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Decluttering at times can be unmotivated especially when cleaning. I get tired easily when I have to do lots of things in a day. Sometimes I tell my boyfriend or family that 24 hours in a day is not enough of things I need to accomplish for today. I really know that having to read a decluttering quote can be an instant cheerleader and motivation to keep me going for my decluttering home goals that I want to achieve. Being organized and neat are things that are achievable trust me, this will be easy for you soon enough.

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1. Declutter that is out of control was made when you procrastinate

2. You cannot be buying another item you wont need, You ain’t DJ Khaled to be having another one

3. When you leave this Earth no one will remember how your sofa is nice when sharing your precious moments together

For real as you cannot get or buy things in your last days on Earth.

4. Be clutter free to avoid lesser time for what matters most

I realized recently that I rarely get to spend time with my dogs whenever I get busy during the day or at night because of cleaning.

5. Decluttering will bring you fortune

Try to donate or sell to earn an extra buck.

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