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Decluttering your mind seems to be a good idea? Short answer, YES. When you clear your mind space you can easily think clearly and understand clearly. Love the change in your life could be million other different ways but believing in yourself is the greatest love of all you can give for yourself and people or loved ones around you.

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1. Have a Thought Journal

I have my own ideas notebook for dreams, business ideas, and just random things of every day that inspire me like nature sounds while stepping outside the house and hear the chirping of birds when waking up in the morning.

2. Go Digital Planner

If you want to go digital you can opt with using a planner on iPads that you can draw with a pencil that is what I do. I love drawing illustrations and digital art. Truly the biggest worth-it investment for me plus I get to read a book with a bigger screen too when I do not have my book with me.

3. Meditate

Meditation can be a big help with decluttering your mind as you center your thoughts and goals for the day. Visual clutter is mostly the hardest one which I talked about here.

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4. Listen to Nature Sounds

I love listening to nature sounds when stepping outside of my house. My top recommendations are rain sounds, ocean waves sound, and stream water river sounds.

5. Unsubscribe on Youtube Channels

I know but watching too much youtube on topics you do not agree on most with your beliefs and values tends to give you stress and cluttering of your mind as it can take up too much space.

6. Less Talk and More Doing

Procrastination is the enemy of creativity and success. I recommend have a to-do list or checklist wherein you can put all your amazing ideas and things to do for the day to hold you accountable and most importantly a good reminder for the day when you just going at tasks by task every single day.

7. Do What You Can Possible

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In regards to the recent number above, we tend to overlook ourselves, and sometimes that does not work out well. Have a possible to-do list that you can possibly commit to. Much more you will have less thinking of things in your mind so you can think things at the moment which will change your life from today onwards.

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