26 Ways To Achieve New Year’s Resolution Goal Setting

New year’s resolution goal setting

Hi everyone, let us get the new year’s resolution goal-setting worksheet starting. The earlier the better.

I hope you are doing well today and I must say that this new year you are feeling to get things ahead.

And make things super sure that you are going to be directing your life the way you wanted to and be more organized.

I mean who doesn’t want to be more organized in their life I know I do I know we all do.

So here are tips for you when it comes to making your New Year’s resolution.

So, if you’re like me a sudden hunger for change whenever the new year rolls out.

I want to also gain more achievable goals.

That I needed to reflect on and do.

Besides, being more organized somehow makes my life more the way I want it to be.

There are amazing ways and it is gonna be my main focus every year.

I know what the others are saying.

Why make resolutions year after year if you are going to be making those same things again and again and fail.

Let me tell you that is not easy.

By the new year comes.

I want to be making another resolution that you are going to be making again.

For your own sake now, is the time for you to make a change.

Because I’m gonna be showing you a worksheet that you can actually make today and put in place.

What you’re going to be making, a decision on for the new year to come.

Isn’t that exciting? I hope you are more excited and so into it, let’s get started.

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a new me poster for the new year

Want The New Year’s Resolution Goal Setting Worksheet?

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Now what are Smart Goals did you know that having Smart both implemented is the same as having the time management training for businesses because it is the SMART which means

  • S for specific Goals,
  • M for measurable goals
  • A for achievable goals
  • R for realistic goals and
  • T for timeline goals.

Goals examples

Well, I guess you were thinking wow.

These smart goals would be the main basis of what it means to have an achievable New Year’s resolution.

Time to be more realistic finally.

Smart goals example

You are taking off the guesswork when it comes to making your calls because if Fou wanna personally be great.

For example, you want to lose weight and that is your main goal so how can we apply the smart goal policy?

First, is we need to be specific about how are we going to be losing weight. For example, so you have to be specific that you wanna lose weight for the next year.

So it means to say, do you want to have a slimmer belly or slimmer arms, or if you want to just be overall slimmer all over the body.

So be more specific.

Measurable Goals

So when you are losing weight it needs to be measurable goals.

So what you can do is have a planner or jot down your current weight and the time that you have been doing like your diet and your water intake and exercise routine.

Goal setting meaning

By sorting that way, you can track what is working and how am I doing it like so?

How do I get there? If I am making sure that my goal is the specific “I wanna lose weight” in a certain area or my overall body fat.

The fact Because I want to be slimmer, I could do that by measuring my goals like having a workout routine or are you going to be hiring a gym instructor.

Think of are you going to be cooking your own meals?

It was up to you how you can do that certain specific goal that you had lined up and thought about before.

Attainable Goals

Then let me go ahead and move on to the next, which is attainable goals all right.

Moreso, before on the side of the measurable goals you had the things that you mentioned.

Take losing weight as an example again. Therefore, now you have mental thinking that you are going to be losing weight.

And having a new diet routine and a new exercise routine is now the time for you to take if it is attainable.

Are you working towards that goal well?

Is it challenging?

Are you going to be able to commit to it?

Are you going to be thinking that is possible?

Because you cannot take over everything and be done overnight.

Let it come as a reason and answer of how you will need to be thinking a lot of step-by-step routines when it comes to attaining goals.

Going towards now on that’s why it is the goal in the first place.

It’s not an overnight success mostly.

Realistic Goals

Leave me to the next one, which is realistic goals.

Now to be honest with you this sounds like you know what you are capable of and who you are.

In defense, because you’re having this New Year’s resolution set.

Yet again this year and thinking back or looking back from last year why won’t you be able to do and achieve your goals last year?

Was it because you need to be more realistic with yourself, like “hey I really want to lose weight” like it will be measured with your passion and how well or how big do you want to be slimmer.

Like our example a while ago because we cannot go ahead and make things simple reason is that we want to be more intense.

But more focused if I may add.

This way we can learn what we are capable of when we are doing things to our goals to be more achievable.

It is vital that we need to be more real with ourselves.

Listen, like are you going to be losing weight?

Do you have the time and energy? Do you have what it takes to lose weight and do exercise every day or do exercise tomorrow or right now?

It could mean a lot of things because we tend to be busy, we have our family we have our full-time job.

How can you implement this goal well and consistently? 

Timeline Your Goals

And finally, our S.M.A.R.T. goal is time-based or needs to have a timeline.

Because if you’re going to be shooting your dream goals in the dark without thinking what’s there to target?

And that nothing is a target for your goals when your mind is scrambled.

Open up to yourself and stop beating yourself up.

Then you are going on a different and wrong path when it comes to achieving your goals for the new year.

By giving yourself a specific deadline when it comes to hitting your goal.

It should be something like for a month or next week or 10 days or even 25 days or up to a year, it should be measurable with time.

So whatever happens if you don’t give yourself a timeline or a timeframe when it comes to achieving your goals you will always gonna be putting it on the back burner or sweeping it under the rug.

Making No Excuses

And just say “oh I will do this tomorrow” or I will plan ahead later and make things simpler tomorrow.

Again with the excuses, because I’m too lazy today or having a lot of petty reasons or having procrastinating your ways in order to achieve your goals which is very difficult and very bad.

Resolution example

Please take note that if you want to change something in your life. Take into consideration of things that make you happy.

  1. Picking up a new book to read and make a reflection when it comes to what you learned from reading that book.
  2. Consider going after your hobbies or go do your passion when it comes to making creative ways when it comes to making your life feel whole again.
  3. Having a daily form of exercise that is simple and not very complicated so you can stick to it better than falling off the wagon early on.
  4. Having more intention when it comes to yourself and putting yourself first when it comes to having more information on what you can do better in your life.
  5. Learn to be more appreciative of other people by going on ahead and letting them know that you are grateful for them whether be a friend or a coworker are your husband or a boyfriend or your kids let them know that you are very appreciative of them and let them know that you are spreading goodness and being more time not only for yourself but for others.
  6. Decluttering your digital space such as your emails your text messages and even your media photos and video files to make space for your phone so you can feel the spark of a fresh new internal storage not only for your phone but also in your life to avoid that visual digital clutter.
  7. Always be kinder To yourself and everything that revolves around the earth are you’re I even in politics or religion whatsoever always be kind and be open and be more positive because nothing is worse than having to lift a heavy weight off your chest every day because of stress and anxiety being more positive even if it means squishy or it sounds silly but it works so we are going towards things that work.
  8. If you’re going to do something then always think about it 100 times before doing it rather than doing it on and call if it’s a good thing and you seriously consider everything then it is up to you to encourage yourself what are going to be the pros and cons of your actions and also what are going to be that effect and affect point of you by being rational.
  9. If there are things that you cannot handle yourself just let God lead the way for you and do not control the situation because the do your universe will be directing you to whatever you are going to be a TV in your lifetime and always just trust the process to be in the now and be present.
  10. Reading a book regularly I know I don’t do this more often but if I have the time in the world and also if we are not busy on our days because they work and also social life I would read a book because reading a book with not only increase your knowledge but also relate more to scenarios finding studies when it comes to having a book on your hand or you could do a Kindle reader or an electric book reader instead whatever does to make you read a lot more things that can inspire you or lead you to another place or universe which is good for your brain And also you can be more inspired which can reduce stress and Isaiah to because you are focusing on bettering yourself and also making more development to your brain again that could lead to more focus and concentration which is overall a great finding when it comes to reading book weather quit reading a book a month reading a book every week or every day it is up to you.
  11. Traveling is an understatement nowadays but traveling really takes a whole lot more perspective and new perspective when it comes to wine into another place that you have not been before and you’ll learn so much and you will feel and realize that the world is a big place and open your mind that life is very beautiful and God has created a wonderful world and extraordinary matters that you and I experience.
  12. decluttering your home now I know this is a drastic change but if you’re going to be the quarter room by room then you will not get the optimal and bigger prize when it comes to decluttering cleaning organizing your home if you want to make big changes in your life then do a lot of increase incremental decluttering pass in your home right now.
  13. Be kind to yourself and stop judging others and judging social media and how things are in your life versus celebrities because let’s face it not everything you see online is really what it is some could be Photoshop is highly edited or with filters that could really damage what you have been thinking and feeling for yourself because the best thing that you could do for yourself is loving what you already have and be more content instead of blaming yourself why would I not look like this like why would I be looking sexier or more thinner or have more muscles if you are a guy.
  14. Thinking to yourself that the earth is no longer savable or do you think that our mother earth is completely destroyed then you have to think again because we have to save the earth and reduce our waste and also clean up by having a lot of sustainability practices in our home and also wherever we go because we need to love the earth it is the habitat that we are living in so we need to step it up and not think that everything is doing good and also done because if we are positive enough then we can save the earth and make our place the best thing that we could ever ask for.
  15. Donating to Charity or having to help a fundraising problem when it comes to social organizations that help be for our unfortunate people in your community even if it’s small you can do a random act of kindness and volunteer when it comes to making a difference in the world one step at a time.
  16. Learning more to be streetsmart and also being more frugal when it comes to spending your money if you are short or if you are thinking of ways to increase your livelihood or your budget you need to start saving money and putting some and thinking of saving for a rainy day.
  17. Start a bullet journal on things you are thankful for and also what things that you want to achieve in your life because if you are not aware of if you are not thinking of ways to better yourself every day then you are not going to be moving from a place that you are in because everything will change and we also need to adapt to everything that is going on in the world.
  18. If you are looking into saving a lot more of your money because you are working hard then you need to be thinking now ways on how you can have even just a small investment when it comes to your overall financial situation because you need to be smarter when it comes to your money and think more of what things that you need to achieve because if you want to have a simpler life then I suggest that thinking to your financial capacity is having more of it is as a savings and living simply to reduce stress and gain financial freedom.
  19. Take your goals and break them down into pieces because let’s face it you cannot do all your task in one go because you are only a single human being and you cannot make things as you want right away because you need to think a plan and little by little or one step at a time you can achieve everything off in your list of goals if you are serious enough.
  20. You need to stop comparing yourself to other people even if you think that you are capable of having much more than just being more content and hammer I think that it is not bad to give others their own spotlight in their life because having the validity of other should not be your main focus and having the focus of yourself and what makes you happy is much greater than having a pretend success barrier that is keeping you from being happy.
  21. Have time for yourself because if you’re always in your friend’s circle and always hang out with your friends then when will you have the time for thinking about what you want because you’re mine can be influenced by your friends and always be careful on who you are trusting and think through what you need to be more in line in your life.
  22. Not buying unnecessary things finally because having things that you don’t need because if it’s just on sale or it is the latest trends then I think you are kidding yourself because having timeless pieces and neutral items that can be used again and again is far better than having the latest trends and then it dies out.
  23. Stick to your planner because if you only have a notebook or a worksheet or workbook or funner if you don’t stick to your schedule and your goals are your daily task then going to happen it is just going to be declaring your stuff to be done and not implementing and making it happen.
  24. Keeping track of your finances is very important and nowadays when we have things that we needed to pay like electricity bill utility bill just a lot of bills we could have a tracker that contract and manage the ones that we have to pay in order to not be late.
  25. Simple things of exercises every day like making a different decision when it comes to walking or jogging for a short distance store rather than getting your car keys and driving over there is a simple way of doing things differently to input and inject a bit of exercise in your daily life.
  26. Take that yearly or annual physical exam at your local hospital and having checked out everything is a must because even if you’re not feeling well or if you’re doing OK it is always a nice way to check yourself if you have a health problem and do not neglect to go to the dentist either because teeth are somehow the least things people check on regularly.

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