Can you be a minimalist and a prepper

What is a Minimalist Prepper really?

A great way to being with nature despite living what used to live in the comforts of the city.

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Being a minimalist and a prepper is a good combination.

We can be forced to live on our own and prepare our minds for prepping Emergency food supplies, survival kits, luxury bunkers – CNBC, Why ‘preppers’ are going mainstream – BBC News.

What is a Minimalist Prepper?

A person who prepares for an emergency where times could be hard to get resources and travel on the road. A minimalist approach to prepping is a revolutionized way to achieve more of your goals.

minimalist survival camping

Organizing Minimalist Prepper Bag

Having the necessities is a big plus but a big challenge when you only have one bag to carry it all. Survival Kit Supplies – American Red Cross.

Minimalist Survival Camping

Making sure to provide the basic needs. Camping entails that being close to the sea and forest.

Minimalist Survival Fishing Kit

Simple bait and fishing rod to hunt and get fish from the seawater or beach. Harvesting and Foraging forest plants, fruits, herbs, vegetables for survival meals.

List out things you need before heading out

Have clear checklists on what to bring and you will need to stash them away into your bag. You will also take into consideration the amount as it can get heavy. Be strategic on things you only will consume.

Learning Life Skills from Workshops

Watching youtube channel tutorials or even get more serious and enroll in a camping survival class in your local area. Learn from experts from their first-hand experience.

Dual or Multi Purpose Items

Carry not only a simple knife but a survival knife that can do a lot of things. No more single-use items when it comes to survival. Be more intentional on what to bring and use. Stick to what you know and practice well enough before going out into the wild or area you plan to go to.

Sample Size Items and Organize

Even having smaller items it can still be cluttered and messy inside the bag. Worst you can drop it along the way. Will be more convenient to have labels of items and include their functions and details if you must.

Minimalist Prepper Simple Know How

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