What To Wear On The First Day Of School

The first day of a new school can be nerve-wracking! You’re walking into a whole new environment, surrounded by people you don’t know, and you want to make sure you look good—but not too good. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s one that can be achieved with the right outfit.

The key is to stick to basics. Let your clothes be comfortable and familiar to you. You want your outfit to put you at ease, not give you more things to think about as you assimilate into a new classroom.

That means no complicated patterns on your shirt or skirt, no layers that involve intricate pattern-matching or sweeping dresses that don’t allow for free movement. A simple T-shirt dress is going to be your best friend here: it’s casual, it’s comfortable, it lets you move around freely, and it doesn’t reek of trying-too-hard. It says: “I’m chill and I’m easygoing.” And if you want to accessorize with a necklace or a belt, go for something understated but interesting: maybe an eye pendant or some rings with different colored stones in them.

Don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable.

It’s important to wear something that helps you feel confident and comfortable. You want to look stylish, but also like yourself, so don’t dress in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure. If you begin the day feeling uncomfortable and insecure, it will show in your body language and actions. Remember: what you wear is not going to make or break the first day of school or even the first week of school – how you act and how confident you are is what matters.

Wear something with a little extra style.

Now, this isn’t permission to dress like a clown. You want to make a good impression, not look like you just ran away from the circus. However, this is your chance to express yourself and show off your sense of style! Are you more of a button-down and oxford kind of guy? That’s awesome! Maybe you’re more into graphic tees and jeans. Great! There are endless options when it comes to mixing up your wardrobe with some fresh patterns and accessories while still being true to yourself.

For example: if you’re the type of person who loves wearing graphic tees with jeans or shorts, consider adding an extra layer with a vest or sweater over top. It adds interest without looking too stuffy for that first day back at school feel. If you haven’t already got one in your closet, invest in a pair of comfortable sneakers that aren’t straight out of middle school gym class (you know what I’m talking about).

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure everything fits properly (nothing too baggy or tight)
  • Clean shoes (your footwear has a big impact on how people perceive your outfit)

Don’t show too much skin.

  • Don’t show too much skin

You don’t want to come off as the girl who has no idea how to dress or one who’s a little provocative for your age. Dress appropriately and you will feel good about yourself! You don’t want to be pulling up your bra straps, making sure nothing is showing from behind or constantly worrying about your boobs falling out of your shirt by lunchtime. Wear a bra (if you need one), make sure that your t-shirt isn’t see-through and that your pants are at the right height (not too low!) and always wear underwear.

Make sure you’re dressed for the weather.

This is the most important factor in what you’ll be wearing on your first day. If it’s winter, you can’t wear a tank top and shorts. If it’s summer, you’re not going to wear a coat and boots. It’s that simple!

How do you know what to dress for? Check the weather forecast before you go to bed the night before school starts. That way, if it gets warmer during the day than predicted (it happens), then at least you’ve got options: You can shed some layers, or leave them on if you’re feeling chilly.

This may seem like common sense, but make sure when choosing your outfit to consider where exactly you’ll be headed after school ends for the day (if anywhere). Are you going home? To practice? To a friend’s house? Make sure whatever shoes and outerwear are appropriate for wherever your destination is.

Dress for your school’s dress code.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are familiar with your school’s dress code, and follow it. If you are new to the school, ask your friends what they know about the dress code. If that doesn’t help, talk to a teacher or principal before spending money on clothes you can’t wear. The second step is to find clothes that are appropriate for school and comfortable for you. You want to look nice and feel good about yourself when wearing them! People may not notice if your shirt does not coordinate well with your pants, but they will notice if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing!

Don’t try to hide your personality, let it shine!

The first day of school is a big deal. It’s the first time your teachers, classmates and principal will set eyes on you, so naturally you want to make a good impression. Unfortunately, clothes can tell people a lot about you—and some of it might not be what you want them to know. If your mom buys your clothes at Sears and they don’t fit very well, all the other kids will notice—and they’ll judge accordingly. If your dad dresses like an insurance salesman, however, chances are the other kids won’t think too much about it since most dads dress like insurance salesmen anyway.

If your mom dresses in tight spandex pants and stilettos (or worse) every day, though, she should probably heed this warning: everyone will notice. And if she puts up 50 pictures of herself on Facebook every day wearing only her underwear or swimsuit… well then everyone who sees that may have already noticed before they even met her.

Wear something that expresses who you are and what’s important to you.

Your First Day Outfit

Express Yourself.

If you’re not already comfortable in your skin, then being at a new school may make you feel like your skin is way too tight. It might be tempting to try to be someone else–a cooler, edgier version of yourself–on the first day of school. But that probably won’t make you any happier than wearing an outfit that doesn’t express who you are and what’s important to you.

So wear your favorite color; wear something you love; wear an outfit that shows everyone who walks by that this–your life, your interests, your passions–is what matters most to you!

On the first day of school, you want to express who you are, so people can know and like the real you!

On the first day of school, you want to express who you are, so people can know and like the real you!

Don’t get it twisted: a great first impression is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to try to be someone else. If your style is more athleisure than athleisure chic, stay true to yourself. You’ll be much happier if you don’t try to be the smartest kid in class or the coolest kid in class; just do your best and stick with what feels normal for you. Yeah, trying hard may not seem cool—but trust us when we say this attitude will come in handy later on down the line.

Students want to be comfortable, safe and relaxed. They want to talk with friends, check out their new classrooms and socialize with teachers. They don’t want to worry about how they’ll look that first day of school. Pick a color or pattern that represents you as an individual. When you’re young, you are learning who you are.  People will be introduced to your style on the first day of school. Rock it!

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