9 Tips on How To Keep Decluttering (Last Tip is my Favorite!)

This post is all about How To Keep Decluttering Why Clutter Is Killing Your Focus (and How to Fix It) – NBC News. Clutter tends…


This post is all about How To Keep Decluttering

Why Clutter Is Killing Your Focus (and How to Fix It) – NBC News. Clutter tends to be on our eye level sight thus throwing you off of your focus at home and things you needed to do or accomplish.

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How to keep motivated when decluttering

So how can you keep decluttering when you feel down and spirits are low?

3 tips for decluttering your life in 2021 | CBC News is a very good read and more information-loaded stuff to know and Expert home organizing tips for coronavirus quarantine by Los Angeles Times which gives you organization tips when you are just at home.

man tired of cleaning and decluttering
  1. Tackle the decluttering job in smaller bits of tasks instead of jumping into a bigger tasks.
  2. Use the A-OK Decluttering WIth Kindness System
  3. If you are wanting a change then try it our for once and see how you will like and feel about it.
  4. Upon seeing the outcome and results would you think you can continue on, or needing some more help?
  5. Evaluate your home and how decluttering can change the way you live and relationships at home might get an improvement
  6. Play on your favorite music or listening to your business podcast and self-empowerment podcasts episodes to boost up your motivation and productivity.
  7. Reward yourself after decluttering. It could be treating yourself to an ice cream or a bubble bath to end the day into a relaxing note afterwards.
  8. Focus on what you are doing, if you are the kind of person who can work in silence and try to do so. What works for you should be the one you need to be doing.
  9. Always remind yourself how awesome you are, even if you are alone on decluttering journey of yours, you will feel the need to cheer yourself up in order to overcome daunting decluttering tasks here and there.

How to know what to keep when decluttering

You can always decide what to keep when decluttering.

Because it is supposed to be a very calming action to make your house feel homier and organize.

How to decide what to keep when decluttering

When starting to declutter you will instantly see when organizing your keep pile that you will use that item again.

A very straightforward answer to leave out the guesswork which can cost you time still.

Keep the items that mean to you and make sense to still keep them because it makes you happy and makes your life easier too.

Tips to decluttering

11 BEST TIPS TO DECLUTTERING A BEDROOM , When decluttering it makes sense to start decluttering in the bedroom because it is where you start and end your day. You always spend time being in your room the most.

How to stop decluttering

What happened next when to stop decluttering, here are insightful tips that let you know what to do next after you decluttered your items at home.

This post was all about How To Keep Decluttering even when you are busy

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