How to throw things away without feeling guilty

How to not feel guilty about throwing things away

Feeling of guilt is common to experience, especially if you are super careful with your money and belongings. If you resonate with any of these please keep on reading.

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Anxiety about throwing things away

Are you getting anxious about throwing things away? Feeling of uneasiness when decluttering because you are uncertain of what the outcome would be.

Why do i hate throwing things away

Struggling to throw things away because you might be thinking you will feel guilty throwing things away. Throwing means not seeing that exact same item ever again.

Why do i feel guilty throwing things away

Do not let yourself be afraid to throw things away if it means changing your life for the better.

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I feel bad throwing away stuffed animals

When I was younger I feel bad throwing away stuffed animals because they are like safety blanket friends every little boy or little girl has. Stuffed animals if having a lot of it can lead to so much dirt and dust without even trying. They are made from fabric and can sometimes be on the floor every time. To avoid dust allergens because you seem to irritate your nose all the time, having too many stuffed toys might be the reason.

Why do i feel like throwing everything away

Decluttering a bunch of stuff or item will be easy for most people wanting good changes in their life. Having too much stuff makes most people like me uneasy because I think I am needing to be more responsible for every single thing in my space. It is never fun.

On the contrary, throwing things away feel good too. When you finally do it.

Landfills of stuff

From now on try to adapt to a more zero waste lifestyle to avoid landfill guilt. There is so much trash that is not being recycled. Using and choosing the clothes well that you will truly wear. Wearing more minimalist and basic clothing can be a good cost per wear investment for you. Try it out and come see for yourself. Read this related article about How to be minimalist in clothing.

Minimize Closet

Clothes get to be on most landfills. Every single season there will be new trends and new clothing styles that people will buy no doubt. Filling our homes with another new white shirt but now it has a pocket. It is very important to minimize closet.

If you are a fashionista and like to play dress up. I understand how minimizing your closet options seems so hard. It is hard at first and trusts me it can get better. You can try reselling your clothes to your friends if you have similar clothing tastes.

Permission to throw things away

Do not just throw stuff away on a whim especially when that specific item is not yours personally. Kindly ask permission from your family member or relative in order to have transparency and respect is present. If you can have them with you when decluttering and help out when tidying stuff up in your spaces.

Is it bad luck to throw away a gift

It is not bad to throw things away but putting them into proper garbage disposal practice will have a far better effect on the environment. Always practice reducing, reuse and recycling to avoid clutter.

If you can try to thank the item because it has served you purpose in this lifetime. Overall try to judge what you can see and feel if you declutter gifts. You can repurpose gifts without throwing them away given that they will still add value to your lifestyle.

Closet hanger method

Decluttering your clothes will be extra easy when learning and trying out the closet hanger method. It is commonly called the Reverse Hanger Trick which is very effective and I highly recommend it. The first step is to purposefully turn the hook facing yourself when hanging your clothes in the closet. After a month or 6 months up to 1 year you can easily reassess your clothes and find which ones are not usable for you. This is very clever and You can apply this on all your garments even if you fold just make sure to put it in reverse on your closet to reveal clothes to donate, throw or sell.

Speed cleaning house

One speed cleaning hacks is cleaning motivation. Speed cleaning tips professional cleaners do are cleaning rooms one at a time. Ready with cleaning supplies and tools in a ready-to-reach place or container. Throwing away garbage first to lessen visual clutter. Dusting, then using the vacuum. Next, use cleaning agents or cleaning liquids to wipe surfaces. Lastly, disinfect all areas and have a scented smell to purify and make the house smell extra good.

How to not feel bad about throwing things away

Always think that someone out there or another person in this world might get joy out of the item you had like paintings and many more. Thinking about clearing clutter will make you feel at ease and lessen your daily worries in life.

How to throw things away without feeling guilty tips

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