How to live a decluttered life (Read This First!)

This post is all about how to live a decluttered life you always wanted

If you want to be decluttered in your life then you have to make a plan and stick to it.

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15 Amazing Ways To Stay Decluttered (For Beginners)

  1. Stop buying unnecessary things that will just accumulate into a lot of things that will be forgotten and will not be used.
  2. Always have a thinking mantra that if you have something you need to accomplished or needed to do then do it today.
  3. What you can do every day is Decluttering one area at a time.
  4. Whenever you use something that you have on your house make sure to put it away right away. Sometimes this is the root of the problem which we need to avoid.
  5. Never leave a single day that you’re not decluttering any item that you have.
  6. I am going to share to you what I learned from my parents and that is making the bed first thing in the morning when you wake up to start your day.
  7. Always utilize what you have for sample everything looks and crannies of your hole you can either put storage for things that you actually use rather than using that storage to store more useless.
  8. If you are a busy mom or dad you can have a basket then you can lounge around every day for items that are not on their proper places and when that one week and that you have your free time where you can put all of those items back into their proper places same goes with your own the belongings or adult stuff.
  9. Always have a place for every single item that you are going to bring inside of your home.
  10. How to manage your home? I do get ask of this every single day and I always advise people to live simple because when you live simple you don’t need a lot of things and having a lot of items will make your home looking like a stock room not a relaxing and peaceful habitat that you need as a person.
  11. Whenever you are going to buy stuff from the mall or from the stores practice having one in one out Item at home.
  12. Talk to your family members or other members of your house that we need to have a system in place if we want to have our own into an organized and well clean the home that we deserve.
  13. Stop buying unnecessary things today that in the first place you cannot afford just because you want it at the moment think long-term in that way you can have a less stressful life and also your house will not be filled with a lot of stuff and you can move around freely.
  14. And on that note have yourself permission to buy today that you really want and really need.
  15. If you are busy and have only a couple of minutes of the day to always pick up something on your home that is clutter or things lying around on your floor or on your surfaces.

how to have a decluttered home

how to stay decluttered

Having a minimal aspect when it comes to decorating your space is essential. Be more wary on what to only put as display in your home. Be aligned with things that gives you meaning. It could also mean a simple item that could have memories that makes you smile.

how to declutter and stay organized

Having an organized home is truly a joy and a blessing. You can focus more on what you need to do in your day to day life activities.  Just like in school if you feel like you need to be on top of things, you have to bring your A-game. Clearing all items that you do not need. Putting up front things that will help you achieve your best life. Success starts at home. Just like having a good foundation to be indestructible.

How to declutter home and simplify life

I feel like having a decluttered home lets you speak into different miles and miles of your inner self. Satisfying what you want in life could mean a lot to you. Get rid of items that no longer serve you purpose, hopefully make way for a new space to a new organizer or a home decor now. Simplifying one’s life could be difficult or not.

Secured Simplicity Home Life 

Dropping things could benefit certain situations versus holding on bad items that clutters up so much space in your home. 

Being secured in your home living is very crucial. 

Is it ok to live a simple life

Having that peace of mind everyday that you are in will definitely help your overall simple standard of living. 

You might be thinking that a new style has been reborn within you. I do not blame you at all.

How to declutter home decor

Same goes with food or fashion, a new trend will come along the day. But, how do you declutter your home decor. You can simply repurpose, reedit your design and update it to your new taste. Changing of color, texture or adding more materials like glitter, glue on items to make it more decorative current style you want now. 

Sentimental Items 

We cannot forget about decluttering sentimental items, because they hold so much memories and what our past life is.

Definitely thank your past items as it brings you joy. I decluttered most of our trophies, medals when I were a kid. If you cannot let go of sentimental items, you can repurpose them into something you that does not clutter your phone. Take a photo for memories, or transform them into something singular and light structure.

This post was all about simple ways to live a decluttered life

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