9 Life Decluttering rules (For Beginners)

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This post is all about rules for decluttering in your life

Being overwhelmed with clutter takes so much from us.

Have decluttering rules set, to always keep your house in check.

Make these golden rules to stick by when decluttering.

For clothes, you want to lay them out in your bed.

How to declutter wardrobe fast

Clothes come and go, you will like another clothes style in the future. Trust in basic colors as your foundation and work your way to getting colors for your wardrobe. As you evaluate your lifestyle, studying at school or working in the office. Have a comfortable outfit that you can dance all night in theoretically.

Tips for decluttering clothes

HOW TO BE RUTHLESS WHEN DECLUTTERING CLOTHES [EASY AND EFFECTIVE GUIDE]. Better invest with clothes that will last you a lifetime of style.

Pick clothes you wear from Monday to Sunday.

Special dress or outfit can be kept when an occasion is already on the way.

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Have a checklist of things to declutter.

Cleaning and Organizing come hand in hand to do after decluttering.

Finally, decorating your dream home will be last.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

What are the steps to decluttering

WHERE TO START DECLUTTERING [FAST AND EASY GUIDE]. Having to Outline what rooms to start decluttering will be easy enough as we go in further.

Reminder and Disclaimer: I am not a legal financial advisor, Please talk to a professional financial person. I am also not a registered physician or psychiatrist. Do not take this post as a piece of medical advice. Seek your own doctor and Please read with caution.

Decluttering Rules

  1. Do not get caught up with the shiny object syndrome when you are decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home 
  2. Just focus on one thing at a time. You are not superman, I am not superman. We have a lot of things on our plate as of right now and also in the future.  Always think of what you can do right now and what things you can do actually then sulking and beating yourself up in case things are not going the way you are supposed to plan things out like their outcome.
  3. Think of decluttering as it inspires you and will do to improve your life, because why would you keep doing something if it does not change your outlook in life and make you think more positively and give you happiness.
  4. Focus on decluttering your own item do not meddle into someone else’s stuff unless you got their permission and they know what you are going to do with it.  Needless to say, but it is so easy to put things in the trash can and get the garbage disposal at it, moving decluttered items to a very far place.  Give your utmost respect when it comes to other people’s belongings and please do not force them if they don’t want to let them have their own way their own perspective because they have their own thinking and we cannot control the feelings and their actions.  Again do things that you can do versus doing things that you cannot do. Trust time and the process.
  5. Do not let stuff define you. Do not let all those materials in this world make you as a person because at the end of the day you only got yourself. 
  6. If we are the ones to blame why do we have this situation of cluttered homes and just unhappy houses. Do not play yourself and give yourself a break celebrate that you finally think of improving yourself and bettering yourself now. 
  7. Be kind to yourself. If other people behind you is not kind. Still respect them and move on, give it to yourself this one thing and be kind. Think of when putting yourself first too will come of getting your benefits too. Always move on in life without stepping on other people’s feet.
  8. Backtrack on money when it comes to spending on stuff that before you didn’t have, what was the reason that you and your credit card or debit card to purchased something that you thought you wanted or needed.  You should draw a line between things you need and things you want, simple as that.
  9. Think long term,  what do you want out of this decluttering phase? Would you be spending a lot more money towards things that mean to you? Things that are not good for you.  Accumulating things that are not important should no longer be continuing to put the hole in your pocket. 
tips for decluttering your house

Decluttering room tips

In your house do you think there are many places or corners that you think you can put storage into or built a certain compartment, that you could put the necessary items that you use every day so you would be more organized?

In that way evaluating the space that’s you be more aware of what you own and what you really use on a daily basis. 

Be more grateful for what you already have and make use of things that you already have too.

Living simply is another way that decluttering can be successful in your home. 

Because thinking of things that are truly necessary for you and your daily life. 

Your family will be so grateful because they now can have a clear mind of things that is important to you. 

For example, having a date with your husband or your boyfriend,  spending time with your kids and your dog or pets. 

Having a self-care day is way better than having to be stressed out on things that you aren’t aware are bad for you. 

Evaluate things first and take things from there.

This post was all about rules you need to set daily

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