourself a blue shirt. You can find one at your local thrift store for less than five dollars.
  • Then, get blue pants. Same deal—five bucks or less at the thrift store, if you’re lucky!
  • Now, go home and flip through your mom’s closet until she yells at you to stop rummaging around in there with all of her stuff on the floor because it’s time for dinner and then go eat some spaghetti (it’s what we call “pasta” here).
  • After that meal is over, go back upstairs and continue looking through Mom’s closet until she yells at you again to stop messing up all of her clothes (you should probably just be thankful that someone like her has clothes in their closet). When she says something like this: “Stop being such an idiot! I don’t even know why I keep buying these stupid shirts when they’re so big on me now! How am I supposed to wear them when they fall off my shoulders? And why do they make them so frumpy looking anyway?” Just smile politely while thinking about how much fun it would be if only there were a way out of here…


You can put together a cowgirl costume with an outfit that you probably already own.

  • Cowboy hat: most of us have at least one cowboy hat in our closet, but if you don’t have one, you could always buy one from Goodwill or Target for $10 or less.
  • Pair of boots: some people like to wear cowboy boots when they go out for Halloween, but if your feet are small and you don’t want to spend money on new boots then just wear your regular shoes!
  • Shirt/vest/pants/belt: if there is no way around spending money on these items then go for it! But again—you can find them pretty cheaply at thrift stores!

Riverdale Cheerleader

  • Use a red skirt or dress
  • Wear a white top
  • Wear blue bow and blue shoes
  • Wear red hairband and red pom pom
  • Apply red lipstick and nail polish. Make sure it’s the same shade of red as your clothes, because this will help make you look like an actual Riverdale cheerleader! See how easy that was? You don’t even need to spend any money at all!

A Tourist

If you’re going to be a tourist in your Halloween costume, why not go all out? You could wear your normal clothes and put a hat on or you could wear a vest and carry a camera and map. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous:

  • Wear your normal clothes with a vest over top
  • Wear your normal clothes with an oversized hat (or two)
  • Wear an oversized hat (or two) with a vest

If you want to be more creative, try making a Hogwarts crest by drawing two lions in front of each other on the hat and wearing it with your robe. This costume will make people who see you say “Ooh!To get the full Riverdale cheerleader look, make sure you are wearing a red skirt or dress. It can be any shade of red, as long as it matches your lipstick and nails. You should also carry a red bag with you in case anyone asks why they don’t see any food at home (they’ll think you’ve been eating all day long). And lastly, use only one pen: not two pens like most people doIf you’re looking for something simple, here are some ideas: Wear your normal clothes and put a hat on (or two) Wear your normal clothes with an oversized vest over top Wear a vest over top of your normal clothes.”

The Sorting Hat

You can be the Sorting Hat for Halloween! All you need is a large hat and a cloak. Write “Gryffindor” on one side of the hat, and “Hufflepuff” on another side. If you have time and money, buy some red or yellow colored paper to write these words on.

Now, when you’re out and about on Halloween, you can point to someone and say, “You belong in Hufflepuff!” or “You belong in Gryffindor!”

A Lumberjack

If you can’t afford a lumberjack costume, or want to dress up as your favorite character from a movie or TV show but don’t have the time or money to make an elaborate ensemble, then this is the costume for you! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A flannel shirt (or two)
  • Jeans and boots
  • Hat and scarf
  • Belt with tool hanging on it (like an axe)
  • Fake beard (optional)

With these five items of clothing, you can be ready for Halloween in no time at all.

Just use your imagination!

You don’t need money to build and create your own costume. All you need is some imagination and a little bit of creativity. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a great costume, try using props or use a friend as your costume.

You could even try using one of your old costumes (if it still fits) or clothing items that you already have. You can also make your own costume if you are crafty enough!

Or borrow a costume from someone else who has one easily available to them!


So, you don’t have a lot of money for Halloween costumes? That’s okay! There are plenty of ways to save some dough and still be creative. The best part is that all these ideas cost no more than $20, so you can use the extra cash on candy or decorations. In fact, if you already have some of the supplies on hand, it may even be possible for some of these costumes to cost nothing at all!

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