This is why we have the best decluttering advice

Best Decluttering Advice, are you looking for it? Time to have the motivation and know why decluttering can help to feel overwhelmed with the mess…


Best Decluttering Advice, are you looking for it? Time to have the motivation and know why decluttering can help to feel overwhelmed with the mess at home.

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This post has been why we have the best decluttering advice

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

I have been decluttering for years now, ever since then there would always been seeds of knowledge along the way.

Declutter what you don’t need

Wow, is this new? Hear me out, even this is a big cliché and people think this is obvious, but you cannot be so sure until you have this by heart and mind.

Tidying Book by Messie Condo

Do not hold onto stuff longer

I know that memorabilia might mean a lot to you, but as time goes on, what truly matters is the memories we have on our hearts. Well it is not bad to keep a few things here and there.

But always go to the root of decluttering stuff and that is items that are forgotten or where you cannot see.

best decluttering advice

Avoid buying things you not need

I had this buying things I hope I will need syndrome. I have come to realize that it is okay not to have these stuff on my house.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

I do not want my own place to become a landfill of nothings. Be okay to not hear or have the latest trendy gadgets or clothes out there. Pray and practice contentment, and buy what you actually need and will improve your life.

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The Clutter-Free Home: Making Room for Your Life

Listening to trends is like your friend going on a breakup that is from a toxic relationship that you keep hearing about but we listen to anyways. A new product just came out like an iPhone, you might think to yourself, I got to have it and people will like me, or think I am cool. Expensive things makes it look like a status symbol nowadays. Time to rehash that thinking now.

Always think of your home situation

Are you living in a small place but want to own a lot of stuff? better think twice. I know that owning stuff get a sense of excitement, but not right after you need to clean your space big or small that is.

Make more time with your family

I know I talk about decluttering here so much, but doing is more what we can do to achieve. Having a motivation to get things done soon is more ideal. Instead of buying so much stuff, aren’t family is what most matter to you? Do you constantly have to clean around or declutter things. Have that sense of time is essential and better way to schedule things ahead and make time for the family whether it be movie time or talking over dinner.


Things are only here on Earth

Yes, You cannot pick up or lift up those collections you have here, material wealth. Have a thinking of things that helps you improve your life, be grateful and thankful for everything. It is not the end of the world if you throw out boxes of 10 filled stuff toys from your childhood. Have those memories capture on photos or in your heart.

Declutter starts where you always are

Always have the urgency to start where you always are, meaning the bedroom? or kitchen.

Whether you work in your bedroom or cook a lot for your family in the kitchen.


Start where you need most done and no clutter in sight. This helped me tons when I was cleaning out for the first time after I graduated university.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

I got a job right away for Delta Airlines, I had to rearrange all my clothes and buy office wear as we do not have any uniforms ready yet. That helped me a lot when I had to got to work 2-3 hours as the workplace is very far from where I live including car traffic going there. Always on the go women will understand.


Advice on decluttering your home

My advice has always been the same and innovating more ideas with decluttering. You need to start decluttering the area wherein causing you to feel the most cluttered.

Quickly declutter your home using baskets that you can use every time an item has no place yet. Using the basket system always works out for me.

Basket System in Decluttering saves me time and effort, as you all know Alyssa is very strategic when it comes to decluttering. I highly recommend you do the same thing.

Segregating items from your Decluttering Basket System to what you actually need and can live without. It is always advisable to not buy stuff without coordination with your life.

Best decluttering advice

Decluttering your house quickly for me is just one major tip to remind yourself and that is to throw stuff. Sounds harsh it may seem but throwing things when decluttering is the most effective way to do it. 

First, Declutter items in your closet, your clothes are one major thing that can be easily be decluttered. We always buy clothes when it is on sale, or cute outfit that we see. At home I have a first in and first out system to regulate my clothes.

Declutter your house this year with clothes first,  followed by items that you have been waiting to declutter. Surfaces like kitchen counter tops when decluttered can make a huge amount of difference right away.

Decluttering when feeling overwhelmed is mostly what people commonly experience. You can lessen your burden of feeling overwhelmed with clutter by getting rid of big ticket items like damage or broken furniture. Letting go of the big clutter  will make you stress less.

Decluttering tips for home

Having a schedule of when you should declutter your house fast easily is important.  Throwing stuff and organizing right away putting items in the right places.

Start to Declutter your house room by room especially if you do not know where to start. Remember, you cannot achieve perfect but done is enough, tomorrow is promised. Process in your mind which one should you categorize to donate, sell, or trash.

When decluttering you should not do things all at the same time. Decluttering could take time and more effort because you need to think versus cleaning.

Again, When you feel overwhelmed with clutter always remember the end result of it. Always gauge the time that you have free and declutter the small and easy items first at the surface to not look more cluttered.

Decluttering organizing hacks

  1. Start right now
  2. Motivate yourself to declutter
  3. Use baskets when decluttering to categories items quickly on sell, throw, or donate.
  4. Stick to a Decluttering Schedule you can do at no fail.
  5. Have a Decluttering Day and put in the hours
  6. Make a Clothes hanger hack: Put the clothes in reverse. What you use after and washed will be put back normally hanged on your closet. You are now able to see which clothes you do not use much and decide which one to donate or sell or trash.
  7. When in doubt try to buy no items the whole year.
  8. Avoid using to much dividers or organizers because it will prompt you to take more stuff inside of your house.
  9. Use items or consume items as you go.
  10. Try to be paperless slowly but surely
  11. Designate a place to clear out 
  12. Keep clutter off at surfaces or countertops
  13. When you have a bit of time declutter one drawer or shelf
  14. Get rid of stuff in your knick knacks area.

Decluttering is hard at first until it is not

Lastly, when I first thought my life would be upside down, so many doubts I told myself that oh I will not be able to do this. Stop that negativity and focus on the solution. It is now or never.

This post has been why we have the best decluttering advice

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