How to downsize and declutter without sacrificing things you love

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How do you deal with clutter around the house? The feeling is so overwhelming and a mountain or pile of stuff looks and feels daunting to say the very least.

How to downsize clutter

Here is the best guide to show you how to declutter and downsize your home living without sacrificing things you love. Many memories and deep meanings of our kid’s photos, memorabilia, family recipes, seniors who have lots of stuff lying around, we cannot help it. Important items can gather families around and can be well thought of by generations. Those are things we do not get rid of. For more tips read on more to find out.

You can only make your decluttering session once a day. If you do not declutter once a day then the progress will not move. Every time you declutter you will move the needle.

How do you drastically downsize?

Drastically downsizing your home is doable and achievable. You need to overcome your decluttering worries first.

Judging the horizon and measurements of your home make it more feasible onto where you need to start first. Make a simple habit of not taking into new stuff upon decluttering.

Have a more feel and need or thinking in your mind that you need to stop buying unnecessary things and getting things that will only be cluttered to your home.

It is so much nicer to be able to live in a home that you’ll love and not a home you will hate.

What is the fastest way to organize clutter?

Organizing your clutter first starts with decluttering. I highly suggest throwing things right away if you do not need them anymore.

Put the items into their designated places. Every item should be in their proper baskets or storage shelves unit. You will feel more alive and kicking when you see that your Living Room is free from all the clutter.

A home is always being greeted by anyone through the Living Room, after you accomplished tidying up and picking up little trinkets and knick-knacks you will be on your way to a more decluttered home.

The drawers of your every room at home need to be organized and simply making them appear rather than stashing away into a pile of miscellaneous stuff.

Duplicates and Items that are already broken and cannot be fixed should be decluttered right away to eliminate the space it was holding up before.

How do I start reducing clutter?

One thing to reduce clutter is to start with small things that you always have to get and accumulate over the years.

Always make sure you are having a safe place that will always be empty or clear so you can use that space to make yourself comfortable when you declutter.

How To Stop Compulsive Decluttering (Easy Steps)

I recommend sitting on a comfortable chair if you feel your legs or feet get crammed up from standing up for too long.


Decluttering is a physical activity and should be taken into account of looking after yourself more than ever.

One thing you can really see in the progress of decluttering right away is clearing off the above spaces or spaces on the surface tops or countertops to ensure places are free from clutter.

You will instantly feel that you make progress and encourage to do more and finally declutter your whole home. Make time when it comes to decluttering.

How do you declutter a very cluttered room?

Decluttering a very cluttered room is a challenge. Do not underestimate yourself and always think of a good outcome.

You have to gather in a room you need to declutter first and categorize them into donating, thrash, keeping, and selling. Grab your handy trash bag to easily get rid of things to remove right away.

Once you are done you can organize and put items back into their proper places. Maintaining a clutter-free home now will be much easier.

How to downsize and declutter without sacrificing the things you love

Many times we might overlook what we really love and items we actually just wanted to be there.

Decluttering without sacrificing the items we really like can be extremely hard as we have certain memories connected and attached to them.

How do you declutter without getting rid of things you love?

First accept that your items can be donated and loved by other people. You can repurpose an old item into a new item. Showcasing what you already have will increase the home likeness visibility levels. Plus you did not have to replace or throw away stuff that holds wonderful memories worth a lifetime.

How do you downsize when you love something?

Ask yourself deeply if this stuff really needs to be at your home? Would you think of organizing and keeping it on a beautiful box or frame to be a home decor that your family will love? In most cases, if the item is not replaceable or something that your child specially made, One of a kind then you should keep it.

How do I downsize my belongings?

I have been through this cycle again and again and quite frankly the longer I do it the better I get. Having a minimalist lifestyle or similar to that extent should solve downsizing your belongings. How do you become minimalist?

How do you declutter without throwing it out?

I recommend putting the item into a place where it will be appreciated more and use more often.

How to downsize your clutter

How reverse decluttering can help you downsize [Shocking Details] You can do as well reverse decluttering, decluttering without throwing stuff away. Make sure to only leave the important and items you will use only in this process.

How to downsize your bedroom

How To Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary [Read This First!] I would take the word literally as bed and room. A room for a bed only is what a minimalist would think. How to survive as a minimalist, your bedroom should only include essentials like your closet or study table and bed. Forget about too much decorating your bedroom as it can collect dust and give the potential to always declutter it again. Bedrooms are considered the busiest part of the home too nowadays.

Overwhelmed by downsizing

How To Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed, being overwhelmed is normal and it’s what happens when you accumulate too much stuff over the years. Make a list of items you only will need and clear and throw items as much as you can by making quick decisions to feel instant results. How To Make Quick Decisions When Decluttering Using A-OK Decluttering With Kindness System

Decluttering and downsizing for seniors

I have my parents are seniors as well and I completely know the struggles when it comes to decluttering. I have all the answers. Downsizing and decluttering for seniors, in a nutshell, needs help and assistance. Physical activity is like a barrier to decluttering a senior’s home. Ask assistance to your kids or relatives and see if they have time to help.

Downsizing At 70

Have a visit and take care of everything the pushing, lifting boxes, and sorting through things. You can have them look at the stuff and ask them in which categories, donate, sell or throw each of the items they own.

How to downsize and simplify your life

Feeling and praying for the gift of contentment and never settling for a life that you feel you won’t be happy. Our stuff and extra items can hold back our life. Make sure to edit and filter things out to only things that matter to you.

How to downsize your life and save money

Stop spending so much money on things that do not make you happy. Every item you will buy and will put inside of your home should be accounted for. Save money by only buying your needs than wants. Have money put into savings and investments. A gift for your future.

Make sure to always eat all your fresh produce like leafy green vegetables and fruits as they tend to get spoiled much faster. HOW LONG DO SALAD KITS LAST and When To Declutter [EASY GUIDE]. Salads are fast meals that you can put together in a few minutes. 5 Best Salad Meal Prep Containers That You Only Need To Purchase Once

How to downsize your wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe for different seasons is helpful when downsizing your closet wardrobe. Only keep the clothes that you are going to wear. When buying new clothes, use the First In and First Out concept to still have the same quantity numbers of pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

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