How to organize recipes electronically [Best Tips]

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The best way to organize recipes electronically

Recipe filing made online is very simple you can upload your files into Google drive. Save your recipes via notes app on your phone if you need quick access even if you are offline. 

Recipe organizer software

I do recommend using google drive to store all your recipes as it is Free and easy to do. you can have your files from Microsoft word or Microsoft Excel saved and upload to google drive to download it directly to view there when you need your recipes.

How to file recipes

Just like making your own list of recipes that are tried and tested. Family all time favorites does belong into your recipe file manager. While having a spontaneous grocery shopping trip you can always whip out your phone to read the ingredients list needed for your dinner or lunch cooking session. 

Group your recipes into subcategories like desserts, soups, salads, meat, fish and many more. Label your folder to sort through the recipes so when you need to get a recipe you trust you can easily find it. 

Your recipe should be sleek and organized. The way things are when you do not have the time to print out a recipe. Finding your stored recipe digitally is convenient and does not hold clutter. 

Recipe scanner and organizer

When storing recipe that you can either take a screenshot or place your pictured recipe listed on a piece of paper into a scanned image include the recipe creator and which book you found it or a website URL.

How to organize recipes from cookbooks

These recipes are worked by other people do not steal or sell copies without proper permission written by the publisher or rightful owner. You can view recipes for personal use but not commercial use. Kindly scan cookbook pages to be stored for personal use only.

How to organize recipes in a binder

Print out a very simple basic recipe list of ingredients and its procedures. Categorize your final lists into meal types such as desserts, appetizers, party food, dinners and lunches and so on so fort.

How to file recipes

When filing recipes it is much nicer if you have it printed out in the same format and not a lot of colors. Very readable and filed inside the plastic or laminated recipe binder that you do it yourself only. You can include the website URL and the photo of the recipe to see how it would look like.

How to categorize recipes

In separate titles have recipes categorized by food sequence types like breakfast, lunch, sweets, bread , etc. After that, I highly recommend arranging next by alphabetical order starting from A to Z.

How to organize recipes electronically this year

Along with seasons and holidays you can always add to your recipe vault wherein recipes are stored digitally. Using google drive is easy and the link can be shared to your specific family given if it is the recipe you developed. You will have more time now to dedicate into meal planning as your favorite recipes are now within arms reach. No more frustration if it is a big or small celebration. Food makes us happy and you can do so with cooking. Cooking brings happiness to people.

How do I organize my recipes?

Declutter your super old cookbooks as they could be a lot and make your kitchen not function well due to the mess. Sorting and gathering your recipe ideas and recipe favorites into one database for your next cooking would be so much easier.

How do you digitize a recipe?

I know I am not the only one who has a mom that keeps her favorite recipes on every piece of paper out there, even scratch papers which used as a makeshift grocery list too sometimes.

Another classic way of storing food recipes which has been passed on by generations is by writing the recipe into index cards and safely stored in a small box. Although a classic but as the years go by it will get dirty and sometimes stained when it is being used while cooking as a recipe index card guide. or much worst your beloved recipe cards would get lost.

Using google drive is a much faster and easier way to digitized family recipes and can be shareable to other family members. You can easily scan recipes through the Google drive app to make your life so much easier.

Much faster way of saving recipes digitally is having recipe templates that you can just fill in the blanks to speed up the writing process.

How do you organize recipes on Google Drive?

Changing the file name into what the recipe digital file is what it really is. Organized recipe digital files is the first step to sort so you can find them easily. Make sure to spell correctly so when you type the recipe into the search box it will immediately appear. Google drive can also indicate dates of when it was added or modified.

How to keep recipes organized online

Use a recipe saving template which includes borders, categories sorted into columns and rows. Recipe measurements and added notes will be a great help if you want to include extra information if a certain ingredient does optional food items as replacements.

Having an email address is the first step to getting a free google drive and when you plan to expand your recipe list you can just buy storage MB or megabyte to increase storage capabilities.

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